When Money Talks and Bull… you know the rest.

Funding with Public Monies is oft a necessity for many Community minded organisations. How do they cope when the Govt. share… is conditional.?. Very Recent FOI requests show the new Governance style… is take the Public’s money and… keep quiet.?. a NWO CODE OF SILENCE.?. The LEGENDARY details herein. Shiro style indeed. More than just a… FISHY Tale it seems.


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…still… opaque it seems indeed.


Whether you are…

Fishing… for the Truth.?.

…or perhaps…

Walking on Water… or in… Way too deep.

The Tale herein is;..








That is;..


and BULL…


…you know the rest.


In such a Materialistic Modern Age as ours,.. MONEY is Control.


Tis even said to gather evidence we oft…

… ” …Follow the Money… Trail… “… or suchlike (click) when crimes of profit, fraud and extortion prevail.


Whilst arguably more subtle than the overt Control shown in several non-Democratic States.

The mean meaning of Freedom Loss… results the same, still exists and persists.

Democratic or not… There is Loss.









In 1975 RecFish SA (click)… first appeared within the Legends/History.

An independent and public recreational fishing organisation.

Fishing… for the People.


In 2009, that all changed.

According to the ADVERTISER.COM.AU Exclusive Story (click) by Journo MILES KEMP

reported in their daily on pg 8,.. Jan 17, 2018.

Only through a request vis the FOI System was this now revealed (click).


Since 2009, this organisation has and does receive funding (PIRSA Grant Income) arranged via the appropriate Parliament Minister ( Leon Bignell) and Party delegates. Approx. 120+ k per year… Total approx: AUD $950,000-





Now… TOTALLY AGREE… that such Public and/or Private Funding of such Organisations MUST OCCUR… for the Community at large to make use of such facilities. NO ARGUMENT THERE.


… However,.. is it also ok for a passing govt. per se to impose and set… certain ” conditions ” on that Public Funded Funding Money.?.

vis an attachment to the said Contract:


… “ …RecFish must not, without the prior written approval of the Minister issue or participate in any Media release about or in relation to; the amount and specific nature of the funds, and the terms and conditions on which the funds are made available…


This MINUS the Legalese sounded so akin to the somewhat Legendary and ill-reputed OMERTA… the Code of Silence… which btw a DICTIONARY DEFINES as a :

…”…shroud of secrecy, agreement to keep quiet… ” (click)… and…”a conspiracy of silence…” (click).

Pretty close.?.


Democratic Transparency of Public Fund usage seems… nowhere to be seen therein.



Further investigation has also revealed other organisations acknowledged and admitted such contract conditions, adding that some were also …”… more directly tied to performance outcomes… ” as well.

Wherein indeed the responsibility and accountability of Public Monies in the NWO.?.


Censorship of some nature seems intended therein.

Little has changed.






Even in the birth-place of DEMOCRACY,.. twas noted:

… “…The Rulers of the State are the only ones who would have the privilege of lying, either at home or abroad;. ” PLATO’s REPUBLIC… (click).




NWO Version of Transparency of Government in action.

So the LEGENDS say.

Enjoy… or not.


The Control. The Lies. Our Democracy.

Money talks and B…

…you know the rest… …now.

Shiro has shown you how.







Money Talks… Part 2… soonish.

Banking on the World Bank.?. or just more Control.




Till next…



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