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Featured Image Of Five Dice Numbered One To Five.

In Deed Our World Legends Told Simply. Better With The Right. Photo Left Too. To Accompany So Around About. The Text So Writ. Penned Via Keyboard That. This Shortlist Of 13 Legends In Our World. Legends Retold Indeed On The 13th.


One Photo in Deed. Indeed

so ups too. To


1,000 Words of effect. Affectations

not required in Our World. Legends

simply so Tell 13 or mores. Moreovers

underlying Beliefs within this. That


  • The Philosophers Stone. A Stone

that makes One. Philosophise. A Stone

that is not. A Stone

in Our World. Legends Tell


Philosophy tends to Inner Minds. Be

Subject Mindful too. To thus


Philosophise… Find Stone.

Partake. Take


The Stone


Gif Of Mushrooms Sprouting.

Indeed Topped Golden In Deed.


… so Philosopher. Become One

with Stone. Stoned Inner. Mind

FULL in deed. Indeed heading herein. One

13 Photo Shortlist. 13

Our World Legends.



(Video Link)


Image Of The Inner Water Works Of The Pyramid.

Indeed Moving Nile Waters In Deed.


  • There are many Pyramids All over Our World. Legends

Tell many many Theories abound. Here’s Another. Otherswise

looks like a Niles Waters Pump. Pharaoh’s Waters Pumping


Stations moving in Deed. Indeed


Image Of The Labyrinth In Egypt.

Indeed Labyrinth So Under. Grounded In Deed.


  • Labyrinths

of The Undergrounds in Our World. Legends Tell

much so. There. Our Yore Ancestors oft used

and so renovated these. Those


convenient Caverns, Spaces for Their Own. Use. Using


Image Of Ancient Japanese Tengu Rebel Angel.

Indeed Yore Tengu. Our Angelic Rebels In Deed.


  • Strangely Divined Wings + Faces.

A Tribe goes Giantly Mutant in Our World. Legends

long Yore so long afore. Our Sciences Genetic hugely

came arounds abouts. Around about


Telling Genetic Mutations still Largely occurred. Then, Now.


Image Of A Beached Kraken Giant Squid Surrounded By Crowds.

Indeed This Kraken. Is No More In Deed.


  • Deadly overs sized Kraken STILL so seen in. Seas.

Seeing Giant Squids so forth. Forthrightly left

Us All deeply amazed in Our World. Legends


Told Truisms based in. Water Anyways.


Fantasy Image Of A Shadowed Man Looking At Another Dimension.

Indeed Eyes See. Seeing Others In Deed.


  • Our Eyes are Windows into/in Our World. Legends

Scienced have founds Ways too. To make Small

unseen Things seeable. Heres More lookings at


Dimensions Micro gone scaled ups.


Image Of American Civil War Soldiers Surrounding A Downed Pterodon.

Indeed Pterodon. Down In Deed.


  • Dragons are Ptero’s. Unicorns so Rhino’s

in Our World. Legends so forth. Forthrightly left Us Thankful

For The Saints, Knights With These. Those


Long Spears. Civil War Heroes with Long

Guns too.


Image Of The Planet Mars Landscape.

Indeed Mars. Marred + Scarred In Deed.


  • Mars is The God of War. Planetary

scaled War. Mars Landscape still carries this. These

Wounds that. Almost encircle the Entire Planet.


Planets at War. Mars in the thick. Of That.


Image Of The Scythed God Of Death At A Tunnel Like Entrance.

Indeed Hell Is. A Place In Deed.


  • A Visit Too. To Hell

or some Suchlike Place. Times

can be arranged also. To Suit

Your Style. Hell is a Place


in Our World. Legends Told in Deed. Indeed


Image Of Stylised Friday With Number Thirteen.

Indeed That Day. Thirteen In Deed.


  • On That Day. This Fri The 13th.?.

Did That Moses Live

…in a Place like North Korea.?. North Korea’s

Jindo Sea Region has One of the most. Amazing

Waterways that Tidal regularly Part. Ways


Revealing a WalkWays Pathways so across.


Fantasy Image Of The Lost Land Of Atlantis.

Indeed Atlantis Watered. Downs In Deed.


Departing From Waters So Rising High. Aboves

In Our World. Legends Tell Many Of Fires, Floods.

Earthquakes, Eruptions Mores. Moreovers At

  • That. This End Of An IceAge Seems. Seemingly


So Too. To Atlantis In That Sea Of Dreams.


Image Of Apples Sliced Exposing Star Shaped Core.

Indeed Slicing. Apples Starred In Deed.


  • Seems a Star is so inside. An Apple

so seemingly Sliced suitably. Inside Apples

in Our World. Legends Tell around

abouts Apples wholesome roundness lies


Mores. Moreovers a Day under Skin so in.


Image Of A Bobcat And Driver.

Indeed BobCat Posed. Prosed In Deed.



  • This Legendary Beast Still. Roams Posed

‘n’ Prosed arounds abouts in Our World. Legends

Told in Mind


i, Shiro Mine. So seen Ways. Means


Gif Of A Closeup Of A Typewriter And Page Endlessly Typing.

Indeed So Writ In. Our World Legends In Deeds.


Shortly So Writ Next Too. To

Be #R in A to Z.