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Elephantine Arts of Self-Defence. Martial. Of Yore.

In Our World. Legends do so and tell of Animals. Animal Forms of Self-Defence that mimic and utilise aspects of the Creatures concerned. Concerns of Martialness that led the Ancient Ancestors to follow the Ways of Nature. Nature of the Beast that is. Is Herein. Those of the grand ol’ Pachyderms. Natures. Elephant styled Guardians of a oft forgot and lost Age. Of Yore. Intel Bytes #8 Elephantine Arts of Self-Defence.


Hello and Good Wishes.

Thanks also, in particular. To those persistent Souls who persisted with the

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The Topic and Legends easily expansive. Each Samhain Day, a different Theme.

Two Dedications then the Games/activities.

The Postings tried to resemble the same approach. To show the Natural

Philosophy and Natural Earth Changes and Cycles applicable.


Mother Nature, The Green Man. Our Earth.


The initial Chaos, Wintery Decay, Death, Cleanout, Change. Regeneration.

These are perennial Themes oft in Our World Legends.



Feel more than free to chat/comment/query or submit

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Special Thanks to those who found Time to also actively promote,

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Being involved and aware of the many Elders and Others who take

Time to acknowledge Nature’s Cycles within the Traditions and Families

so concerned with Ceremony in the Real. To them the Real credit for saving


such of Our World Legends from being Lost.



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Arts of Self-Defence.

Martial. Of Yore.

The Tree shook, shivered.

My Shins shuddered.

My Feet already numb.

Shooting Shin pains. Skin splits. Blood smears.

Knees, Shoulders, Forearms, Elbows, Palms.


Were next.


Then. Two now smiling… and similarly bloodied…

fellow Class-mates grabbed a Stick each.


One Frontal. One at the Rear. Of me.

Beat a haphazard path on those bits of Me

thus so and far missed. They didn’t miss much more btw’s.


Meat in a Stick Sambo Drum Fest. That is and was, me.

Core. Beaten. Back. Bloodied, not bowed. Well,..


a lil… actually.




The Ways of the Martial Elephant. And Trees.

Of Yore.



Encyclopedia Enigma :

Intel Bytes #8


The Natures of the Elephant.

Solid Strength, Awareness, Astuteness.

Sturdy, Earthy, Enduring.


Dependable. Community inclined.

Supportive. Steadfast.




Arts of Self-Defence.


Animal Themed and based Forms are not uncommon within several in the Ways

of Self-Defence. The Martial Ways. Traditionally a Symbol that so incorporates

assets of the Creature and Our World Legends fascination and beliefs of and with


the Creatures facets.



Conditioning is an essential for Combat oriented Arts and Ways. Ways and Methods

within improve, benefit physically and mentally. Strengthenings.

A Top 6 may include varieties of;


Deadlifts, Squats, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Sprints.

Tearing strips off Trees.


Hand, Limb toughening by repetitional strikes.

On progressively tougher Materials.

Bruise upon bruise, calloused skin thick.

Over Times and Places.


Repeated stress and shock to thus and so de-stress

these and those shocks in Combat. Combat



Styles of Bokator involves the systematic and flowing motions of the

observed Natural movements of many of Our World Creatures. A rather

complex though interconnected System of Self-Defence results. Conditioning

and Training Exercises/Routines may include:


Bag, Sand, Wood and Rock for the Hands.

Bag and Wood for the Rest.

To pound. Repeatedly.


Trees in the Main.

When of Yore.



BOKATOR is a Cambodian Khmer Martial Arts Tradition and System. Also.

Of Yore.



Literally means…to “…pound a Lion…”.


The styling of the Nomen may indicate and reflect a Natural Fact.

Lions only Attack Elephants on rare occasions. Famine, Sickness and Dis ease.

The Young, the Main Target.


In response the Elephant uses it’s bulk mass and Community as support. Also. Charging,

Slamming and Body Mass pivots, Trunk Swings, Trumpetings and so on. Quite

fast paced when disturbed or during migrations to Waters. Naturally strong, great

strength in numbers too. To


and fro motions to gain or retreat. Very few Natural Predators.



