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Fanning Out Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Tell Our Fans A Big Part. Small + Compact Fans Becoming So. Martial Defences In Yore Japan. Our Fans So Successful So Banned So. Were Those Sworded Samurai Folded By. Our Fans Figurations In Deeds. Indeed Waved Outs. Herein Slide. Showed Noted Ups.


Yore Fans

were so banned. Our Fans

banned.?. In deeds. Indeed


a rising number oft. Of Metal Fans

overcomings shortcomings too. To overwhelm

Martial Ways oft. Of Our Sword also. All so Yore Japan

in Our World. Legends tell sweepishly


banned Fans. Swiping waywards Samurai

Swords fanned arounds abouts Air. Molecules

as Fans became the go to in Sword. Defences Yore

Martial Ways. Means Our



slide. Showed so were. Yore Banned. Free


Indeed Yore Fans In Ours. Ways In Deeds.


handed Our Ways of this. That ranging


handheld breezy apparatus so became. Weaponised. Weapon

Training so included much such Arts thereof. Oft

Tessen Jutsu forms/techniques so applied. One


became a Fan Student. Study

Training began with a Thick Dowel like Stick. Fans of Fan



Indeed Our First Yore Fan Training. Weapon In Deeds.


Training + Methods included Yore Heroes. Our heroics

Yoshitsune, Ganryu, Benkei even. The then Tengu

fawned now Our Fan. Fanning Martial


Ways include upgradings along side/with. Blacksmithing

Tech./Forms. Forming Metal War.

Fans. Forming


a lightweight yet so. Sturdy +

practical defensive. Weapon.



Our Slide-Show.


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Actions FANsACTIngs. Acted

Outs in


Yore Flapping Fans long. Actings in Our

Entertrainment Genres actions with these. Those

Acting performers. Subtle

movements poignantly posited. With

gestures so with Ours. Fan


so revealing. Hidden emotions, embarrassment,

deceit. Chivalry,

sacrifice, villainry so mores. Moreovers so underlying

true intents. Fans highlight/hide much

such moments. Momentum



In Deeds Tessen Iron. Fan Indeed.


Indeed Gunsen War. Fans In Deeds.


whisking ups. In next so on 25/8:

Quirky Quotes. #5.