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Walking Thru’ In Our World. Legends Tell Shortly. Steps So Rome Taken So. Along With One Red Hat Too. To That First In Deeds. A Borgia Indeed This Who. Followed Such That Much Road. All Roads Thus So Leading Into. Our Yore Roman Times. Places So Spanished Sixed. Ups. Stepped Outs. Those 6 Herein.


6 Steps.





Church Council Rep.

King’s Advisor/Diplomat.



Such are much

Career/Ways walked of these. Those 6


Steps How-To

Borgia Poped. Hoods Roman

so wearing eventually. Even that named Cardinal

Red. Red Hats =

a traditional collective Term/Nomen Vaticanus there. Their


Alonso Borgia (1378-1458) of The Spanish Borja. So in



Image Of Pope Callixtus3 Alonso Borgia.

A. Borgia.



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came too. To Our Yore Rome. Cardinalised prior

in Red 1444 already. Readily available/official

Vatican/Jesuit Geopolitical Data is well. Boring

so i, Shiro well won’t. Retell any of that. This


Alonso/Alfonso Borgia was the first in. Our World.

Legends Tell

of The Borgias too. To do so. Live

in Rome that is. Borgia is that-

a Family with deep. Geopolitical connections to the

then. Current System

though mainly. Spanish oriented in Places, Times. Then,



Borgia seemingly. Seamlessly adapted adeptly in. Rome’s

Yore ways means Our. Power Structures mainly Church +

Kings. Leaders


were also. All so over Places, Times a changing. Italy



was not Unified per se rather. A series of disparate. Desperate

events, times + places. Placing mini-Wars arounds abouts so.

Alls overs Skirmishings so ‘tween. Communities there + Their

bordering without. Borders, nearbys- several Large

City States/Clans. All so clamoring for large grabs. Of…


Power. Kings, Dukes, Princes, Vaticanus/Jesuits. Commanders,

Clan Leaders, Bandit Chiefs, Mercs. Tactically Machiavellian

tacitly all arounds abouts All too. To All were. So

ever shifting Borders, Treatys, Agreements,

Alliances, Diplomacy

to boot. All overs +


in the boot of Land shape. Italy’s Roma

now so Capital thereof. Thereto

the Mediterranean. Diet now a capital. Choice. Choosing





was later so capitalised upons also. All so

as Careerwise, Otherwise, required Alonso did. His Choice

of be Pope. So

involved/invoked a needed, so requisite compromise. A

Stalemate Quandary arose such


had so. Developed much in the Vaticanus Cardinal. Enclave

which elected The Papa = The next Pope. As

a Member/Ally of none. Of Two Mains opposing leading

mainlined Contenders. A perfect counterweight/alternative

to either/both of others + theirs. Struggles mainly

for monopoly supremacy there. In Their Yore Rome

in Our World. Legends Tell this is it. Nothing.


He had It. Nothing

… of ambitious contention basically well as. As well

a well-liked


Law/Church Scholar, Elderly. Diplomatically respected. Experienced

in the basics, main so forth. Forthrightly mainly left Alonso as

One/Only choice. Cardinal Bessarion nominated + Agreed. Upons

Our Yore Choice One so ‘tween. Two lil’ Others notsowise

Romed evils. Lives


governed by Church + Papa A. Borgia.

A Borgia




Popehoods of 1455-58. Was such

‘cos much. Agreements on any Other… so. Was

impractically impossible anywheres

also. All so given a new Nomen. Named Papa/Pope

Callixtus 3.


One to note

here… There-Cardinals such Poped

get much new Clothed + co. Gear too. To so Wear. Out


now/then Wearing spiffy. Swish Cloaks, so fishy

Mitre high. Hats so elaborate also. All so

this Shepherds Crook. For that crook

oft. Of

His Alonso Popish Arm.



Vaticanus All now so directly at His. Disposal +

undivined Orders. Powering ups The Borgian Clan/Fam.

6 Steps

in Geopolitical. Mid-1400’s

European Termed Deeds. Indeed much allowing later. Such


unearthly expansions closely. Involving many other. Arms +

Legs Of The extendings Borgian Family. Members. Opening



next in Our World. Legends driven. By/on 21/11:

Assassinations Yores. Ours not so

Forget That Grassy Knoll.?. This

Bush Ambushed JFK.