Contests of Strength, Might and Fighting ability were popular among the Mughal

(…Mogul…) Emperors. The Battle over when One Elephant grounded the Other. Elephants

were rarely hurt in any serious manner, though the Mahouts (…Trainer/Rider…)

followed Tradition, having said


Goodbyes to Fam. As they tended not to survive. Such Bouts and Falls.


(…There are occasional Modern such Issues with Elephants and Trainers.

As with Phlai Ekasit; The Elephantine Star of A Martial Arts Movie Series.


A Modern adapted Version of the Martial Elephant Legend and Tradition

can be found within this and that: THE PROTECTOR/ONG BAK Movie Series.

Starring Phlai Ehasit, Elephant/Actor and Tony Jaa Martial Artist/Actor…)


Only some of Bokator’s Techniques and Methods utilise the Animal Forms as

others use a systematic practical fight approach.



Animal forms include those of Snake, Horse, Eagle, Crane, Monkey,

Lion, Crocodile, Crab, Duck

and Elephant. Elephantine Self-Defence. That is. Therein. Bokator.


Locks, Holds, Grabs, Strikes, Submissions and Weaponry within

Bokator’s Styles and Forms. Forms that create a close Hand-to-Hand Combat Style

and System whereby much of the Body is used for both Defence and (Counter) Attacks.

A full-on Body Combat System.


The current Uniform reflecting that of Tradition with the still prevailing

Colored Scarves, Cords a part of the accepted System.


Leg Movements similar to the Modern Kick-Boxing though the Combat System

more Martial oriented. War-like that is. Stick and Sword, Short and Long;

are the main Weapons

though many others incorporated and somewhat dependent on the particular

Master’s Knowledge.


Elbow, Knee Feints and Strikes. Leg, Shin Kicks.

Grappling, Groundworks and more.



(Music Link)


An Ancient Art and Traditional Ways.


A King. King Jayavarman vii; Khmer Ruler of the 12th Century

an avid Practitioner of such Combat Arts. Arts that many of

the Angkorian Dynasties used to dominate these and their Lands


of Our Times and Places. Of Yore.



The despotic and nefarious KHMER ROUGE Leaders of the 1970’s

actively targeted such Martial Lineages and Masters thereof.


A recurring Theme in many Olden Ways… Btw.


Bokator has experienced a bit of a boost and recharge of late

with the surviving Master Practitioners now fairly free to continue


the study and pursuit of this Ancient Art.



A Book detailing History, Origins and Traditions with over 10 Years of Research by


70-year-old Grand-master San Kim Sean has been presented to UNESCO

with co-operation from the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC).



A “…First…” National Bokator Seminar and Competition was held in 2006.

Teams from 9 Provinces displayed and tested Methods and Ways.


The Elephantine Ways as well. Well as





Our World Legends.

Be One.


Live Your Dreams.


Steadfast. Naturally.



Creatures, Pets are oft too understated Heroes, Heroines.

Pet Protectors and more.

Many with a Tail. Most have Tales. To Tell.


Feel free to Share a Tale of such spirited Creatures in Our World.

Legends. All.





The Wonders of Happy Exploding Mind. Mind Blown.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



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Going Japanese. Gaming Japanese. 7 Ways.

Whilst Training a Mainstay in Japan of Our World Legends… there are Other Ways. Of using up Your Times and Places therein and thereof. 7 Pastimes. Herein. Games. Some on Tables. Some in the Real. Those that Shiro found whilst Training with Ninja. Those… i even Played. At least Once. Some… even Taught a Lesson. Others not so much. Still,.. Ways fun to be had. The 7 Ways.


Training and Living in Japan whilst Studying the Ways

Martial thereof and therein. Means such Times and Places at hand is

spent… therein and thereof also. Also such


Pastimes and such Games in a different Country… are different

Ways as well. Well as some things, stay the same. By

Going Japanese.

Gaming Japanese…

becomes a necessity for Students of Other Lands. Herein. What

to do. When

Times and Places require no rush. In Japan that is.


That i, Shiro did Play. At least Once. Learn also. Also

quite some fun in deed indeed. Therein and thereof as well.


(Music Link)




Herein. Now. The

7 Ways.

In no particular Ways of Order. ‘Cept

Alphabetical therein. As Below.


  • Abacus.
  • Anime/Cosplay.
  • Ball and Racket.
  • Checkers/Dice.
  • Final Fantasy.
  • Hanafuda.
  • Origami.


