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Bond. James Bond that is. In Our World Legends So Told. Tales By Ian Fleming. Journalist, Banker, Spy. Story-Teller also. Also Herein A Close-Ups. His Life Well As. As Well Elizabethan Spies Counted Ins. That 007.


Espying Truths in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales stranger than. Fictions. Readings

thru’ the many Tales. Of Bond, James Bond.



Our World. The Truth. Ways out theres. Means

must So be. Be so


daring as Bond, James Bond.?.

Only Times, Places. Will Tell. Those Tales Told


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of a Spy. By a Spy

In Deed. Indeed

What’s That Name.?. Bond,

James Bond.

As belows. Begins.


Beguiling. Sophisticated. Sublime.

Bond, James Bond. The Spy.


Licensed to Kill, thrill. Mores. More


found. In Books, Movies,

Comics, Cartoons, Songs, Games.

A Multi Genre Character.



Gadgets, Guns, Girls, Getaway Fast Cars.

Spies, Super Crims, Villains. Means

Ways too. To Save Our World. Legends


Told suavely of Spies, Secrets,

Stealth. Daring exploits

exploiting Style with Bravery. High Society. Hi

Speed Cars. Hi Tech. Gadgetry in Deed

well as. As well

indeed a Society adopted Icon. So

become. Becoming


promoted as a World-Wide Brand/Franchise.

Phrasings taken out of Context, used. In

so many. Ways. Means In Our World

Legends within many. Many referenced


topical Bond Themes/Topics/SpinOffs

secreted. 9

So Writ. As Belows. List.



  • The Author, His Life.


  • Spies, Geo-Politics.


  • The 14 Bond Books. List.


  • Computer, Video Gaming.


  • The Bond Movies. List.


  • The Bond Girls. List.


  • More So Styled. Bond Lists.


  • The Bond Cars. List.


  • The Bond Villains. List.



The Bond Author; Ian Lancaster Fleming

(…1908-64…) Son of a MP Father within

a Wealthy Merchant Banking Family

(...The… Robert Fleming & Co.,..) was

Educated. At Eton,


Sandhurst, Univ. of Munich, Univ. of Geneva.

Language Studies in Austria, Switzerland.

First Employed by Reuters,.. the

Int’l News Service.

Spent 1933 Reporting from Moscow.

Stints in Banking from 1935. Ons. Onward


too. To 1939 Intelligence Agency Work also. Also

involved in direct Planning of Ongoing Intelligence

and Espionage Duties/Activities with The Group

30AU (…The… 30th Assault Unit...). Including

Operations on Enemy Controlled Territory. A



Naval Intelligence Officer. Ranked as Commander

in Deed…

(...indeed as per Bond, James…)

Foreign Manager Reporter of The

London Sunday Times well as. As well


A Full-Time Assistant too. To Director,


Admiral John Godfrey. After


Years of such. Service

He Moved in Deed too. Indeed to

Retire. Tiring of Spying went. Traveling.

Onto Jamaica. North Coast House


Goldeneye. So built. There...



...forwarding to 1952.


Casino Royale. The

First Bond. Novel So Writ.

Published 1953.


Over the next 12. Years. Many

Mores. 14. See Aboves.

List. Moreovers



Btw’s The 007. Bond’s Signature

Operative Spy Code Number. Was so

used in The Real. In Our World Legends

so Tell. Tales of Mathematician/Astrologer/Dr.

John Dee (...1527-1608…)

. Aide, Spymaster


too. To Then

Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis

Walsingham of The Elizabethan Times

Secret Service; British Ambassador

To France. 1570 ish ons.


As a so nomened/called

Royally endorsed Alchemist John Dee

so writ. The Liber Mystorium.

A Coded Treatise. Of

Their Research into The Vatican

Intelligence Units. Uniquely



Publicised at a Royal Society Function

in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of

Encrypted Writings Therein. That Alchemy

Book of Dee’s. Eventually effectively


Translated by The Dr. Robert Hooke

whose Inventions incl;..

The Marine Barometer, The Spirit Level

in Deed also. Indeed also


For Those With A So Bondish Life Interest:

  • ...Ian Fleming married Anne Rothermere.

Their only child Caspar

born 1952. (…Caspar

passed on Aged 23...)


  • ...Ian Fleming All so writ. That Story

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

to entertain His Son Caspar

well as. As well



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In Deed. Indeed


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To


i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…