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Featured Image Of A Closeup Of The Bottom Of A Partially Filled Glass.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Outs Herein Letter #E. Yore Paradise Of Eleusis Eludes. Our Earthy Taste In Deed.


(… Afore We Begin- So Herein, So Know This. That

The Mysteries

Referred To, Refer. To These Grouped/Named In Those.

Ancient Greek Legends wherebys Schools

of Philosophy, Esoterics,


Hidden Knowledge, Allegorical Occultism. Disciplines

That Taught, Practiced

A Mysterious Universal Initiated Approach

To/Of Life. Paradoxically The Natures-, Meanings-

of-Life Were Examined. So Prodded, Probed So

Flourished. For Awhile Then. Now


Noticed in Such Annals. Much Noted Nomens as

The Dionysian mysteries…

Orphic.., Phrygian.., Delphic.., Mithraic… so forth

Mysteries All. All

Focus Herein Though On. In The Mystery. Of…)


The Eleusinian Fields.


Image Of A Grain Field Still Green In Color.



The Home of a Grecian Goddess. Demeter.

A Land with Beauty breathtaking. Idyll giving.

A Land Timeless teeming with new. Plant

Life, Growth. Teaming Symbolism, Divinity. Divined


The Holiday Home of another, Her Daughter…


A Divined Queen

…whose Others Home Was hellish Hades. So


Seasoned Divinities Set Too. To Cycle

In Our World. Legends Yore Grecian Told

Demeter, Persephone

Thru’ Ours. The Four Seasons In Deed. Indeed


The Mysteries of Eleusis so invoke,

involve Those. That Mt. Olympus so bound.




Image Of The Ancient Greek Gods Family Tree.

Demeter/Zeus; Persephone.



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Nomened Demeter and Persephone.

Names as Mother and Daughter.


A to Z in Our

World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth.

Our #E. Yore Paradise Eleusis Eludes. Our

Earthy Taste so Begins.

Their Mysteries

are no. More,


more importantly now What Mystery

does so mean.?. Mystery


herein refers too. To The Research

in Our World Legends


Yore Grecian Classical. Writings so Writ oft.


Image Of Ancient Greek Ruins At Eleusis.

Yore Eleusis. Now.


Image Of A Modern Reproduction Of The Ancient Greek Site Of Eleusis.

Yore Eleusis. Then… We Think. Mod. Repro.


Of Our Those Classics. The Mysteries

there so classed. Nomened referred tho’ oft not. By

Their Real Name in Our World. Legends Tell these


The Mysteries. Are


That Group of this Divined Unknown. Knowledge

Agriculture So Inspired Weather, Seasonal Outlooks.

Ingrown amongst

Philosophy Inner Those Ways. Means outed


wherebys Legends, Myth. Story. Tales Told


too. To Them no Mystery. Mysteriously at All

no Mores. Moreovers so underlying Their

Beliefs. There Mysteries kept this Mystery


so close too. To Their Cup. Cupping


Image Closeup Of Ears Of Grain In A Yellow Grain Field.

Eleusis Mysteries vis Grain Celebrations.


these Agriculture cultured Philosophic

Mysteries inside Nature. Grain

Festivities Goddess Worship so Seasoned

Rites. Rituals

privately publicised so psychedelically

left so intact. Stalks wined

of Ergot stuffed ridden Grains. Soaked


in so Sacrificial Official Wine. Cups.

Cheers. Divined no whinings

Too That. To Our Yore Grecian


Paradise Lost

so Begins. So


Image Of Ancient Greek Helmets.


endings, next offered ups. Herein


Quote Quirked. #64.