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Featured Image Of A Female Japanese Warrior Drawing Out Her Sword.

In Our World Legends Tell Sharp Tales. Tall And Short. Swords Have So Been. Used Means Yore Sworded. Ways Our Warrior Cuts On Thru’. Up Against Asides So Into. To Outer Spaces From Inner Caverns. Swords Have So Been. There. Herein Their Pointed. Outs.




Have so been. Arounds abouts Our Ways. Means

From Inner Caverns with space too. To

Outer Spaces so Swords have been. From

Beings Social distances long and far. For

in Our World. Legends Tell


simply these Long simple Daggers/Knives

well as. As well those Sabres

of That Light. Jedi


versioned in Deed. Indeed



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Pictorial Overview Of The Japanese Sword.


Our History of Swords is bound also. All so

several OthersWise Tech. improvements in

Metallurgy, Mining, Smelting. BlackSmithing

so affect

mores. Moreovers underlying

many a pointed

Victory in Battles. Of Yore. Our


Yore Sworded Ways. Our Warrior


sharp Knowledge of Yore Swords


Gif Of A Blacksmith At Work On The Anvil.


goes deep. Deeply embedded

in Our World. Legends repped

in Society as Archetypes, Motifs, Symbols. Survival,

Courage, Adventure, Heroism. Warrior Ways


means Defence of Self, Family, Community

so forth. Forthrightly


left in Our World

Legends so pointedly. Yet

Sword oft met there. Their

battled match in Shield, Armor Tech well as.

As well Arrow, Spears, Staves so that. This Usual

Thrust ‘n’ Parry


so then thus. Became Sword Arts. Warriors

from All overs Our World. Legends

Tell much Arts so began with… such


… as Training. Sword


Gif Of Samurai Warriors Sword Training.


Training that is. Is that

the essence of such Ways. Means much

Training. With Sword, Without Sword

also. All so

Trained. SwordWorks per se. Sayings

Tell… ’tis


hard works well as. As well

to be done…

well… any good… so repeat…

again and again till that. Second


Nature first comes too. To You…


then. You Do More… Basically. Basic


Gif Of A Lone Knight Drawing His Sword Facing An Army On Horseback Fast Approaching.


Sword Training for those with Arms. Armed


In Armies continued till Gunnery became. Prominent,


more paramount therein. In

Our World. Legends tell further Sworded

becomings more Invidualised. Collectively

Swords are oft. Collected

as Icons, Wall Hangings, Display Cabinets. Cabinets

of some Govts sorta frown upon Swords.?.


… and get alls cut ups bout things like that

being used. So leave Them in Your Cabinet. Point

out bluntly too. To the other Cabinet Yore Sworded

Ways. Sharply Ours

Means For Context. See Looks Good Displayed


in Our World. Legends no.? So


Sword Is Mightier Than Pen Quote.


Sworded there

in Deed. Indeed Their Views so…


simply enjoy. Them.


So Cut Up Next. The #L In Our A To Z.