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In Our World. Legends Of Far, Flung Seas. Wide Blue Wild Waves Ins. Golden Silvery Hues. Coins. Others Treasures. Treasures Stolen. Then Stolen. Agains. To Fill That. Those Bankers. Pockets. Locked in Tales Deep. Herein. Murky Views. Of History’s Chest.


Many Steps.

There were many steps to the foundings of the

British CommonWealth. Military steps, Boots. Mainly.


On Land and Seas. Alls Overs, Arounds. Abouts

Our World.

Legends that collectively Tell. That 90%

of Countries.

Over History, Times and Places. Have Been



By The “…British…”. Many steps

to form a CommonWealth. Herein


A Side-Step. Whereby and in Which

Drake’s Run. Alls

Arounds Our World,



Legends then of Yore. So tell.

Soon awash and become much more of…

Interest. The City of London… not city thereof.

In… deed that is. For Companies,


Pirates, Corsairs, Privateers. All

Ways and Means

For and In Our World. Legends, Tales

Told Where

Lay Treasures, Hoards vast. Vastly

across and

in Our World. Waters.


For Kings, Queens, Bankers, Traders,


Scoundrels, Knaves, Gold-Diggers,



and Financed




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Wars, Whence and Wheres Some

Treasure. So

Sunk. So In

Others. Debts Repaid. In Our World. Legends


So and Say. Herein. As Belows. A

Shipwreck. Full

Of It. Queens, Debts

and Pirates.


Captain KIDD… Was not so Kidding...


…Which was Then.

Alls So Belong On Those. Same Pages.


Stolen Lives, Dreams. Dreams



Of Finding Treasure arouses many an

Interests. Interest

grows wild, long, too,.. with suspicion,



Misdeeds. So Done. In Our World

Legends. Legends

that In Our World. Then.

Then hint, then trace well backs in

and to. That

and those. Corridors Of Power. Of

Emperors, Kings,



The Corporation of The City of London

as well.


In deed and Mores. Indeed though

tarnished now with

Times, Places, advent. Mod Tech. Alls

Sailing, Boats,

Ships Of The Romantic

-ised Pirates sweep well on the swells


graceful as they

coast those windy, wild waters. Hopes

and Dreams. Of


being a Pirate...

a Child-Hood Fav. Still. It seems. Seas



so seen, Explored. Not Longs after. Our


In Our World the illusory

Freedom such


Natural Spaces. Project.


The Seas. Beckon.

The Earliest Routes followed the

Natural Courses of Wind,

Atmospheric and Currents on.


Backs and

Aways. Of Yore

oft meant a very Hard Life-Style. On


Land and Waters.



In Modern Terms The Spanish Explored

and ravaged

The South Americas. Stole... it’s

Future. Looted it’s Past.


Their Ships allowed Troops and Horses

to accompany.

These overdone Deeds decimated

Cultures, Traditions. Ways

and Means. Meaning They



SILVER, GOLD. Mores. Moreover

much, a largeish chunk of it Sunk. Sank

On the Ways Back.


Much... Howevers…




Got To Spain. At All.


Passing Treasures. Stolen.
Arounds, Abouts, Ins

and Outs became The Norm. Normally


  • Sir Francis Drake would have been worried. As

the Year 1588 went on.

The Spanish Armada Battle approached. He played

Games, Sports. Sporting chance...

the Spaniards…


certainly. Had Not.



They were beaten by Events with roots back

and into another Century.

And Spies. Trained like Ninja. To

impersonate. Others.

This in Our World. Legends wind and turn...


Back. To



  • 1488… The Portuguese Explorer, Navigator…

Bartolomeu Dias… rounds the Cape

of Good Hope.

Opening and adding further Routes,

Travels and so on.


1492- The Spanish, Venetians, Florentines,

Jesuits, Others…

reacting to such…


  • 1492- 1502… The Columbus Voyages.

1493- The Pope GIVES Africa and Brazil…

To Portugal.

The Rest of South Americas... To Spain.


  • 1498- The Vasco de Gama Voyages To India.

1499- The Amerigo Vespucii Voyages.


Resulting in mainly Spanish Conquest

and Acquisition.

Treasures, Silvers, Golds.


LOTS. Treasures. Stolen.



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Drake wanted in.

The Treasury. Ships.

Others. Many in Britain too. To



Spain, naturally disagreed.

Wanted Drake out. Hung out

to dry that is. Scaffolded per se.

No Christmas Card received He. Drake. From

the Spaniards. Back Then. Then,


herein as now. Drake... Had a Plan.

A Cunning Plan In Deed. Indeed



a Round The World Trip… Howevers...

Was PART. Of that Escape. Plan.

Drakes. Then. That


was. A Lil’ Later. When.

Drake thereof. Drake ran. Aways. Far


From the Spanish inquisitioninterest in

recovery. Not His. Drakes. Recovery…


of Drake’s Loot. Stolen... now

twice and over. Over and arounds.

By The Spaniards. Then. Now, by Drake


in Our World. Drake so

went too. Rounds. Our World. Legends

so Tell. To tellingly

escape Spanish...



whips, cuffs, chains, bullets, ropes,

knives, cutlasses + co. Go


far in deed. Did Drake. Then.

Alls Arounds Our World. Legends

Tell of Travel. Where and bys

Drakes Grab, Run…
Arounds Our World.

Is in Our World. Legends...

of an End-Run. Rounds Our World too. To


Escape… a Spanish inquisitionPrison,

Gallows, Sword... and so

forth. Forthrightly

Drake RAN ROUNDS Our World. To



that rough. Justice. In the Main...



from those in. The

Spanish Main. Navy.


He stole, stolen Golds and Treasures.

Took a long Boat Ride. Home.

His Queen got lots.

Paid off Loans.

Bankers got Rich er.


British… got Rich. Navy Grew.

Started Invasions. Many, those

afore. Boots

on Board. Ships. Ships espied.

Of the


Spanish sunken. Basically Alls. Overs and out. In

Water too. To end. Herein.


Gold’s Rushed… Aways.


Such and these Actions. Oft prevail.

Trade Wars, Theft. Mores. Death



Then. Now and then. So then,



Next… Is. To so Be. Ins 4 Days. Posted. That of:

This Giant. That Monster Cutter. Of Yore.


Your morrow brings well as. That anew. Series.

A to Z… Hit ‘n’ Myth. #S. Fish. Fight Club.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…