Game Time…



To wit. To Count that is.

In a different Ways. The Number Ways.


Herein. To start off as well. Well as

known ’tis not technically a Game. Still and lots

though was Maths Fun. Learning this Device and associated Skills. Therein.

Many Online Refs have Videos explaining. The How ’tis done.


The Abacus counts back longways into Our World. Legends

from Greece. Of Yore. Abax the nomen thereof derived. Derived

from the Counting Board Abax so called. In Yore that is. Afore.


Such Styluses, Counting Boards, Tables and Line Devices are found in

many of the Early Civilisations. Functions obvious

when dealing especially with those large numbers.


A Fun yet Learning Device. Counting

the Ways.


In deed indeed.




Dressing Up, Acting, Theater, Role-Play.

Portrayal of Images and Emotions that enthrall.

Ways of Playing. Other Peoples Ways. To


Entertain. Many. Many

as such. Herein. Images that speak such Words

and Ways. Games of Legend and Yore. That is in deed.


Below. A Slide-show. Will explain. Those Ways.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Martial Methods and Other Ways Japanese such as Ninpo, Kabuki

and Noh Theater stress the importance and Historicity of such

and these Skills. Skills

that behind the scenes per se enhance Our Imagination and even


round out Our Personality. In Japan i, Shiro was exposed to. Two

such Ways. That of the Ninja and that too. The Harajuku Road Ways.

Of Yoyogi Park that is. Japan. Still. On the Weekends.


Every Sunday. Entertainment. Games Galore in

Our World. Legends. Therein. As well. Below.


(Video Link)



Ball and Racket 

Games of Skill with Ball, Racket, Juggling Type Sports go back. Back

in Times and Places. Of Yore. All

over Our World. Legends

tell of such in Times and Places afore. Now,.. such nomens as. Belows.


Badminton/Table Tennis/Juggling/FootVolley… So named and so

on. So forth. Forth to


which was then;

in such as Olden

China, Greece, Europe, India, Japan and even more. More


than just a Children’s Game… though many indeed



enjoy such in deed. Adults, Adepts, Experts and Pro’s. All

can enjoy this and these game of hits around it seems.

Variations also include Squash, Hand-Ball, Volley-Ball and more.

Adaptations easy for Beach, Parks, Back-yards.


Equipment usually cheap and readily available.

Ways fun with Friends and Crowds.

Mix n Match Rules to suit Place or Peoples Skill sets.


Ways fun in deed. Indeed


aiding Fitness, Coordination and Timing whilst channeling Sports

Strategies shows such Games are great Add-ons. Adding

to One’s Skills. Sport, Social and so forth and so on.


‘Cept when… Nature calls. Herein.

As Below.


Your… serve.

‘Tis so and seems.?.




Board or Table Games of Skill, Strategy, Tactics… and Chance

as well. Well as



some may even outcome Gamble thereof. There on Board

or Tabled checked thereupon it seems. As above. Just Go.


In many Ways… is War. Replayed. With lil’ Buttons. Buttons

that resemble Lollies or Lozenges. Look-a-likes

perhaps and perchance as well. As well,


but Buttons they be. Unflavored. Take

it from me, I, Shiro. Who knows.


Of such Ways and things. Mints…

they be NOT. Indeed. In deed. Been

there. Tried. Done that deed indeed.


No fresh breathe flavour therein. Thereof either.


Just Strategies, Plans and those o so rolling

Dreams. All


ready to… GO. As below.



The above Images Two are of a Game Version in and of Japan.


As with such as Checkers and Chess. The Aim is to Control

the Board Territory. Black has the First Move. Therein.


Then alternate thereof. Stones sit then and thus still.

On Board that is.

Are set in Place ’till captured and removed.


Some 361 Buttons can take their part. And Place thereupon.

Strategies can involve many linked moves to effect. Victory

achieved by larger Territorial Control at this Games End.


Dice and Board Games are notable Pastimes. With many Our World

variations. Local as well. Get Your Game on indeed. In deed. Just…




Play. Games On. Get Game.




Final Fantasy 

Computer Gaming.


Computer Gaming is Modern Tech’s contribution to this gamey Genre.

One can spend…

much Times and Places Gaming so. Also much Cash.


