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Squarely Circling Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Tell Mathematics Ratios Inbuilt In No Small Detail. Our Massive Giant Monuments. Monumental Mental Blanks So Filled. With Pi. In Yore Faces There. Their Our Yore Buildings. Herein Calculus Added. Ups In Sides ‘n’ Outs Asides. So Finding Pi.


Care for a slice of. Pi.?.

Yore care for One. Stony slice of Our Egyptian


to South Americas too. Pi in Yore faces

inbuilt stonily. Of Our Ancient Architecture. Massive blocky

Monuments heading Pi hugely built. Ups in Pi


does not simply Circle doubled. Ups arounds. Abouts

mayhaps Maths perhaps- so free Pi

fronting. Triangulating squarely in Our World. Legends

Tell Pyramids are. Triangular Great so


Giant-Man Man-Made. Mountains. Pyramids




Great Egyptian 4-Faced 8-sided are. Full of

also such findings. Findings much Pi slices. In

Pi in Yore. Faces

All so of huge Stone so Pyramidical. Facing empirical


directional directions. Factums greatly World Grid. Geometric

oriented strangely ish ats just arounds. Abouts

30° Lat. + Long. Cardinally


using Same Numerals as Our Numbered Speed. Of Light

placed for their Times, Places there. Their hugely aligned

thereof, thereon, therein plying too. To

Pi; 2Pi Egypt so greatly applies. Applying large Pi Circular


Mathematics radially to Size. Mountained Pyramidical. One Great



In Deeds 2. Pie Indeed.


so divisively found decisively therein. Herein begins

ending such much concise Calculations. Adding on even

more Pi precise too. To underlying Truths in The Great

Pyramid- Circles.?.

In Our World. Legends Tell Original

Height = 481.3949 Feet.

Base Perimeter Length = 3023.16 Feet


Length/Height = 3023.16/481.3949 = 6.28

Pi = 3.14… 2Pi = 6.28…

Egypt = 2Pi great… greatly


Elsewheres Circlings Otherswise.?. Does Pi so 2Pi

apply. Applying

Sth. Americas so NOT 2Pi.?. Greats so forth. Forthrightly


left in Sth. Americas no. Pi There Circled Two. To there



forthly find- Tho’ thus

a similar offset Layout of. Pyramids as per Giza… in

Mexico’s Teotihuacan Pyramid Of The Sun Complex:


.?. so uses 4Pi to.?. Apply so largely thereto. To Their

Great One. Pyramidical so

slice for 4Pi in Deed. Indeed 4Pi so forth. Forthrightly two

left for so asides…

so Four so

forthly outed in. Outing Two too. Inner forth


Sth. Americas Pi = 4. Pi great.


Height = 233.5 Feet

Base Perimeter Length =2932.76 Feet


Length/Height = 2932.76/233.5 = 12.56

Pi = 3.14… 4 Pi = 12.56…


Pi 2Pi 4Pi alls over Our World. Legends facing

simple Maths. Circular in Triangular Pyramid Faces-

Squaring Pi frontly either Ways. Means then/Yore

that. This Pi Word so got to. Go to

‘n’ fro


around abouts Our World. Legends in Deeds. Indeed


Indeed 4. Pie In Deeds.



Our Yore Egypt

For One Slice. So of 2Pi. Great as well, well has

Our Yore Sth. Americas For One

Slice Four of too. To 2Pi x 2 so forth. To forthrightly

ways means


left Our Triangular. Mountain shaped Pyramidicals essentially,?.

as displaying an inbuilt Design that. This so corresponds


precisely with.?. Mathematical dynamics of Spherical


derived Geometry. Circular derived Pi: Triangulated so



nomened Yore Repeating. Numbers Circled

Embedded squarely in many of Our World. Legends Tell

Our Yore Numbers.?. namely


gamely inserted therein. Thereof

within a conundrum lies. Truthfully well as. As well

these Numbers belong too. To Sciences.?. + Legends.?.

now. Then


from all so. Overs +

arounds abouts Our World. Legends




so serving. Ups next outed in

#F of Our A Too. To Z. To You.