The Great Pyramid. Pump it up Pharaoh.

Though Olden and of Yore the Legends are clear and bright… too. Like the Pyramid was. Built in the shape of a Mountain it shaped the Lands… also. At Pharaoh’s Command…and Finger-tips…the Great Pyramid greatly enhanced their Lives. More than a mere Tomb for Archaeologists to raid…even more than a back-drop for the Sphinx’s… missing Nose. Even Pharaoh got pumped up indeed it seems about Pyramid Power. Our World Legends. The Slide-shows. Herein.


A Pedestal. The First. Herein… A Goddess… too.


The Great Pyramid is indeed great.

Our World Legends agree.

Tis much more than a mere Tomb for Archaeologist’s… to raid.


A veritable and Symbolic… and Real… Stone Mountain.

A Design and Architectural Master-piece.

Old… too.


No mere Queen’s… or even Pharaoh’s… whimsy.


On the Giza Plateau;..

The Great Pyramid.

Pump it up Pharaoh…

… carried along the stream of Ancient Egypt’s Civilisation of Yore indeed.

Back to the First Times indeed.


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PYRAMID… EGYPT… SPHINX IN FORE-GROUND. photocredit/thanks:untoldaba/holidaycheck


Digging deep into the sands of that Time… and Egypt too.

Leading Science to declare:

The SUMMARY on Pre-Dynastic Archaeology assembled and compiled by Prof. Walter B. Emery noted that MANY of the LATE PRE-DYNASTIC TOMBS and GRAVES of UPPER EGYPT contained…


“…Anatomical remains of a People whose skulls were of a greater size and whose bodies were larger than those of the Natives…”


…and whose;…


” …Racial Origin of these invaders is unknown and the route they took in their penetration of Egypt equally obscure…” 

…1961 ARCHAIC EYGPT pg.39etc W.B.EMERY(click)


Thus;.. in the words of this site:

Designed by Mutant Man-Gods.

Built by Giants.


The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Fed by Mother Nature…

…and Energies therein.


To Feed a… Great Nation.

The Pharaoh’s… Pump.

So these Legends say.


The Slide-shows… below too.


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In Pharaoh’s Hands…

Though much Study into Ancient Civilisations has been done…

…lil’ is crystalline… nor clear as well.


When viewing the Legends and Pics associated… look in the darkness.

In the Back-ground and Borders also.

Motifs and Symbols picked usually by them,.. to represent… them.


Their Icons.

Pyramids, Sphinxes, Giants, Sun, Moon, Water Lilies, Articles of Rule.


Icons of Pharaoh’s and Queens.


Some… Gods and Goddesses… these be called.?. photocredit/thanks:visually


These and those Gods… carry a lot of stuff.

On their Heads.

In their Hands… as well.


Understanding the Great Pyramid requires Knowing their Tech.

Of Ancient Egypt.


Of Pharaohs… too.

Even unto… the Hands of the Gods.


The Technologies used are oft minimised… trivialised.

Becoming lil’ more than instruments of Ritual or Religion.

The Real Inner Gem of Knowledge… lays dark,..

…still in a tight…


…Hand-grip,.. hey Pharaoh.?.


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Crystal Power… Pyramid Power.


Understanding only Dawns Light where before The Darkness lie.

So the Legends say also.


Akin to the bright, light and… white polished Capping Stones,..

…that Originally Capped the Great pyramid.


Prior to being used to rebuild a City that is.




Crystalline Power within the Wands of Horus.

A Pharaoh’s Power.

Health Benefits galore it seems.


A… God’s Rod.?…. with which… To Rule.?.


Hands on indeed,.. indeed and in fact.


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PIEZO POWER… = A PYRAMID’s POWER.?. photocredit/thanks:docplayerru


(Video Link)


Quartz and Granite in Pyramids… Crystalline… too.

Atypical Earth Energy. Within.

Packed full of… Pressing Power.

