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Featured Image Of A Backlit Shadowy Female Form Side On To A Spotlight Effect.

When In Deeds Matters Left From Right. Fulls Place In Our World. Legends Tell Simple. Truths Dancing Out There. Here Mata Hari So Reigned. Raining Down Society Dances Ups Mores. Moreovers Underlying Lying Too. To Cover Ups That. This Mata Hari. Herein Her Right Steps Left Indeed.


Flowing as She. Did so,

Margaretha moved so danced, turned. Heads

moved, turned so as for mores. Moreovers dancing

with such underlying Truths. Much hidden,


Margaretha Geertruida Zella so. Nomened born. Borne

shakily named upon Her. Hips, +

Lips how. Evers, was an other Oriental Name. Another

so Dance oriented, literally too. To be transl. as Eye


of The Day. The Dancer


Mata Hari.

Eyed Daily In Deed. Indeed


Image Of A Female Dancers And Her Moves Shown Via Arcs Of Powder.

Indeed Flow Is The. Word In Deed.



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for long Times, Places. Her Life so

mistakenly shortchanged. Changed so oft

misrepresented also. All so She was often

no Spy, no

femme fatale


at all. All False. Hoods


worn masking Reality like. Now

The Real

Mata Hari simply. A Pawn herein, thereouts

poorly treated as well. Well as naive Her


Mata Hari Letters. Matters In Deeds,

Letters so writ. Noted notoriety so stigmatised

in. Up to


Image Of Mata Hari Standing Outside Apartment Steps.

Aka Nomened Mata Hari.


so spun in Society into these. Those Orwellian unwell as

Geopolitical Spycrafting webs. Machiavellian of intrigue.

Accordingly in Our World. Legends Tell


born. In Yore Our Holland 1876. Then

later married. So as

Margaretha Gretha Mcleod

later then…


…took the exotic Oriental title after this. That beings

a failed. Marriage


and move too. To Paris from. The Matrimonial

Abusive Home. Away from Her Daughter


Image Of Paris At Night Highlighting Lower Section Of Eiffel Tower And Bridge.

In Deeds Nights Matters. Mata In Paris Indeed. So Saw Looks Like This…


Margaretha as Mata Hari so not. Flowered in Deeds. Indeed

traveled widely collecting. Boyfriends and memories

in exchange for that. Money this too. To Live. The Dances so

prepared too. To flaunt what she needed too. To


escape Poverty, the seperations from Her Daughter

in Deeds. Indeed weighed heavily. Light minded

movements She so developed well as. As well

bedazzle Men of influence, power as well. Well as

‘so ’twas Her Partners who deserved Her. Fates

so there. Theirs at faults often

In Deeds. Indeed oft


Dance matters so. Well Mata Hari

so did. What


She had too. To firstly



get overs Syphilis. From Her then… now Ex-

whilst trying too. To arrange Custody so forth. Forthrightly

messy Divorce Proceedings. So proceeded. She so rightly

left Places. Movings arounds Times a lil’. Little

desperate at Hers. Daughters Life and Treatments.


For Syphilis Preventions +

Hers ongoing Recovery too. To so called Husband

also. All so much refused Custodial Requests +

paying. Custody Payments such + mores. Moreovers

underlying Her Truths. False


rumours so thus abounded. Arounds abouts penniless

in Our World. Legends Tell now of harsh


Image Of Two Statues Posed Listening Against A Brick Wall.

Indeed Minds Walled. Shuts In Deeds.


Gossip. Matters Noted contrary in Deed. Indeed

Mata Hari noted in Her

Own. Noted Letters:


“… My own husband has given me a distaste for matters sexual

such as I cannot forget,..”

“… I thought all women who ran away from their husbands

went (to Paris),..”

“… One Sunday afternoon, crazed and deranged, he came close

to murdering me with the breadknife,..” she wrote. “… I owe

my life to a chair that fell over and which gave me time to find


the door and get help…” According too. To Mata


matters aka M. Gretha, John Her Husband. Banned

should have been. So suffered

from what one Doctor called “… tropical frenzy…” +

others called “… sadism…”


Image Showing A Young Girl Waving At A Plane Taxiing In The Distance.

In Deeds Matters.



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“… I can get by well here in Paris,” she added, “… but I am abstaining

from everything for my child. In the event that I am certain

of never again being able to have her with me as her mother,

then I shall care no longer and shall cast everything aside…”


i, Shiro Notes Here. There Then… She had bys now. Secured

a somewhats temporary. Livelihoods lifeline,..

a part ins a Theatre Company. Play, but confessed too. To

Needing. Mores

Money. Financially so strapped. Stripped,…

to sleeping with men for money. Quoted as stating:


“… Don’t think that I’m bad at heart,..

I have done it only out of poverty…” Soon enoughs


so afters finally soon

enabling. Enoughs Dancing at La Scala in Deeds in Milan. Indeed

well as this. That The Opera in Paris. Givings

Piano Lessons She started too. To rebuild A Life. Teaching

Others Music, German Language. Applying fors Modelling

Works. Worked


damn hard well as. As well a Departments Store Model +

becomings an Artists. Model, Modelled with


Image Fantasy Themed Piano Keys And Rose Closeup.

Indeed Livings With Music In Deeds.


Image Of A Gowned Mata Hari Posing Casually.

What Indeed. Matters Mata In Deeds.


many Montmartre Painters incl: Alphabetically Artists SurNomened:

Edouard Bisson, Fernand Cormon + Octave Guillonet too. To

names a few. There Their


Such Connections

allowed a lil’. Further Theatre/Musical Contacts

much Entertainings Entertrainments Entrepreneurs. Boyfriends

arounds abouts occasionally also. ALL so This, then so


provoked further WarTimes, Places Spyings accusations. Finally

Ins 1917. February saws Her Arrest fors. For Espionage. Imprisoned

into. To St. Lazare Prison, Paris France. French Authorities


withs only lil’. Sense, Evidence later July. Conducted a so called

Military Trial for

this. Civilian citing usual. Geopolitical guff.  Executed bys Firing

Squad. She refused a Blindfold. Seeing Death

at Vincennes approach ons Oct.15 1917. Under guises

ofs Nationals Security, Military Secrets,


muddling Waters. Truths dispersed not at Alls. All

not revealed. Still




Image Of A Howard Zinn Quote.

Indeed Zinned In Deeds.


Cover Ups. Conflicts of Interest denied. Avoided hidden


responsibility for. Whens Thems. Our elitist rich

Power hungry war. Mongering powerful men so

dancing. Arounds abouts with Peoples. Lives

in Our World. Legends turned Media Myth. Misinformations,

Spies, messing mixing Facts. So Fiction too. To be

disempowering. Lying overs Profit before. People


…so not a good. Look. Looking good

so is Dreams held so far. Close


ups Mata Hari. A Life shattered. So


Image Of Fantasy Themed Orangeish Rose And Musical Notes Combined.

Indeed Music Sounds In Deeds.


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