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Humbled. I be. Taking the Times to Read instead of Writing. I toured the WordPress Reader System. Systematically Words returned. Theirs. The Writers. Therein. Thereof also. Also and thus shared were and was much more. On levels of Body. Mind. Soul as well. Well as their Ways with Words. With thoughtful thanks. Also. From and to. All of these of Our World Legends.


Humbled. I be.

This place is humbling. WordPress that is. That is

the results of this Research in deed. Indeed having managed to

somehow wangle some free IOT Times. Instead of Writing Up. Was

times to be. An avid Reader. Reader


WordPress awaits. So



(Music Link)


went on too.

Then on and into

a Reader Raid/Rage. Therein.


Times and Places to wander through


Wonders of WordPress.

The Writers.

Results. Herein.

As well. Well as




Being. Being somewhat

Socially Inept and consummated by Writing. A change

was due. Thus and so i, Shiro

spent some 12 Hrs being spun on Emotions,

Thoughts and Feelings. So well written.



i, am.



What i, Shiro read here. Is top-notch.

No doubt.



Prior. I used to think, say and write. I write.

This and that. That.


Is not so.



In all fairness. I, Shiro. Do not. Do this and that. That


My Studies and Research. Are more akin to

Reviews than Writing. POV. Herein. Mine.


Humbled. In deed indeed.


The WordPress Writers that so let me into their World

brought forth Viewpoints and Style Personally to the fore. Forthrightly

as well. Well as

such and so of this. Was this. The Our World thus shared


shows an ardent openness towards Hope, Inspiration,

Social Conscience and more. More


perhaps too than even these Writers know. Know.

Or suspect.


Changing Hearts and Minds through revealing of Others Ways.

Other Approaches, Methods and Traditions.

Words from as well.


The Heart.

The Mind.

The Soul.




This laying bare of their Words so Within takes more than Courage.

This. I know. Also


raw emotions are handled and channeled using those Symbols

of Words, rearranging Letters of the Alphabet to squeeze

out the Content therein. Thereof also. Also


laying bare the Message Intent from One Soul.


For and to- the Many appreciative of such Action(s).

To feel thus anew.

To look as well. As well


as a Reader and One trying to sense my Place.

Their Words strike chords that run deep. Within.


Assuage anger, dispelling doubt, relating to Ideas and Thoughts

that echo harmoniously as both Answers… and

further Questions as well. Well as they appear


on their Pages so writ. Writ so well in deed.




‘Tis said within Our World Legends that Words are Weapons.

Having spent Times, Places doing both. This recognition.

That these Writers are Warriors… persists. Still. Still


and so

having spent long Studying the Warrior Ways and Arts.

Where. In the Facing of Mortality, Morals and Mores.

The Strongest Bodies can struggle to get out. What is. Within.


Humbled. I be.


All i, Shiro can now say. Is.

From Within.




in Prose.


For these. The Writers. Their Writings. With

a Soul that sings. Praises

for the WordPress Writers. Here. That be.


May their Pen. Never run dry.

May their Words run Truly. Free.


May too. Such

as this and that. Here.




There always be.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Write or not.



Live Your Dreams.



Till next…


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein. It so seems.