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Looking Ups. Thrown Ups As Well. As Well Starring As One. Symbol Stars Shine. On In Many So Ways. Means Pointedly Pointing Outs In Our Daily Night. Skies Aboves Belows Astronomied Widely Thrown Architecturally. Designed Star Forts In Our World. Legends Tell Deep Light Thrown On Defensive Strategies Starring. Star Forts In Deeds. Indeed Lightly So No. Pointed Writ Herein.


Liberty. Freely so


Freedom starring in Yore Our World. Legends

Imaged lightly aboves

tell one Tall. Statued Our Lady Thereof. Thereon

belows yore one

Shining Star. Forts


in Our deeds so upon one. Star Our Lady

oft. Of Liberty


indeed illuminates Her ways. Means Symbolically

liberty lit, fought upon + from especial one. 11/12

Sided/Pointed Star. Star-


Fort. Fort Wood so Yore nomened. So naming

brightly starring Our. Deep shaped starrywise


Stars. So fortified Forts… Stars so




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now + Yores our. Stars pointedly unseen

daily + nightly still

shine in. Many points Astronomied espied on so. Forth

nightly twinklings forthrightly. Left Astrologically


so ones too. To others wise

be as one. Symbols lighting all arounds also. All so

on Issues any + all. So as furthers mores. Moreovers

geographically underlying truly graphically. Stars

so spinnings into. To Our Yore spannings versatile

erstwhilst practicality. Epitomising

balance + resourcefullness innately this. That so thru’


Our Yores Throwing. Stars

starring Weaponry Throwing Metallised

Star. Shapes arounds. Abouts so


Indeed So Our Stars Oft. Of Yore Distractions Tossed In Deeds.



named in deeds. Indeed Symbolic nomens


beginning then extending now too. To end up

Architecturally inciting as such Our. Yore Michelangelo

designing. Star based ” trace italienne ” Fortifications

much as well. Well as such Renaissances ensuring

further refinements. With modifications

approachings Starrily so

defensively Our. Yore starring Citied Florence +


the machine like. Our Yores drafting Expert Michelangelo

aboves named so. Ours below so

(…1475-1564 fully nomened one

Michelangelo di Lodovici Buonarroti Simonii…) One

starryeyed Polyglotted super

Star personage drawing Yore. Stars so Fortish


evens still. Now movings our mod. French. Army

includings much. Such Form designedly in. Starry

eyed starrings

starry now Our Africa to. To


be so shaped into. To buildings sharply starrily

one solid one defensively. Structure Building-


Our Yore Star. Castles/Fortresses. Star Forts





so nomened also. All so overs arounds abouts

named in our world. Legends tell Yore


many. Mayhaps perhaps have disputed ages,

histories, usages + so forth. Forthrightly

left so yet still. Star

Forts survive. Some


in ways. Unseen means so for exampled. One

Statue of Liberty so comes too. To mind

i, shiro does not. Mind so freely

outing inner torched. Compliments. Complimenting

statued French Masonry Freedomswise. Donatings

otherswise Symbols


any +

many Star. Variations

so endlessly thus

applicable too. To Our varying Environs. Terrains +

Levels bys simply adding simple so. Points

underlying rightly shaping Starry. Points

suitably per se. Sayings so pointedly some

Fort. Stars includings Ditchings. Moatings,

Waterings appropriately all. Overs



so abouts one Star. Fort adapted. To Terrainically

then so suit. Unsuitable



for attackers as many. Def. sides/areas so

surround + entrap any closing in movements. Overslapping

fields of fire/defence minimising defensive. Casualties whilst

maximising Weapon area covered. Triangular shaped


oft. Of sloping massive walls, bastions. So low-lying

fortified with glacis, ditch + these. Those


such defensive wise ways. Means Features associated

much defendings City. Or Fortress applicable heres

so forth. Forthrightly left Star Forts


one. Visible starring presence even staring so

at presently. Then

noted as notable in many famed. Places

may well include one or more. Images here

are notably only one. Small selection oft. Of

the much. Such


“…Thanks to the unrelenting warfare in Italy during the Renaissance, military engineers there devised the “star fort” (more properly, the trace italienne) in the mid-15th Century AD. The design of a star fortress is evident from any sketch: a flat, low- and thick- and slope-walled structure composed of many triangular bastions, so positioned as to provide covering fire for each other, all surrounded by a glacis to deflect cannonballs and a ditch to deter infantry. Star forts were used by Michelangelo in his defensive designs for Florence, and later the concepts were refined by the engineer Peruzzi (for Siena) and by the author Scamozzi. Against the oft-invading French and Hapsburgs, Italian cities soon dispensed with traditional fortifications and surrounded their cities with star forts. The efficacious design spread out of Italy in the 1530s and 1540s to become the standard across Europe by the time of the great military engineer Vauban…” Thus



so alls. All so overs arounds abouts


Yore our. World Legends tell these

some. Ones too are so prominently beings. So

regardings Situatings. Situated to


be on special. Areas or sacred/hallowed grounds

the norm. Normally overslying underlying Sites

possibly inground/underground waters. Grounding





once. Upon times + places. Placing

Stars in Yores. Our World. Eyes

on, so Our next high. Lighting on 20/4:

Quirky Quotes #39.