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Featured Image Of A Face On A Bin Sitting Near The Sea Shore.

Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein Letter #A. Mum A Loom In. Mum.?. In Deed Aluminium So Prised. Outs.


Aluminiums not mini nor minimal at All.


At One Times, Places Yore. Our Aluminium

more costly than Gold. Whilst

that was only. A so short Period of Time. Places

19th Century.


All overs Our World. Legends arounds abouts Tell

Surprisingly this. That Metal still so

the most common. Element found in Our World.

Legends Tell is. So



Aluminium’s Extraction bys Sciences In The Mod. is

from arounds abouts 1825 onwards also. All so

not so long of Yore. Our World

Legends Tell these too. To


Naming Mistakes/Variants spelled outs-

evens by the Metallic


Image Of A Human Hand Next To An Aluminium Model.

Foiled In Deed.


Elemental Discoverer. Nomens

vary a lil’.

Aluminium, Aluminum, Alumium so forth. Forthrightly


so left in the ground prior too. To

large scales 19th Century onwards Minings. Digging

so thru’ Our World. Legends Tell


howevers said… or so Writ. Herein

 A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

#A. Mum A Loom In. Mum.?.

is ALUM.


Metal Based Elementally. Aluminium so

nomened there. Thereafters


Image Of Science Chart Of The Properties Of Aluminium.

Aluminium Generally Scienced.


Landscape Image Of An Open Pit Mine And Equipment.

Indeed Pit Mined. Opened In Deed.


this 13th Element Discovered thru those.

Mod. Sciences in Our World. Legends tell

has so grown. In Use. Aluminium


Minings all so. Also

so rarely found. As a Native Metal

per se. Sayings that. This Metal so mixes.

In with Native Earth. Bauxites in that Main. Mainly


extracted then so processed. Pure Aluminium

then so mixed. A lil’


with a lil’ other Alloys metallic too. To

impart or support other Properties

for Industry too. To Use so forth. Forthrightly

left Aluminium as ideal. For Our Cannings in Deed. Indeed

most cans, foiled,… not tinny. Alum

so be that is. Is that


majority. Aluminium


Image Of Several Rows Of Aluminum Cans Stacked Side On.

Aluminium Canned As Well.


longish now a part. Of Our

throwaways Cultures. Yet

it’s light novelty so practical Durability. For certain

needs. Not


even minding beings cast. As

a 4 lb.

Lightning Conductor Pyramid Capstone. Capping

that monumental. Monument Washington. Obelisk

Giant Structure. Structurally


The First too. To

Be Modelled One


an All Aluminium star. One

appears as. In those Research Records. As


A German Audi One… circa so Yore 1999. Our


Image Of Several Toy Motorbike Sculptures.

Indeed Aluminium Sculpts Sporting. Creativity In Deed.


Image Closeup Of Acetylene Torch Alight Heating Metallic Components In A Pot.

The Smelt Is. On.


Aluminium Properties so versatile. Kitchen

Pots, Pans, Foils unfolded. Doors opened,

Windows too. To be lightly Aluminium

Framed, Decorated

yet so. Supportive made Utensils

used. Cutlery mores. Moreovers underlying


Others wise or nots

Tech. Invents support as a critical. Component


light. Weights so desired. Aluminium


exhibiting well as. As well those Corrosion

Rusting Resistance Effects. Effectively


howevers not resisting too. To


Image Closeup Of A Bent Twisted Aluminium Can On The Ground.

Indeed What’s Up. Next For So Grounded In Deed.


becomings the Topic. Of conversational

inspired Sarcasm in The Real in Our World.


Tell so noted by noted Art Buchwald (…1925-2007…)

whoso opined:


“… And soon The Earth was covered

with Plastic Bags and Aluminium Cans

and Paper Plates and Disposable Bottles


and there was Nowhere to sit

down or walk,


and Man shook His Head and cried:


Look at this Godawful Mess…” Looking


Image Of Hundreds Of Aluminium Cans Pressed Into A Large Stack.

Big Block So. Canned All So.


forwards messily so necessarily

next so is #67 Quote Quirky.