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The Classics in Our World. Legends Tell Tales. Of Yore. A Select Series. Daily. One. On those ‘tween Days of the Usual every 3rd Day Post Schedule. Short n Sharp Info Bytes. Sweets or Others Wise. Classics. All. The Final in the Series #30 Two Stones Of. That Philosophy too.


Alchemy in Our World. Legends

so tell. Tales of Searchings. For Two.


Stones Of. That Philosophy too. To

Please. Note

that herein. This so Last. Of That Classic

Series. Serialised anew Ways. Means

next as well. As well in 2. Days. Times, Places in

Our World. Legends encoded begins. An A. To Z

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Series. See You. There. Backs

too. To now, herein,.. Therein


Science + Alchemy. Buff. Sir

Isaac Newtons. Notes. Notes

that He. Encoded in Code so writ. Writ

so too. To Hide. From various Authorities

His Experimental. Results. Newtons Notes.


so using Mod. Tech, Ways. Means


so Writ. So read. Some now. Sorta’.


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He… changes. Codes. Much mores.


Works to be done still. There. Therein


Newtons. Notes.

For fuller realisation. Of His Works worked.

Alls Or nots. Still

Alchemy has Two Main Styles too. Of Approach.


  • The Natural.
  • The Lab Works.




As Aboves, So Belows too. Two

Philosophers Stones as well. Well as


The Almost. Daily

Random Classic #30.

As Belows. Video Shows. The Stone



(Video Link)

Workings. Lab Worked. Newtonian Styled.

Philosophers Stone.

Fired Ups. Aboves. Be One.


Naturally this not. Be. The

Natural Stone of Philosophy.

That be. As

belows too. One


“…Who is wise, and understandeth this,

of which Alphidius saith, that Men and Children

pass Her by daily in the Streets and Public Places,

and She is trodden into the mire

by Beasts of burden and by Cattle?… ” –Pseudo-Aquinas.

For That


” …Lapis Philosophorum is not of Stone,

not of Bone, not of Metal…” – Alchemical treatise axiom.






“…The Secret of Our Stone… shall shew itself forth…

bloomed sweetly upon the dunghill… “

In Deed. As Belows. Image. So shows.

Dunghill Bloomers.


Blooming. Philosophy. Stones that are not.

Stones. Stoned well as. OthersWise May Be.


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A Stone Philosopher Of Nature… PSILOCYBE CUBENSIS.


Aboves Stones. In Our World. Legends

so be. There. Finally

Nature’s Philosophy. Golden.

Inner Dreams.


Live Yours. Well as as well.