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Indeed Chasing Classics In Our World. Legends Told Yore Royal Researcher. Our Francis Bacon Flying. High In Society’s Circles. Squarely Thinking, Publishing Encouraging Means. Ways Forward In Science, Politics, Religion, Community Mores. Moreovers Underlying Those Baconian Ways In Deed.




This Word so writ. Entitled,

not too. Be given so lightly in Our World.


Tell… Howevers… One Francis Bacon

was. So partly fully Entitled. Born so


of The Purple borne. Royal…

…’sorta… Half-royals anyways means

well as. As well


His Mother a Queen.

His Father A Horse-



Image Of A Portrait Of Francis Bacon.

The Francis. Bacon.


… -Whisperer/-Trainer/-Master,.. thereof. Yore

Horses of Our. Ol’ Merry England so. Ridden

that is. Is that


begins herein

Yore Royal Researcher. Our

Francis Bacon

so maxed out at All. Studies so avails

at those. Times, Places so forth. Forthrightly

left in Classrooms so. Schooled in much

and such many. Subjects

Classical Educative. ALL around abouts

His Our World. Legends then tell


(now). He so Researches, Writes still like. Ways

Bacon as per Newton, Jefferson used Codes,

Ciphers well as. As well


Freedoms best expressed as so

could. So


Gif Of A Writer Taking Notes.


suiting the Political/Social/Judicial/Religious

prevailings. Moods of the Times, Place so there. Their

Ways means indeed suiting Publicly +/or privately in.



distributings certain Writings onlys too. To certain


so inclined certainly. A Research Method Bacon

openly. Espoused Others do well as. As well

so writ


His Literary Nicknomen,.. The Spear Shaker = Lord


So named so seems. Seemingly a precursor too. To

another well known. That

Shakespeare. Appearing adopted


also into. To All so

of The Bacon Families at that Early. Ages

this then ref’d as Elizabethan. Branchings out

F. Bacon


Fantasy Stairway Image.


went well outs into Society. Societies

attended that inspired

encouragements. Diverse Views yet so oft



inclined. So

like those (later) Royal Society,

Rosicrucians, Actors, Writers, Scientists, Intellectuals,


Inventors, Instructors, Teachers,.. Bacon

eagerly sought Their input and Knowledge wherever

He could there. Our


Politicians… He… not so much… at All. Actually…



so preferring Governance by Councils/Groups

of Local Expertise/Scientists/Learned Men, Women

in Deed instead. Indeed


A Pair Of Ballet Dancers In An Opulent Room.


So Francis Bacon clothed in. Purple Styled

Wedding. Clothes

so Married in. 1606


In His Classical Ways. Classy


Close Up Of Purple Silk Cloth.


in Deed. Indeed in Our World. Legends

continue next herein so can be. This

A To Z. That #G.