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Drink and Defend. Master that Drive. Drunk.

Ways Martial in Our World. Legends so and say many. Martial Ways consist of Unique, Innovative, Adaptive Techniques and Methods. Methods+Concepts. Concepts that accentuate Your present Capabilities. Capable enough to Seek and Search for that Extra Cup. Of Knowledge. Knowledge not forgot when indisposed, Drunk, disorderly. Ordered, presented. Herein. The Masterful Drunken Ways. 5 Monkey Styles. Served Ups. In Full.


Following The Ways of The Drunken Master is not easy. Apart

from the Drinking bit thereof. Therein then and after. These Ways

bend and sway in Ways more so. So more unusual

is the consistent

Top-Ups too. To Keep in Top Gear. Drunkenly Defending. Self.








and Defend.

Master that Drive.


can in deed be Hard Work indeed. In the Annals

and Chronicles.

Of Yore. Martial Techniques can be found in

many Ways. Ways


that mimic Movements, Attitudes, Postures,

Approaches. Of

an Idealised Object/Creature. Many Animal Forms

and/or Styles within many Martial Arts. Arts


of Drunkenness too. To


Just Following Those Ways…


simply and so understand the Hows

of this Art

is straightforward. Straight

as an Arrow and Focused You

MIND MUST BE... Whilst


Your BODY… Parties. On and Ons. Drunkenly.


That’s the Hard bit. Thereof. Herein too. To

and for. For

the purposes of Research and Alls that

jazzy stuff… i, Shiro

are Drinking. Drinking NOW. As i so writ. Hard

stuff so nomened


cos it’s liquidy soft, actually according to

My Senses of Finger.


What’s Got… These Guys All Out Of Shape.?.


Though tastes, bites pretty hard i, Shiro do, does

agree. There. With that.

On My Tongue. Also


Key Herein is this;

THINK… Then Drink…

AND Keep Thinking;..

Becoming The Flow…


The Our World. Legends according to the Drunken Masters.


Awareness is a State of Mind engendered when One

contemplates Arts of Self-Defence. As One Thinks of

Survival instinctively and flowing within, One sees merit

for applying common sensical, basic approaches.


The Act of Being... Drunk.

A Mind and Body State the Majority of Us Adults


have gone through. Go through



(Music Link)


in Drunkenness.

A Loss and Lack. Of Control ensues.

Of some and many Personality Characteristics.


Separation of Body + Mind... incomplete.

No Drunken… Master. Therein. That Glassy eyed View.


A Pair Of… Drunken Masters.?.


The Ancient Chinese Masters who Originated such Systems well

understood the Connection ‘tween Alcohol

and Violence In Our World. Legends Tell Tales so. Thus

When an Ego is so inflated and emboldened all

pretence of Civility disappears. Goes. Aways. Thus


To IMPRESS upon the Mind therefore the usual Civil Niceties.

The Kata and Forms of the Drunken Ways are ALWAYS Led

into with sufficient Prep, Intro. Attached. The Techniques

are not whimsical,..


following still the proper Respect of Tradition.


Monkeying Arounds:

The Slide-Show.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The emphasis is on Fluidity, Flexibility, Flowing Movements.

Each Showing/Highlighting a Change in Tactics/Response.


These are clearly tied to the Main Principles of such Systems

and the Unity of the Philosophies relating to Self-Defence.


Reflecting a (…GODAI... )

5 Element Concept.


5 Main Variations of The

Monkeying Ways:


  • Tall
  • Wooden
  • Stone
  • Lost
  • Drunk


This Fighter Waters Down Every Drink. It Takes.


  • Tall: Styles include less of the Tumbling arounds and mores of

the Upper Body Level Combat Work combined with Pressure Point Targeting.


  • Wooden: Styles include mores of the Grappling Combat Applications,

Techniques and Methods. Direct, Focused, almost Angry in Approach.


  • Stone: Styles include mores of the Solid Defensive Works and Stances/Forms.

Upright, resilient, balanced, rigid and strong. Vital Areas Targeted.


  • Lost: As is. An Art of strange,

almost awkward confused meanderings and Movements

which unleashes the Blocks, Strikes, Counters from surprising Directions/Timing.


This Fighter simply Drinks. No Water taken.



The 5 Guiding Movement/Principles
of The Drunken Arts:


  • Movement must be Unusual, Unpredictable, Upset the Opponent.
  • Movement must Blind, Bluff, Fake and Feint.
  • Movement must Scare, Surprise, Frighten the Opponent.
  • Movement must Negate and Counter Attacks.
  • Movement must be Drunkenly Deceptive, Disruptive.


  • The Drunken Ways involve Flexible, Responsive, Flowing

Movements, with a somewhat wobbly, wonky...

Spring in Your Step. Staggering



in such Ways during such Actions;..

thus becomes an Added Power. Momentum Gathers.

That then. Falls per se. On and To Your Oppo.

Crashing through.