A huge variety of choices of Game Types as well. Well as

Instructional, Musical, Learning and combinations of Themes.


Gaming Experts mold their Computers to screen

only this One Thing. Games

that is. Cash spent…

can be High in deed indeed therein it seems.


The Title herein is an i, Shiro… Game of choice.

The Final Fantasy Series that is in deed.


An epic and wide faring RPG styled event.



Characters and Gameplay evolve and adapt as one

enters this Game and Series depths. Epic

and far-reaching Tales.


Accompany and help the immersion of Imagination. Images

and additional Gameplay oft included in several Ways. Extra Quests,

Dungeons and Powers to be had and got. Visuals


are usually stunning and melodramatic.

Some of the Higher Levels/Challenges…

are very challenging to Ones Skills therein. A particular fav.

of Our World Legends and Figures usage therein as well. Well as many


a Hero, Goddess and God are thereof and therein presented for use…

once defeated that is. In Games of Battle epic thus fought. And

Won. Against All Odds. Against even…


The Gods. Game. Set and Match…

can be hard fought and won. Well gamed.


Therein. The Final Fantasy. Indeed.


(Video Link)




Card Gaming and Nature combine. Therein.

Natural Scenery depictions background these Cards. Images.

Above, Belows.




Nomen Translates: Flower Cards.


History within Our World Legends indicate too. That

a current Multi-national Gaming and Electronics Giant.



Began Life. With a pack of Hanafuda. Cards.

In 1889. Of Yore.

Big… deal in deed.


48 Cards.

12 Suits (Months).

1 Flower Type per Month/Suit.


Thick, cardboardy construct.

Approx. 1/3 Size of Western Playing Cards.


A Set of 4. For Each Month.


Of Yore, in the mid 1500’s Portuguese Missionaries

such as Francis Xavier visited. Japan. Crew Members

of such were avid somewhat voracious Card Players. Players

too, soon enough the Japanese of then. Became. Just as. Avid.


Many Packs/Styles were banned by such and the then Govt. all

due to Gambling effects and so affected. Therein.


Over such Times and Places the Game has become more. Social.

Several Game Variants and Ways. Ways of the Flowers


therein. To begin. With January… and on. Pine Cone, Plum Blossom, Cherry Blossom,

Wisteria, Iris, Peony, Bush Clover, Silver Grass, Chrysanthemum, Maple Leaf,

Willow and Paulownia then in December.


A detailed Flowery History and sweet accounts. Therein.

Get Your. Game On.


Well Play and Good Luck. With that. That Done. Now

to fold on and into.




Paper Folding Arts.


Personally, i, Shiro is. Not an easy Folder.


Not goods. At All. No gold Star therein.



(Video Link)


Though this may seem the easiest in Physical Terms. Physically

getting good results take a lil’ Times. Tries as well. Well as

promoting Dexterity, Paper Sales, Patience. Not the Card Games Ones. That is.


After the Invention of Paper. Someone started folding. That

unfolded early on in Our World. Legends record these arty acts as

Orikata. The… Folding of Shapes.


Origami. The… Folding of Paper.

New name. Olden Art.


Mod. and Real nomen now: Origami.


Origami Tsuki: Certificate Type.

Origami Noshi: Good Fortune Type.


Many Early Folders were of the Priestly, Noble, Upper type

and Technical Classes in Society. ‘Cos basically. They could afford to. To

over Times and Places to be come to be used as

Decorative, Artistic, Architectural Public Display Pieces.



(Video Link)


Easily adapted to enhance Teachings and Education. Within

such Fields of Study as Mathematics, Geometry and Other

Ways of using Numbers and Shapes to Teach. Concepts. Thereof.


Searching and laying out the History in Japan. A first

Literary mention appears the 1797 Thousand Crane Folding :

Sembazuru Orikata of Akisato Rito.


Much so writ on Traditional Significance, Cultural Aspects as well

as the Traditional Folding Ways and Methods. Discussed. Therein.



A later combo effort by Japanese Master Yoshizawa Akira and American

Sam Randlett developed and promoted a Defined Or Standard of Use

for the Current Origami Diagram/Drawing/Symbols.