Piezo Electricity Form/Variation.

…=… Pyramid Power.


Like Water… and Fire.


Btw… Pyramid…= Pyr(e) amid(st)

… = Fire within.


Nile Fire.

To Fuel and Feed a Nation.


The Legends insist the Great Pyramid uses Stone and Crystal to Power;..

…Water and Fire… somehow… within. Indeed,.. in deed and in fact.

So these Legends say.


Even the very word itself we use projects this Power.

The Power of Fire Within… tempered/surrounded by Water.

Pumped up indeed.


A… great Great Pyramid… with power-up potential.


Fire in the Hole… the Middle… too. Pyre amidst. Pyramid.


The Sacred Writings of the Ancient Egyptians use many complex,.. oft visually stunning Symbols and Motifs to get their Message across.


Guard Duty… Double-Up.



Two Pillars.

Two Gates.

Two Guards.

Two Dragons.

Two Watchers.

Two Dogs.

Two Ways.


One Sphinx.?.



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Research into such as Ancient Egypt reveals many Agendas.

The dumbing down of our Ancestors is a big mistake.


There are numerous Sites of Mystery World-wide about which… we Truly know very lil’.

Baalbek, Stonehenge, Serpent Mounds, Mazes and so much more.


Legends… we ignore as Myth.

The Lessons within… unlearnt… oft forgot.


SPHINX… A PAIR OF THEREOF THEREIN. photocredit/thanks:construindohistoriahoje


Several Legends mention the Sphinx… as a pair that is.

Sphinxes… Female and Male.



The two… that make one.

To show their Ways.



Holy Hallowed Halls.


Whilst the simple ignorance of Knowledge that has been lost in Time and Legend… may be excusable.

Agendas… are an excuse for Control… herein,..

…of History and Herstory indeed it seems.


In general Terms the Sciences tend to give the impression they know it all.

If they do… they don’t share well at ALL.

Sharing that Knowledge… is a different Tale altogether.


Many are there Tales as this Slide-shows…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Nasal… Target Practice.?.



Was the lil’ Frenchish Tyrant and Despot Emp. Bonaparte,..

…Napoleon thereof… a Racist… or Color Blind.?.

Probably not… to either.


Tis only Myth that his Troops firstly fired up,..

did not miss.

The Nose of the Sphinx… long gone long ago.

A long Nasal Cavity…

not the first time it seems.


Others too before he… tried to clear those…


So these Legends say.

His Troops seem adamant…

’twas only one volley for Celebratory Reasonings therein.


Many indications too… are there in the Legends that even Heroes,..

…can come in ALL colors per se.


Within Egypt of Yore,.. this can be above or below the ground… too.

Underground Complexes, Halls and Rooms mentioned oft.


Within and around the Sphinx, The Pyramid Great and Giza/Nile Plateau.

A powerful place… with Places of Power indeed it seems.


A place of many wonders and Dreams… also.


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Pyramid Power and Power-ups.


Inside the Pyramid… that we know of… though some of Our World Legends… hint at more therein. photocredit/thanks:atlaspub20m



BASIC SCHEMATIC… INNER PYRAMID… Great. photocredit/thanks:quotesgram


How To Generate Power in a Great Pyramid…

…aka The Pharaoh’s Pumped up.


A GREAT PYRAMID PUMP IN ACTION. gifcredit/thanks:nexusilluminatiblogspot


Fire and Water Energy.

The Pyramid Pumps to provide Power.


Power… to Water… and thus,..

…Feed a Nation Great.

The Great Pyramid of Power.

Legends… provide their own… too.


Knowledge within… as well.


(Video Link)


Like Dreams,.. ready to be fired up…

…by an inner thought.


The stuff of Dreams…

…and Legends…

…are powerful… indeed.


Pharaoh… or otherwise,..

…Pump it Up.


.?. Dare to simply Dream.?. Dare indeed… photocredit/thanks:didyouknowblog


Till next…


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