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Featured Image Of A Male And Female Hand Each With A Matching Jigsaw Piece Approaching Each Other.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #73. With These. Hands That.


With These Hands. Indeed

Worlds Mountains Moved, Molehills. So Made

With These Hands… In Deeds

Times Passes Thru’

So. Arounds Abouts


With These Hands. That

When, These Hands. Hold Yours.


… Timeless In Deed.



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Image Of A Pair Of Open Hands Painted With A Colored World Map Backgrounded By Blue Sky, White Clouds.

Indeed Our World Was. In Yore Hands In Deeds.


Indeed To So Next Too. To Be

What’s That Name.?. No

Dunce Duns No Doubt.