Several Artistic Methods include enhancement by Back-Coating,

Laminating and Wet Folding which so enable production of Pieces

for other Arts and Ways such as Puppetry, Diorama Displays

and Sculpted almost 3-D Types. These additions over Times and Places


ensure a Living Art that continues to Grow and Explore Tech., Methods

other Ways of Artistic Expression. To join.


The fold.




Feel Free to Share Your Gaming Love with a Comment or Two.

A Favored or a Unique One You May Know.


Game on…



Our World Legends. Be One.

Stay Game.

Do the Works.


Live those Dreams.

Let Them unfold.


Simply Play.


A Cat’s Tale running out. A Samurai Saver. Herein.




Encyclopedia Enigma : Intel Bytes #8

Elephantine Arts of Self-Defence. Martial. Of Yore.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Wednesday is the New Weekend.

Wednesday is so named after the God Odin of the Norse. He with the 6-Legged Horse. Rides to Valhalla and so on. Mead Drinker. Odin that is… not the Horse. Sleipnir. After Battle… they rested. So should You… and Others also. Our World Legends. Herein. The New Weekend. From the Gods. Shiro… too. photocredit/thanks:pinterest



Modern Living.

Work and Life-styles therein damage us so.

Over Times and Places.

The relentless and ever repeating 5-day week that is.


Tis now so apparent. A change more than overdue.


A change.?.

Our World Legends do so and say.


So that;..


is the New Weekend.

Which May. In Time.

May amplify Life and inherent Quality. Herein.


Odin has the Right Idea.

For reasons that just repeat we named this Day…

after Him.

Odin that is.


Odin. Woden. Olden Name.




Wodens Day.

Wednesday. Modernised.





(Music Link)



Work… and Play.

After Battle… Divine Odin rested.


Then Partied. At Valhalla.

Drank Mead… as well.

No sweetmeats…

nor food partaken of therein and thereof.

All that Warring… just made his throat dry,..

even… somewhat… hoarse.


Sleipnir,.. the even numbered 6 or 8-Legged Valhalla Horse.

That Odin rode in on. Also rested.

At Valhalla… too. Stables i guess. Therein.


Partaking of Mead… unknown. Probably not.


Prefers Water… cool and young tender Plants

with pastured Grass. Sleipnir.

Total Herbivore.


Though Brans and some Grains can cause

Health Issues to arise.


Sleipnir… Odin. Modern Concept. photocredit/thanks:inhdw


Ever and a Day… Sleipnir,..

Odin and the Valhalla Warriors too…

do so and wait.


For Ragnarok.


THE Final Battle… to End All others etc etc etc.


So Our World Legends do say.

Herein. Elsewhere…

perhaps also.


Herein by any God’s Beard.

I, Shiro’s… too. Beard that is. Herein anyways indeed.


Hammer, Horse and Spear. Weapons of a God. Odin actually. Herein.


The Rush… and Promises

… of the Race had settled. Long Distance Running is about setting and following a Pace. Any other approach depletes way too much Energy. Which during Recovery…

You will be forced to replace.

These marches over miles will repetitively shock absorb your ankles, knees and eventually feet.

Each step then after is high pain.

With a heartbeat cruising at high revs…

some 140-160 beats per minute.


My norm… 60-72.


In days of Yore when no beasts of burden available.

We walked. For Miles.


Sometimes ran. Mostly Walked.

At pace high.


Fitness Training such and within the NINPO Martial Arts and related Systems gives one the time to study the effects of,..

such Training…

on one-self.

Exercise can indeed be empowering. Staying active a Must.

The issue herein is a direct need for… REST and RECOVER.


Applying this same approach.

To Our Working Life.


It ain’t pretty. At All.




Many predictions and promises pontificated on the promising use of new Technology.

Machines… will do the work.

We and Our Lives… full of free-time.



In 1883 Paul Lafargue… argued that;..

“…Our machines, with breath of fire, with limbs of unwearying steel, with fruitfulness wonderful inexhaustible, accomplish by themselves with docility their sacred labour. And nevertheless the genius of the great philosophers of capitalism remains dominated by the prejudices of the wage system, worst of slaveries. They do not yet understand that the machine is the saviour of humanity, the god who shall redeem man from working for hire, the god who shall give him leisure and liberty…”


Propaganda… to get you feeling good about things…

that won’t come true.

Ideals… so your Life has some meaning.



Within Science Fiction… a same attitude.

