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Dating In Our World. Legends Yore World Pointedly Pointed. Outs Herein Points Listings Outing. One 20. Points Pointing Yore Ways. Means Our Science Meanings Missed Their Meaningful Ways Here. Aways There As Well. Well As Finding Meaning In Our World. Legends Tell Oft. Of Finding Atlantis So Hidden So Lost In. Our Yore Times + Places. Placing Yore Atlantis In Our. World Now.


Yore Dating. So

Is Dating. Important.?.


Our Yore wonderings why as well. How

well as

Our 20 Tips. On

Dating Yore Atlantis


so bewilders

Our. Modern Sciences oft. Offer Yores

explanations that unconnectedly so. Coincide

in connectings. Our world

legends in deeds. Indeed

Celestial Planetary Wars


yet so

even then. Brusquely now Atlantis so Scientifically

treated. Treating




briskly Our nomened Plato’s calculations too. To

Addition namely

simply so seems. Seemingly named Our Yore. Atlantis

smoothly addings ups Yores. Our Datums roughly =


on 9000 + 200 + 400 + 2022  = app. 11,600+ Years. Ago

(… Legends 9000 Years, +

Time diff’ so ‘tween Solon/Plato, + Plato lived app 400 bc…)

Atlantis app. 11,600+ Years Yores… Hence +

so forth. Forthrightly left


so.?. almost 12,000 Years ago.?. So now then

simple. Science.?. calculates arounds abouts

these. Those Our Yore


times, places. Placing.?. timely 12,000 Years

yours/ours now that is.?. Is that

Our then Scienced nuanced

pointed. Listings pointed. Outs endings

one 20


pointedly. Begins once upon Times. Placing 12,000

Yore Years so ago. Shows one




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  • One Km wide Asteroids were celestially visiting. Vast

ragnaroky event rocked Yore. World. Worldwide Our

Planetary party. Poopers excretings catastrophics


  • Global. Meteorite Storms made their presence felt. There

thundering at least one. 60 Mile juggernaut wide Comet

too. To be thorly impactings containings typhonic


  • Cometary fireballs hot as. Hades enough ably heated so

neptunely saltily. Gaia evaporatings Wildfirings moistures

into. To so be zeusly hammerings

generating/fusing rock so prometheusly too. To +

into vulcanisings Our Silicate Glass/Tektites. Tetchy Yore


  • Disintegrating Comets Global wide. Firestorms ensued. Enabling

titanically small Nanodiamonds producings. Comet made/induced. So

producings Beauty alongside. Beastly Global wide Cataclysms. Our

ancient builders hurrakaning hard ats their herculean work. There



  • 12,000 Year old Tunnels system Yores built. Systematically

so moling outs digs in inners. Earth. Earthswise + Earthswide

cycloning Pressures tensioned. Inners, outing as




  • Our so young borne. Mountains born so also. All so

gigantically rising during. In our world legends 12,000 Years

yore hence. So piping pan Ages begins oft. Of that- this beings


  • Our last Ice Age endeth. Begins so Beings subject nemesisly

too. To more shivaing Mass ungodly Extinctions… moreovers more so

underlying further yahoo rocky adventures. Venturings enough

mammothly dragoned effects as one. 11,700. App. Whilst this One.


  • 12,000 year old desert rock/glass. Formations duly

gilgameshing due into. To surface level/airburst conflags oft. Of

Our Yores airburstings conflagatory leanings

Comets… 12,000 years. Ago well as. As well

Yore Ours Fiery Waters goings on. On + in


  • Stone carvings Cometary commentary telling us. So… +

stonily geologic incidents archived archaeologically. Denting

emphatically pyramidically

Our Yores Species Biologics with much. Such

calypsoing collapsings ensued. Ensuing + ensuring


in this. Our continuum so


  • subsequent Earth shifts that. Thus shifted enabled views

oft. Of Now new Earth Magnetic Field = Poles. Shiftings

12,000. One involvings

starrily so arrangements astronomical. Scenics selenically so

then, now with one. New Moon


also shining outs. In

once upon Yore Times, Places. Placed Our

ALL so app. 12,000 Years…

Ago some too. To uncover




Our then Yores Seas level. So falling + upping Atlantis

conclusions now concluding. With Yore so Our



  • Human wide Destruction… (… + with Finals includings


this. That the more recent/mod. example oft. Of

mores. Moreovers underlying above

  • Space. Rocks destroying cities below even spacily

as recent. As 3600 yrs ago…) yet so. So


but + no… commentary Scienced tho’

thru’ ALLs the pointed. 20 celestial dramatics aboves. So

nuanced app. 12,000 Years ago. Yore goes on…


aboves yet + but… belows.?. Not.?. No


dating our yores. Atlantis.?.  Not Our Atlantis

in deeds so beginning too. To end.?. Next

indeed unblinkered



pointings ups into. Outing on 16/3:

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