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In Deeds Going Viral Not All So. Pretty Teasing Pictures. Picturing Natural Immunity Naturally Too. To Taking Teas. Teased Out Herein Anti Viral Tea Makings. Easy + Simple. Simply Easier Than Explaining Geopolitics Depopulation Virally Also. All So Herein Indeed.


As with Patents rewriting oft. Of History so


Culling. The Herd. So

states One oft. Of America’s smartest there. Here


defined as one. This

so somewhat controversial. Practice that assumes those

doing the inferior. Kill off are the superior. Ones. 7.8


Billion Peoples app. alive now in Our World.

Legends tell such + much.

More on the ways. Means



In Deeds Prior. Delv’d Planned Indeed.


In 2005 some 190+ Country’s signed off. Of

a so nomened

International Health Agreement. To stage

Geopolitical Depopulation Measures vis. Named



Their Fake Viral Test delv’d well. Befores 15 Years. Later

of some. Nature. In 2005… covid avidly

Planned + Signed by Our Reps. Then


Indeed So Some In Deeds. Say.



(Video Link)



This Tip Of Oft Off That. Point.


Pointing out Our Future. Then

In 2009 Major General Stubblebine ( …a Fmr. Head of

The U.S. Special Forces…) revealed Planned Genocide

Globally using… Vaccines. Now


A Coalition of 1,000 Lawyers + 10,000 Doctors

have agreed. Crimes of Humanity

so applies. Applying their expertise there + here




(Video Link)


in collective Court. Proceedings well as

in regards too. To Fraud


as well. Crimes Against Humanity

Lawsuit. Filed. Vaccine/Test Fraud that is. That is

with even such as Europe

much so approaching 2,000,000+

affected by/with. Almost 20,000+

Dead. Untested Experimental Non-Approved in


the usual mannerisms

means ways… so ‘cept indeed

by an Emergency… Vaccines Killed thus fars…

in deeds culled.


Sayings no go there or there. Here


Indeed Anti Virals In In Deeds. Teas Out.


Peelings Backs Tea In Deeds. Teas Out Anti. Virals Indeed.


for those. These



lovers there’s. This

Anti-Viral teased + Blended Tea. Simply pick. Outs


  • ♦ 2 Lemons + 2 Grapefruit. Tee ups

Both + All Peel/Rind Only. Use Flesh elsewheres. Hereto


Lid Keeps On In Deeds. Indeed Till Cooled Anti. Virals Therein.


Cut Rind/Peel into couple chunks/pcs. Thento

Cover with Water app. 2-3 inches. Above

as going too. To very lightly simmer for app. 2hrs.





Steam also contains

Goodies Anti Virals in Deeds. Indeed Remove Lid

Once Alls. Ups Cooled downed also. All so Sweeten

with a lil’

Honey as well. Well as when unwell. Virally

sip ons well so too. Somethings arounds abouts



Tabledspoon Tea every. Couple Hrs. as req’d. So

in mouth slowly swishings Tea for lil’. Times, Places. Placings

swallow gently soon afters. That


Indeed Fill ‘Em. Ups In Deeds. So Downed.


teeing ups till next. This on 21/7:

Mars Shrooms On. In Space.