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By Those. These Gods In Deeds In Our. World Legends Indeed Tell Greatly. Divined Tales Fiery Assets. Burned Ups Down South. Yore Americas Visiting Viracocha + co. Visit. Alls Over Arounds. Abouts Surveying So Seems. Seemingly Fired There. Their Fueled Ways Otherwise. Serpents Of Fire. Weaponised.



Ice cold. Hearts. Heartily

Firing cool Pottery. Pieces. So


Fire mixes flame, heat. Heating +

Firing heavy Clays can also so. All Produce so

exquisite mixes massed oft. Of

Light weight Potteries. Fired ups so therein. Herein


Our Fired Clay. Ups Down

Yore Potty. Ways

wherein Clays down into. In whereto Yore.?. Our South

Americas nomened a Hero

so. Deeply divined this. Outs that One too. One named

Viracocha. To One

thus possesses Snakes these. Those nomened Our Yore


Serpents Of Fire. Weaponry named as hosed so. Wavy

Divined Fiery Elemental. A snaking spitting.?. Surveying,


Flame Thrower + Potter. God. Elite




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monopolised Elemental Tech. Fire based. Basing

Aboves much so writ ons. Such Paired/Images belows. Begins

snakily in that. There lying Grass


Lands plainly ending much napalmic. Speculations

of Our Yore. Fire

a verily known so. Big Thing. Think big + so


large Mining uses, Forestry clearing, Warmth, Food prep.,

Military-uses/Greek Fire, Industry, Survival, Self-defence. Fencing

usually defenceless afire. Comforting Our welcome

Creature Comforts. Our unwelcome Creatures discomfited.

Burning aways means around abouts


so becomes. Fire in Our World. Legends warmly Tell

alongs there. With Their Serpentry Firings-

Viracocha + Companions came + left by Deep Sea. Surveyed


As Belows…


… So Aboves.


after a large scale Disaster/Cataclysm Types. Events bys/ons

the immediate/local Lands after then there. Splitting ups

His/Their full Deck Crew/Hands on. Thereon into smaller

groups too. To

so check handily Furthers upfront out Lands these. Rest

of these Lands Surveyed thus. Those arounds abouts


Meet Places so designated. Times arranging so

forth. Forthrightly

left Viracocha and small Crew of 2 Left. To Right

aways continuing Journeys too. To share there. Their

Tripled Ways means

Culture/Tech. with the then indigenous. Peoples


astounded by such Tech. Unknown

much at their Level. There. Here

as Viracocha passed thru’ Lands. Measurements, Readings,

Astronomy, Mathematics, Tools also. All so evenly

explained, handily used. Useful


Earthy Ways Clayed means too. To Potter

arounds abouts + so


meaningfully use. Fire. Fired Pots +



Otherswise Researches Viracocha + co. conducted. Surveying

Lands, Waters, Routes

along those. Ways means Vacational asides


do so then were Works up too. To One trippy Travelled

Adventure. Venturing


arounds abouts locating strategic Points, Of Interest,


Bays, Rivers, Mountains so forth. Forthrightly pointedly

left a Long Legacy. Of Inventive Discovery in Our World.


long afore Text/Writing Methods had so. Developed

Here There. Their


Elemental mech. Tech. Yore. Now + here



In Wavy Deeds Hosed Serpent Of Water. Fire Serpent. Watered Downs Out Indeed.


Our Tech. so oft. Of Our Yore History forgets. Getting


so into grips. To/with Man’s Inventive Ways. Means

such long

before. Such as Columbus, Cook much so on. Otherswise

in Our World. Legends so


had already. Been + long been,

gone. Going


A City. Morocco Clay.



arounds Our World. Legends Told next herein


sparkling. Go within #V of Our A Too. To Z.