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One’s Cleaning In Our World. Legends Tell Tales too. To Toils, Tough Works. Daily Grinds. Grinding Aways Dirt, Grimy Weapons. When Weapons Cleaning A Must. Must Be Done Herein. Those Ways. Cleaned Ups. High 5 Process. 4 Fore-Thoughts Pointed Outs. 3 Ingredients. Nomened ones too. For You. Once. Mores.


Maintenance, Repairs, Cleaning. In Our World

Legends Tell this. Tales that… Whenevers

Weapons. Are so used. Useful

in Deed That is or may. Have been. Is


that indeed. A Clean too. To

and may soon.

Be so required. So


on so Tells. That Blades can maintain their

Original. Designed

Qualities. Quality Cleaning,.. not Quantity. A

Must. Therein and Thereof.

Herein. Then

How To Clean. One Sword

too. 3, 4, 5 Easy As.


One. A Blade

That is Now Not.


Clean.?. Cleaning




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not only preserves, maintains. The overall Finish

well as. As well

in the Acts. Of Cleaning Ways, means...

You can visually and tactilely.?. with Fingers-

So carefully.!.

tacitly check for Issues. Others. On


This Weapon. Whilst coming to Understand

as well. Well as How. Put

togethers and so forth. Forthrightly

which Bit. Goes Where. Where hows

and bys. A


Large Part of Martial Arts Training. Further. Helping

accustom One. To such gaining of Knowledge. Within

Your Art. So studied. Then


Appreciation too. To the Weapon Makers. Now. Then.



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A Master Bow Maker. Wood Working, Turning. Alongs. Those Ways. Means Job. Done. Done Well in Deed.


Guide herein. Be Basic too.

…To, for Most Metal Blades.


Any Others may require Specialist Approaches

and Materials. Consult Maker before Cleaning

haphazardly, with strong cleaning agents. Of

any Natures… CHECK FIRST...


Second could mean... Blade Fricked. Ups. Then

You… will be so down. Tho’ not… Outs for.


There are indeed

many Cleaning Kits in the Real,..

in deed. Online avail etc.

Choose appropriately…)



As with i, Shiros;.. Weaponry Ways, Means.

A Typical Japanese Style Pack/Kit

can be so obtained.

A Basic Cleaning Kit/Set.

3 Ingredients/Items. So required.


  • Cotton Cloth/Rice Paper. Lots.


  • Metal Polishing Handled Powder Ball.


  • Blade Mineral Oil.



4 Fore-Thoughts. Ideas ideally. To

Thinks. Abouts: Prior to.


  • Blades can be Cleaned. Every 3-6 Months.

Skin Oils accelerate. Deterioration, rust, corrosion.

Others. Liquids as well. Do well. High Damage.


  • Use a Fresh Square. Of Cloth/Paper

for each step. So required. As Ways. Belows.


  • (Handled) Powder Balls contain.

A fine mix of suited. Polish Graded Material(s).

When New… May Take a few. Taps too. To

get goings. Powdered thru’ and thru’,

arounds. Alls overs, abouts as well. Well as


  • Blade Oil (Japanese) contains Mineral. Oils

and very Low %. Of Choji, Clove Oil. For Fragrance, Rust

Inhibition, Metals Preservation. Mores. More


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A Typical Cleaning/Maintenance Blade Kit. Kit Contents. Clockwise Centered spiral… Box Lid, Box Case, Metal Awl/Hammer, Wood Dowels, Powder Hammer, Cloths, Oil. The Awl and Dowels are for Weapon Maintenance=NOT Cleaning Items.


and Overs. That. Is this. Those

Steps Ups.

A Basic High Five: Of




  • 1. Remove All Dirt, Old Oil. Use Cloth or R/Paper.

Smoothly wipe having/holding Blade’s Edge. Aways. From

You. Others too. To Both/All Sides apply.

Then. Once All Cleaned. Ups.


  • 2. Tap

Down on the Blade Lightly. Powdered Ball. In

thy Hands. Every

couple of Inches. Or so. So thus continue. Over

turn. The Blade. Continue on. Alongs, arounds


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Shiro’s. One Of. Scabbarded.


the entire. Blade. Blade


  • 3. Polish Cloth Times. Now. Then

continue thus till. Till Alls Powder still. Still

and all. Gone that is. That is on that Side. Then


when. Then You turn. Overs. The Blade. Careful

and considerately. Consider Your Environ, Peoples,

Space, Hands, Blade has an Edge and

so on. So on to the Other. Sides. Polish, Polish


that Powdery Dust. There aways. Away then

put those Tools. Once Done.



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The Aboves. Belows The Scabbard. Doubled Ups. Blades. There as well. Well as A Twin Pack To Trap Others. Swords.


  • 4. Drip several drops of that Oily One. Once

done. That. Then lightly, tenderly. So Carefully. Smooth

Blade Overs. That so with

Oils. With Cloth or R/papers. Then this.

Wipes Alls and so Done. Now...


  • 5. Weapon Aways. Store. Without

smudging/touching Blade ideally. Ideas so


to keeps. In Mind. Mine, Yours. Are Four. Ways

Thoughts aboves. To

the fore. Bring alongs with those 3

Ingredients. Herein


aboves. Belows

Thus now also. Also clearly, cleanly. End

this one too. Post. The 3,4,5.


in Summary: Sweets n Shortly:.. Be



or.?. ‘Tis… You Touch...

You Clean.

No Touch.

Put Aways.

Store. Away


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Next… So Be: That prophetic

End Of The World. Written On The Stars.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…