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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #E. Brothers At Arms. Gods.


Tales told in Our World. Legends

of Yore. Yours herein


A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth.

One’s. Family Members

Love and Hurt. The Most.



Brothers At Arms. Gods.


That Civilisation Mesopotamian. In

Sumeria. Of Yore too. To

Enki, Enlil that is. Is that

Brotherly Pair. Divine

Planets. Gods.


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Sons of The All-High.


Enki The First Borne.

Enlil The Nobly Born.


Mostly Bro’s. At War.


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The Family. Gods, Sumer. Of Yore.



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In Our World. Legends

Tell Odd Tales. Times, Places

connecting disjointedly.


The Mystery of Our Origins

on Our World. Legends

of Sciences Say Millions



Of Years Yet So Writ.?.

Known Writings seemingly

only some 6,000.?.


Civilisations Fall. Answers

That. Perhaps Memories

Fail Thru’ Generations too. To…


The More We Ask The Less.

We Know In Our World. Legends


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some 6,000 Years. Ago in Sumeria.


Tell Tales of a pair of arguing, brattish, spiteful,

quite Human-Like, elitist Pair

Bro’ Pack. Pacts, Ice-Packs, Patches

also. There


were frequents in Deed. Indeed

Divine disagreements. Wars Lingered. Long

Times, Places ‘tween. These.

Pair Of

Royal Sons. Of Beaches


cruised Enlil. Well…

River-Frontals actually ’twas

Where. Enlil and His Wife So. Met. After

Raping Her. First that is. Is that

was Enlil. Did That. So Married Her. Here


Enki appears disguised in certain

Versions. The Bible as The Serpent



In The Garden. Who actually told Us. That


Compared to Enlil/Jehovah. That Father of

Lies, Liars

and so forth. Forthrightly after wrongly

acting so. Enlil was placed put. Threatened

By Mum, Dad too.

To Marry. This violated Goddess. Nomened

so as. Ninlil now. Enki, Enlil’s


Dad Btw’s, Was No Moral

Compassed encompassing

Angel. Himselves

‘cos He so.

Laters went so forth. Forthrightly


onto, into. Inanna

The Goddess.


Indeed, Inanna. Of Sumer, Queen Inthroned in Deed.


His Niece. Btw’s When She

Was of Age, Beauty

Ripe and so. Offered well as. As well


Such was Royal Love Lives in Sumeria. So Then

there of Yore. Now


afters. Inanna’s Sacrifice much. Such

a Temple Dedicatory so assigned too. To



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A God. At War.


thus then. Now herein conclude. Also

The Sumerian Godly

Pantheon. So


includes in Deed well as. As well

indeed so These. There so

familial familiar

divined. Nomened Belows as Those;..


The Aboves: Of Yore, Sumer.

The Gods Of Yore. Ways

back means Then. Them

Beings… being


After Alls.