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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #J. Yore Jumbled. Journey Our Olmec. In Deeds Barely Baring Bearing. Balls.




No really’s- weighted bearing so. Rubbery

Balls roll on. In Wheels/Rollers Types Ways means. Yore

Tech. In Our World. Legends tell

Our Yore. South Americas had. Balls Rubbered

for Wheels. Balls rolling rocky thereto/on


Lands Olmec.

Our/Yore Olmec.

The Peoples of Rubber. Balls.

Yore Olmec. Balls of Rubber. Rounding


up barely bearing arounds. Abouts even Our

known Yore. Cultures/Civilisations bearing weights

so. Stretch long in Deeds. Indeed




barely passed remain too. To be/have Unknown

Tech. Users

in Our World. Legends tell baring such. Yore

Past, Our History

passing so oft. Of much. Bouncing so outed that. This


rubbery bearing Mystery. Olmec within means ways


A to Z in Our World. Legends Hit ‘n’ Myth

#J. Yore

Jumbled Journey. Our Olmec


so begins. Endings




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Image Of Ancient Mesoamerican Manopla And Rubber Ball.

Indeed MesoAmerican Manopla In Deeds. Indeed Balled Well As.


thus of major growers of Rubber so there. Their

Name Olmec so means. Life Ways nomened of. Rubber

People thereoto. Oft

tapped outs in Our World. Legends Tell

Yore South. Americas


soon enough mayhaps

perhaps explain. Several ongoing Mysteries in. Our Yore


Past. Many Science bound have unwound Why.?. such

Cultures/Peoples as this. The Olmecs used much No

Wheel. Wheels


btw’s… made of Rubber.?. Balls turn too. To

so soon. In our past rolled outs. As be a Substitute

Devices for… Wheels so see.?. in Our World. Legends


South. Americas moved so tellingly Rubberly. Balls

no Wheels so apply req’d. Applying Balls in Deeds. Indeed


Image Of An Ancient Mesoamerican Stone Carved Figure.

Bald Balled Beings In Our World. Legends Mesoamerican.


Just The Balls too. To do it. Work arounds abouts

that is. Is that

heavy loads rubber ball rolled. Outs in overs ways means.

Balls of Rubber so. Moved this World there. Their South America

World is home thereto. To such as MUCH Rubber Trees.

In Yores Ours + Yours


now so still also. All so Natural. Rubber quite naturally

easily molded into. Balls to shape, shift

go arounds. Arounds abouts. Things keep moving

well as. As well


driving. Massive Stoned Monuments along for this. That ride

there so ballsy in deeds. Indeed there




if when combo’d. With impressive Waters. Buoyancy +

Rubbers compressed supported Elasticity. All

that. So is req’d for moving small +



Over distances far and sized. Widely long

wearing + reaching. Stuff far. Flung rolled

around about Our World. Legends Tell


Yore Our Minds mattered things. Out Inside

in flexible knowing Ways. Means Yore Our Ancient Ancestors

thought ways outside. Boxed in so nots. No

Lands Yore South. Americas maintain stony. Silence,

largely so grows. Jungled therein Times, Places

green, broken hugely only by this. That there thereof



Earthy. Balls well as well



Giant Olmec Stone. Balls


Statued sized, shaped Stone Sculptures. Of Mens.



Browed, Headed so. All so hugely facing colored stony.

Facts cold Stone beings largely those. These Beings not


so as. Well indigenous looking. Statued Features

well as beings so

oft. Of


Negroid/Caucasian/Asiatic Types, Places, Times

in Deed. Indeed

They are.?. Statued Beings being.?. Olmec Heroes.?.

Visitors/Leaders.?. Themselves.?. They nomen in heroic



number… like artistic Sculptures- 17


known of Ballsy Giant Stone. Our Statues. 17.

Origins Unknown.?. Yore Olmec


… so balled under weight those overweighted objects. These

moving forwards. Rolling alongs Rubber. Balls wheeled

rounding outs wielding. Weighty loads. No


wheels just. Balls. Rubber roundly

squaring such unknowns. Much circlings arounds

abouts in Our World. Legends told

… now that’s straightened be out. In

Your Our future when…


Yore Tech. + Ancient Ancestors beings human. Beings

unwisely otherswise

so. Of ref’d as of primitives rubbing. Sticks too. To survive-

You mayhaps so Smile. Perhaps noting such-


… simply in Our World. Legends Tell ’em much


They had. Balls in Deeds. So indeed



rounding off ups aboves. Belows next: 18/11:

Steps How-To Borgia Poped. Hoods Roman.