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In Our World. Legends and The Atlas So Tell. Tales of Australia An Island. Beached Craft Of Times, Places. Of Yore Include A Ship. The Mahogany. Ship That Is. Is That Lost In Sand. To These Sands. Of Time. Timingly Willed With The Archibald Prize.


Mahogany. A Fine Wood.

The Archibald Prize. A Fine

Art bequeathment, Award. So Writ


also Within His Will. J.F. Archibald

included A Piece of Mahogany. Polished

Wood, this

Would. That Wood

Show Ups



In Our World. Legends


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so Tell. Tales of The Mahogany. Ship.

A Treasured Reward for this. Craft

of Wood would

rewrite History in Deed. Indeed


In 1836 Two Sealers. Sealed it’s Fate

in Our World. Legends Tell.

Fated Tales of a Wreck-ups. Shore-bound

Aussie. So styled arounds, abouts

‘tween Warrnambool

and Belfast…(… Now a Days Nomened as


Port Fairy…)


These Sealers Two. Told this too. To

Captain J.B. Mills at

The Whaling. Station, Belfast.

Australia’s then.

Tides, Times had swept it so. Onshore.

A Ship so beached, wrecked.


A Mahogany Ship.


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Caravel Styled Early Spanish Sailing Ships.


A Four-Masted Ocean Goings Caravel


Type. Of The 1520’s.?. Portuguese.

Approx. 100 Tons.

Mahogany decked and/or colored.


As the Sands. Of Time In

Our World. Legends too so

rolled. Ons. The Mahogany Ship


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beached, became land-locked,

adrift. Stuck


in those. So Sandy Shored

Dunes. Reports 10 Years. Later

were telling

of now. Then being half-covered. Ups. Then


By that Year of 1876

Totally drifted. Overs so it seems. Seemingly

with that.



drifting Sands. In



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Prize, Wood. JF Archibald’s.


Times. Later The State Government of Victoria

in. 1992 issued a Reward

of $250,000 for it’s where. Abouts. Arounds

The Ways

dug tho’ since. Means NO Reward so

ever. So claimed. Yet


Historians, Researchers seem to favor. Shipping


ins from. Portuguese

Explorer Cristovao de Mendonca believed

too. To be Charting

The Australian Coasts in approx. 1522...


A CSIRO… (… The Australian…

Commonwealth Scientific and

Industrial Research Organisation…)


using Grounds Penetrating Radar. Scoped

outs. Lil’ of Interest in Their Effort. There

well as. Though a Google Earth Type Approach

showed some. Exploratory Interest. Yet Now


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still. Till if only. Would Mahogany Wood. So

would, could Talk. Then

Those Sands of Beaches.

Would so tell.

Time and agains


That Wood would

Know, Have. In Our World

Legends, Tales Tall. Deep

in Deed also. Indeed



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With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


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