Combining a Focused Intent and MindSet

that is. Is that

of Survival, Self-Defence… through and for…


ALLs Your Ways. Of Life. And

Partying Ons as well. Well as

adding Fitness, Flexibility (... Body + Mind…),

New Techniques that Flow.


To and for. Your Repertoire.




In Our World. Legends from those of the Martial Monkey King

have oft impressed, surprised

and entertained. The confusing actions, rolls and tumbles, falls and

spills abound. Techniques that surprise with style and direction. Students

are very relaxed, intentionally reminded and taught to be so. Even when


applying very strong and powerful actions. Fast

and efficient flowing, furious at times.

Smooth yet stuttered, upsetting concentration and focus of Opponent.


The Monkey Movements so mimicked are brought forward with the

appropriate Facial Features contorted too. To ape in deed such Animal

Ways as well. Well as. One must... look the part. Even if alcoholised. To


the Max. Cheers and Hic. Hoorays. To that.


The Drunken Master… View of Our World. Legends All. UpsHic…


Other Natures of the Our World Drunken Styles

also can be found within Arts Martial

such as HUNG FUT

with the “…Drunken Immortal…” Forms therein.


Hung Fut also has a “...Left-Hand Fighting Form…”

for the ambidextrous. Of Us.


ZUI QUANThe Drunken Fist… is another, so drunk and steeped

in such Ways.

A Combo of exotic WU-SHU and KUNG FU.


Combative Strikes and related Actions smoothly hide behind unsteady

Drunk like swaying Moves/Techniques.

Hand Postures oft resemble Cup Holding or Pouring Positions.

Acrobatic Techniques are also incorporated into stumbling,

staggering Steps, Leaps, Rolls, Tumbles.


Unorthodox. Great Visual Appeal as well. Well as


Some Kung. Fu. That’s some thing… Ups n Coming Your Ways… Burpsies.


Basically… When and If You...

Get Wired with Wine.

In That Mind and Body State;..

When Defence required:


Think Outside that Box. Just Flow.




Hangovers… optional.


The Aftereffects.?.


Mastering Drunk Drinking…

Feel more so than foolishly Drunk on emo.

Do Share. Herein.


Those Times, Places of indiscretion.

When so Full of Good Cheer... You…

did so Well and Good. Worth a Cheer. That was.


A Foolish Moment… that

You So Mastered. Then… or


Just Spilled Such Joys,.. All Arounds.


Cheers,.. Kanpai,.. Salute.



Our World Legends.

Be One.


Enjoy Life.

Simply Enjoy.


Stay Aware. As well, well as.


…Molte Grazie…


Next... Our World Legends… Journey Ons, with that;..

Taking the Pith. Testing the Waters.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


When You Call Me Names Love. Writing. The Ultimate Guide.

Looking In Our World. Legends We So Writ As Well Means A Lot Of Words. Therein. As We Are.?. Herein. The What. We Are. Anyways. The Ways Of The Writer. The Top Ways. Top Tips and Hints. 24. Of Our World. Legends. So Writ.


Obsessive. You Are. With Names and More. Words

as well. Well as Words that Affect Effects. Excite,

Educate, Bemuse, Stimulate, Recall, Pain, Annoy.

With Rhyme, Beat, Play. And Mores. So Writ. Herein.

As well and so. Words. All Words. Words.?.


So.?. What Are Words.?. To

Begins. Herein.

A tentative Definition may Go:


A Means/Way of:

Attaching Meanings, Symbolism, Emotions,

to Letters, Sounds and combo’s thereof;..

By Mutual; Understanding, Agreed Arrangement. POV.


Herein. Also



Cleverly We Hopes, Mind Powered by You,

the Writer, in Isolation,

Secrecy and Alone.


Alphabets put On and Into. Submission. No

Tragedy. Untold till


Beneath Pen, Fingers, Vocalised and Mores. More





akin The Orchestrating Composers Of Literature.

Writers. So Thus. So Be too. To Those Few,

When You Call Me Names,

Love. Writing.

The Ultimate Guide

With More of Our World Writers Top Tips On Writing.

Compiled By i, Shiro… On-/Off-line.

Thus and So. As Belows.


Tips and Hints.

The Ways… 24. Of

Our World. Legends So Writ.


  • Read and Research Everything You Can Handle.

Prior. Writers Read a Lot too.


  • Get, Protect, Use Your Isolation. Well.

(…Get Used to Being Solo. Quick as can…

Take Fluids, Eat… consistently… Watch Your Health…)


  • StoryWise; Introduce, Develop, Resolve Themes included.

(… Unless doing a Serial… then let it ALL hang… out…)


  • Let Your Imagination… and Pen… Free. At First.

Edit Later.

(…Listen to the Best Advice. Try it too. If

it doesn’t Work… Do the OPPOSITE. Then…)


  • Let The Ending Write Itself.

(…Plan Summary Outline Only…)


  • Accessorize and Always Carry, Pen/Paper. At Least. Always.

