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What began as an Our World Legends View of the World through the Eyes of those a War left behind. Herein. When Science turns on the Waters of Life and turns off the Truth. When Industrial Waste Fluorides are touted as Natural Soils Fluoride. Glandular degeneration, Depression, Repression and submissiveness… more than ensue. Liquid Zombiefying by the Glass. Drink Up. Fertiliser by-products. Profit over People. Crap Health. Welcome to the Lies and Deceptions of Junk Science.



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As the sounds of many Boots stepping passed,..

the slow drum-like repetitive echoes reverberated.

Throughout the City.


Boots. Black.

Nature’s Electricity Strike… a Symbol thereon.


Boots on the Brick-roadwork of the City.

Your City. Home.

Boots… with Guns and Bombs. Many. Tanks… as well.


An Olden,.. even cultured place. Till now.

Violence… causing SSilence. Eventually.

When the Boots… passed. Germinating and reverberating

thus again…


a City’s Heartbeat.




Since and from this time on.

In Your City. So fair.

When a Toast is drunk


Fluorides from Fertilizer Fill Your Glass.


The above is/was… (…apart from the last Para and Title that is…)

an Intro to Intel on War.

Nomen given as WW2.


Our World Legends Research into that… which we tend to do.

A lot.


Several Wordplays italicised and linked therein based

on the Music,..

i, Shiro was going to choose as accompanying this article.


That… mood has changed. Herein. That subject matter as well. Can



(…From God(s)… to the Dog(s). Back… to Front. Therein.!? More


Anyways… back to the… War Front…)


Gods of War. The Dogs of War… also.

From… the very of Our Beginning.

We are… Weapons of War. At many Times and Places.


Life… requires the Death. We kill to Survive and Live.


The nomen Science gives therein.



Water… also.




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When Science is… Junked.


Fluorides are not Fluoride.

NOT. Same.


Eating a tube of toothpaste these days is…

not recommended.

Death… will probably result. Clean teeth… or not.


The Fluorides therein cross the Blood-Brain Membrane.

Cells… will die. You too.


Simply… Read the Label.



Which goes oft like this:

“… If Accidentally Swallowed Contact a Poison Control Center Immediately…”



Fluorides ARE Poisons… the result of NERVE TOXIN RESEARCH.


Junk Science that promotes unattainable Health effects,..

vis it’s name association with naturally occurring Fluoride

and Good Health. Lies. Deception also.


Military Grade Nerve Gases contain heaps. Fluorides that is.

Rodent Poisons, Baits and Traps as well.

Industrial Aluminium and Fertiliser Waste and By-products.


The Journal of the American Medical Association on

September 18, 1943, states;..

“…fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, changing the permeability of the cell membrane by inhibiting certain enzymes. The exact mechanism of such actions are obscure.

The sources of fluorine intoxication are drinking water containing 1ppm or more of fluorine, fluorine compounds used as insecticidal sprays for fruits and vegetables (cryolite and barium fluoro- silicate) and the mining and conversion of phosphate rock to superphosphate, which is used as a fertilizer. That process alone releases approximately 25,000 tons of pure fluorine into the atmosphere annually.”


Sodium Fluorides. Fluorosilicic Acid.

Fluorides from Fertiliser.


Since at least… 1943.



Drink Up.


The FDA of the U.S.A. for example has never approved such use.

Regarded as a prescription drug in it’s classification.

No Control whatsover of individual dosages.

Profit over People.


Drink Up.


The Multinationals do bark.

Ever thought… Why.?.




Dogs of War.


Consumerism and Materialism are their Creeds and Themes.

Profit over People. Truth… not so much.

At All… actually.


To obtain Profit buyers must be found. Or… persuaded.

Buyers with more dollars than sense helps too.


Russian and German Concentration Camps were very

regular buyers.

Their War on Truth… readily apparent. The…

thirst for Freedom therein also.


The effects of Fluorides easily recognised by such Camp Guards.

Decreased resistance to any suggestions by Authority

Figures was…

figured out. Prisoners sedated.?.

Sir… Yes Sir. Camp… secured.


Physical Health and Energy Levels diminish and deteriorate.

A depressed and repressed and zombified Populace… results.


The Science of Junk. Fertiliser production… produces much. Junk

that is.

Costly to remove and dispose. Unless…

disposal and dispersal obtained vis the Peoples… Kidneys.

Thus and then… Profit over People metabolises.



Those who promote Fertiliser Waste Products to be

put into Our Waters are dosing the users and populace…

with doses of a known Poison in strengths unknown



YOU have no say.

Whether you agree… or not. It’s In there.

Poisoned by Proxy. Long Term.


Drink Up.


Fluorides of Fertiliser.


Glands such as Our Pineal suffer much when Poisons approach.

The Fluorides react as Toxins.

Being processed from Fertiliser… probably doesn’t aid either.

Though the War Dogs that so readily bark their tune…

gain much more than a simple Mind Inhibitor.


Uranium too… extracted from… doo-doo. The Phosphates that is.

Another uplifting promoter. Of Profit over People.

Of Death and Final Dreams that is…

as well.



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As shown above and therein…

The highest concentration of Fluorides… is in the Pineal.

Readily accumulating… and exposing the cells to All sorts of…

subsequent and Long Term… Health Issues. Allergies, Syndromes

and more.

More than 60 Dis-eases have been linked.


Important Body Functions are stymied by such Enzyme

Inhibitors. Heart Muscle Regions are blocked off. Radioactive

Elements not so easily dispersed. Glandular Issues accumulate…

and spread as the Poison… spreads.

The Glands Calcify. Turn to Stone. Eventually.


The Pineal. Poisoned. You too.


Drink Up.

The Waters of Life.


Food for thought. For Life.

Vegetable, Mineral and Animal.


Other forms of… Life. We kill. Oft.

Foods… and Waters.


Our Selves… also.


Knowledge… and Wisdom are not mutually exclusive.

To… Drink or not to Drink.?. Questioned here and there.


Nor are All Waters… clean, natural or pure.


When such as Science only focuses on Profit over People.

The Waters of Life. Muddied. Truth. Murdered.

When Science aids in Slavery. Of Minds. Bodies as well.



Little to uplift here in such un-natural Tales. Just… toil.


Perservere. Endure. Survive that,..

which Life throws at You.


Soldier on. Discover Wisdom through Your Truthseek.

For Yourself and those of Life,..

less fortunate and less knowledged too.


Be Wise.

Fill their Glass… with Truth and Cheer.



if not You.?.



(Video Link)



Our World Legends. Be One.


Set those Truths… flowing and


Cheers too,.. to You and have a Drink.

Non-fluoridated. Natural. Straight Up.

The Waters of Life.


To Life.

On me.


I am Shiro. I write. Herein.


Till next…