Some 100 Years Later… yet and still. Such as…

Isaac Asimov… within… Robot Visions:.. states that,..

“…In a properly automated and educated world, then, machines may prove to be the true humanizing influence. It may be that machines will do the work that makes life possible and that human beings will do all the other things that make life pleasant and worthwhile… ”


Rise of the Machine.

Promises. Promises.

Machine will replace us as workers.

Machines will liberate the dreary and dull…

oft pointless jobs that are… All around.


Summed up here.

Within Artist Diego Rivera words.

Promises of a Future. That…


“…As I rode back to Detroit, a vision of Henry Ford’s industrial empire kept passing before my eyes. In my ears, I heard the wonderful symphony which came from his factories where metals were shaped into tools for men’s service. It was a new music, waiting for the composer with genius enough to give it communicable form.

I thought of the millions of different men by whose combined labor and thought automobiles were produced, from the miners who dug the iron ore out of the earth to the railroad men and teamsters who brought the finished machines to the consumer, so that man, space, and time might be conquered, and ever-expanding victories be won against death…”


Promises. Promises.





Heading into the 21st Century the data is clear.

We work too much… and Play too lil’.

Profit over People that is.


The predictions that Modernisation and Mechanisation would liberate the drudgery of Work did not take into account the Slavery attitude that those who provide Jobs let prevail.

More and more… tis All they want.

More output… higher production and a better Profit than the last.

Paying Wages at levels that cover cost of Living… just.

Enough to pay the Bills. Lil’ more than that.


We Work… we don’t Play.

No Times for that it seems indeed,..

in deed and in fact… too.


Stress, Depression and All the inherent and related Health Issues.

Still here. Growing in prevalence… as well.

This Cycle of More… herein also. The more we work… the more things we use. Power, Products and Ingredients. Increasing Global Productivity… and usages thereof.

Higher demand for such simply means… More Work to be done.

Cycles on.


A Lifestyle… so rushed.

Uncaring of Real World effects.

We are People… not Machina.

Effects become parts of Our Lives.


Profit over People.


Intended… or not.



Work Hard… get Dumb.


Sciences of Our World Legends also agree.

We work ways too much. Oft.

To Death… which comes sooner when work done so.


In addition to this negative Health effect the main other worrying trend…

is Dumbness.


Dumbed down through… OVERWORK… that is.


Science Studies that delve into these areas show the correlation

‘tween the balance of Work and Play.

Unbalanced. That is.


Times and Places a change due.


So Our World Legends… of Science, Health, Literature.

The Gods as well,.. do say. Herein.



By simply substituting Our Exercise Approach into that of Our Work-Lifestyle.

Application by substitution. Medical Data indicates a direct and compelling necessity that worthwhile and long-term exertion is wholly dependent on Energy being available. To Maximise Energy,..

strenuous activities should be shortened as much as possible…

paced out per se,..

with Rest and Recover… FULLY in between.





Mid-… Week of Work.

Mittwoch. Middle of the Week.


Wodens Day.

A Day of Feast… and Rest.

A Recovery Day.

On Wednesday. A new Weekend.


To implement such a Rest and Recover Approach is simply…

a matter of the Will of the World.

Odin was right.

‘Tis… War.


Of People… over Profit.


A War on Work.

Odin knew well the effects of constant struggle.

Of balancing… Life and Death.

War can be… like that.

Stressful indeed.


The Cure per se… not far at All.

Just Stop… and Rest. Make sure.

Wednesday is the New Weekend.


Valhalla. Elsewhere… as well.

Rest well. Recover. By working…

like an Athlete… then resting… too.


Take the Times and Places to rediscover the Wonders of Life.

Find the Balance. The… middle ground.


Profit over Life… not People.



Have a Life.

A Dream. This helps… also.



“…The real question is not whether machines think but whether men do…”



Machines and the current prevailing attitude of Commercialism, Materialism,..

of Profit over People do not add to Our Lives.

Having a Fat Wallet does not mean You are a Humanitarian.

Being Human… Hu

is Ways above that of the base Man.


Get Real…

and see the Real Effects of this Modern Ways.


All Work with no Play. Makes every Jack and Jill…

Dull indeed,.. indeed and in fact too.



(Video Link)



Our World Legends. Be One.



…if not You.?.




Till next…