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At Times and Places in Our World. Legends spilleth, runneth over. Over and over with Info. Information that may Help… SomeOne. SomeWheres, SomeHows and so on and on. On and to these Tips, Hints and sayings of dubious Wisdoms. The Legendary Trivial Trivia. The Leftovers. Herein. The First Serve of 9. For You.?.


Whilst Researching Our World. Legends and All, there are Issues,

Qualms, Concerns. Concerning i, Shiro that is. That is the bane of

that and the Editor. Editing Outs. Stuff. This stuff Left-Overs. Herein

is oft

practical and common-sensical… yet and so. So


yet does sticks out like Awith sore thumb in the

Main Text/Theme being addressed. To and so

for that. Is this.



Tips, Hints, Wisdoms, Warnings, Glints n Gleams.

The Left-overs.


For You. To stew Overs.



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Those Patchy bits so Writ… that not do. Fit



Patchwork Quill.

Trivial Legendary


of Legendary LeftOvers.

A First One Serve of 9. Belows. Herein.



The Aim per se of The Quill so Patched is simply to

Enjoy. Enjoin and Supply …”…Advice…” Of Some.?.



The LeftOvers so grubby, Shine Best… Alone.

With Lotsa’ rubbing lovin. Therein. Thereof.


Their Place in the Particulars Legend Researched

was and is

oft minor. Major

Theme/Tale; hogging that and those


Limeylights. Therein.

Yet and so, the wishy-washy Wisdom remains…



You can Use it too… SomeHows etc etc;..

and pass it On.


Esp. if You enjoy Trivial Pursuit or such.



Writ Ups, Quilled

of the Patch…


1. Vis The Legendary Elephantine Style.

Martial Arts of Bokator : Therein.


  • A Mature Blue Whale’s Tongue...

...Weighs More Than a Mature Elephant.


2. Vis Their Survival Village Legend : Therein.


  • Seemingly... The Most simplest and effective Way

to provide Personal ( and Collective…) Security and Safety,

is to have Dogs.


(...Dogs,.. pref. Trained Dogs

not fluffball Creatures that fit into matchboxes.

The Dogs. Medium-Big. Lots…


or a Clan of Ninja or Kung Fu Adepts... You Choose.).



3. Vis Those Motions/Movements Toroid of Water/Fluid

and it’s Qualities : Therein.


  • Certain Regions of China served a so called White Tea.

(... Water, boiled… straight Ups...)




  • When You are in Quicksand ’tis said to get onto Your Back,

Arms and Legs wide etc, Stay Calm as can in such, Breathe in

largeHUGE amounts of Air… for buoyancy… Then... slowly,


Each Time and As Soon as one or more Your Limb/s come free…

use it/them to Swing Roll Your Body ... ROLL…… ROLL… as req’d.

ROLL/SWIM/SKIM towards the safe ground.


You’ll Have a minute or more… extra… TO GET OUT. That’s Yours

To Do. There. You’ll be muddy as... but Outs. Tired as well.



5. Vis That Ice-Cream Van Chase Legendaire : Therein.


  • The International Phone Code for cool spot Antarctica is 672.



  •   U.S. Patent No : 5971829 =

A Motorised Ice-Cream Cone Spinner. You Supply the Tongue.



(Music Link)



7. Vis The Missing ol’ Eternal Flame. Thingy. Therein.


  • Dubai has Solar Powered Pay Phones...

On a Cycling Track. In the Desert.



8. Vis Mountain High... D.U.M.Base Low, Under, In.


  •   Australia is The Only Country That is too. A Continent.



9. Vis Pod Power Pink. Dolphin Delights.Cia+Lsd.


  • Approx. 1/3 Of Our World Legends Water... gets Flushed. Aways



Feel in aways,


more than Free,.. To Flush This Ways,..

to Add Your Own Patch Ups so

Quilled to this Work. Those Lil’ and Largeish

Bits n Pieces

that Match not.


Anywheres Else.

That You so Know.


Hints, Tips, Warnings, Quotes, Mis-Quotes...

Any, All You so want Others to Know not. Either. Or


Those to be Passed Ons and Overs, Ups n Downs.

All considered. To be Shared. Herein.


Trivial or nots...

Just Writ. Them Ups. To

i, Shiro, a Comment. Or Three.

Send ’em. On. In. In




i, Shiro DIY Weaponry. These btw are NOT TOYS AT ALL.

Firstly… These Are NOT TOYS. ‘Tis a part of Ninpo Lore, Tradition and Custom for ALL Students to make Their Own Weaponry when possible. These are part of the i, Shiro Collection of such. The Basic Construction Method. Click Aways.


Next... Ups. Is... That freed ‘ol Mystery, cupped

to and for,

The Anniversary; Where and Bys

Boston Tea. Party Spills. Monumental Lost Causes.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…