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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #S. Some Stars are. Not Stars.



Long Prior too. To

Mod. Tech we Created

In Our World. Legends


using the Night Sky as a template

for those. Tales


Some Stars are. Not Stars

though Planets in Deed. Indeed


of Yore. Our Planets are. Oft Divine. Gods,

Heroes, Symbols. Mores. Moreovers




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such. Starry Skies

of Astro Objects so. Shine Ins

both. Symbolism, Sciences. These


The Planets represent a special. Order

within. The Solar System, Universe, Cosmos

so forth. Forthrightly


Our Sun, Mercury, Venus,

Our World, Mars, Asteroids Belts,

Jupiter, Saturn. Uranus

Neptune. Pluto too. To


each aboves as Gods. So reign. Rainy


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Nights howevers not so. Conducive too’s.

Stargazings that is. Is that


The Planetary Gods also. Also

appears as personifications of.

Human’s idealised Qualities/Aspects/Desires in

Deeds. Indeed


Them Gods so divinely. Endowed

within Special Elemental Powers too. To

so use on those

without. Around abouts thereof


The Planets of Yore.

For many

Eons. Seven


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Only so reigned. Reining

in Mod. Tech. proved no barrier.

To revealing Several. Mores. Moreovers


Our Moon so oft. Considered

Member therein. Planetary

Gods/Systems. Systematically


in Our World Legends. Nomen

Asteroids Belts as per The Previous

Planet. Electra. Who


was Warred Against by A Cloud

Like Thingy. Lost.


Smithereens becames Asteroids. Belt



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Symbols of The Planets vary a lil. Ins

differing Cultures, Times, Places.

A Range of Ideals, Possibilities,

Behaviours, Knowledge lie. Within

Their Powers these so Godly. Planets


in Deeds were attributed with Triumphs, Principles,

Virtues. Indeed Characteristic

Actions, Themes unite, prevail well as. As well


The Planets so Divine Beings with

in depth

Relationships, Drama, Reactions. Gods


embrace almost the whole of. Many


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such connections of Will Full Human

Tendencies. Patterns/Types/Topics

of Thought. So much in Our World.



Of Life, Death, Justice. Mores.



Underlyings aboves Acts. So Planetary


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derived, driven

Relationships extended too. To


Sciences Mathematical, Geometric, Harmonic,

Musical. Salutary. Zodiacal Astro

Naturalism in Movements, Cycles. Riding


around abouts on such. Much Orbital. Aboves

Relationship of Numbers Ways. Means

enabling the Squaring of. Circles/Orbits

spiral below. So then spins froms. Forms


macrocosmic Universe


downs too. To microcosmic



Atoms so

orbiting. Their Nucleus. So


Symbols such. Traditionally inspire

much. Planetary Archetypes

clearly many also. Attaching, influencing Literature


in Our World. Legends, Poetry. Theater,

Art, Philosophy.

Morals, Imaginations


Yours, Mine


Quirky Quote #38. Quaintly Done. So Next.


Inner Mind, Outer Spaces.