(…Everywhere. YEP… Even There. Too. LOO

k around for Ways… To Carry. Everywhere. That. Stuff…)


  • Minimise On-Line. To Research. Not

the Porn Channels. Stay Aware in and of All situations in Your Life.

Inspiration found Everywheres. Anywheres. Just Write. It. Ups n Downs.


  • Write Your Ways. First Ups.

Edit Later. Then…

(… IF NEED BE: Imitate Others Ways,

Ideas, Approaches, Words,..

Then Find… Your Way…)


  • To Edit,..

Read It Alouds then Re-write

to a/that Rhythm.

(…You so Desire/Want/Need There…)

If Writing for Social Media… shorten… Everything.

Hack, slash and burn;.. Editing applies. There.

Few Words as possible.

Lots of Pretty Pics too. Moving pref.





  • Walk Aways and Out when crisis Time,

Writing Blanks and so on. Get Out, Aways…

Engage Mind… Elsewheres, Everywheres… Anywheres;

(…Stay calm as You can… breathe and walk

it out. Your Ways. Be

Gentle and Giving to Yourself here. May

have to remind Self why Writing and

get motivated again etc… start with a Letter or Email…

… Some Writers stop mid-sentence…

so they have a place to start… next…)


  • Get The Reader involved, not just watching.

The Story unfold. Write like You are Reading the Greatest

Tale never Told. Yet.


  • Your Critique of Your Writing… means LIL. At Alls.

(…Only The Readers. Don’t Bother. With Yours.

Theirs. A LOT… If req’d, Join a Writers Club. Allows access

to Support, Writing Exercises, Critiques, Tips and Mores.)


  • Stay Honest, straight and do Your Best. So Writ.

Abandon the Idea… that You are In Control. Just Write. Stuff.

(…Sit Down, Pen moving… That’s ALLS You Be.

A Writer. Just Writes. Stuff… A LOT…)


  • Tell and Lead Your Story in a Way that invites

The Ending/Fini.


  • Stuck for the Right Word… Mark Twain advises to use a

Swear Word… Your Editor or Proofreader will fix. That.

(…we hope…)




  • Make Your Sentences…

Legendary Descriptive Sentences… These weigh Minds

more than their mere lettery makeup. They

start Fires, Songs, Plans, Dreams. Use Emotions

that Enhance AND Describe. Think Slogans. Hearts, Minds, Souls.

Captured. Captivated.


  • Let IT ALL come and hang out…

Edit Later.

Quantity begets Quality… eventually,

appreciably, gradually. Musingly. Coax

it, as much as You Can. Just Write.

(… Refer… Ernest Hemingways.  As Below…)


  • Day or Night. You Write.

Feel Right.?. Just Write.

(… Hemingway rewrote an ENDING… 39 times…)


  • Get used to being Alone. Much that Writers do

Sacrifice therein.


  • Stuck for Topics.?.

Walk then Writ… a Mile in SomeOne else’s Shoes…

Use A Different Persons Pov/Opinion/Moods/Approach to Subject.


  • Borrow, Beg, Steal… Words.

From Anywheres and Everywheres.

Read Everything you can Handle.

Read The Dictionary, Reference Books.

Use A Thesaurus.

Other Genres.


  • Learn The Rules of Grammar.

Know When. To breaks, Them.


  • When Anyone asks You:.. “…What do You Do.?.”

You Reply:.. “…I Write. A Lot…”


  • Write Everyday. Just Write. A Lot. Mores,




Whats More.?. More and So. Then.

Feel Freely To Mores as well. Well as

Add Mores. Herein. So Share.


Words So Writ. Wrong Not. Right

Ways That Describe. Just and So. Then.

Hows and Whys. To Whom. Apply Such Terms.

Writers that is. That is


Any and Alls Tips, Hints and Terms. For

Others Writers. Must Know. Herein.

Please Share,

Ways and Means. Ideas and




Handy Clicks in Deed. Indeed Wherein.?. City Of Hercules… Dwells.



Drink and Defend. Master that Drive. Drunk.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…


Arrowed In Our World. Legends Japanese. A Clicks Aways. Targeted.


It’s Time.

As more of these HolyDays Holidays approach. More herein is. As well. Borne. Born of the merry Mind. Of i, Shiro that is. Is that and this Fictional Tale Short n sweet from Our World. Legends in a Modern twist to so happily to meet and Greet the Seasons. Ahead, in deed. It’s Time.


It’s Time.


The Hotel Elevator clanging, clattering shut behind Him. Joe turned, grinning,

watching it go. Nostalgia and sentiment may decree otherwise, yet He knew,

that much of the Old City really should be replaced. Renovated at least.


Stopping in front of a Door that matched His Call-out. Hopefully,..

His last for the Night.

A quick check of His Military styled Watch confirmed the timing. Knocking

3 Times quite hard, then almost shouting “...Your Taxi’s Here… “.


Hearing the affirmation He turned, heading back, noticing ahead in the Corridor

several Figures just emerging from the Room, next along the way.

Room 1212.



“…Can you take this Bag please.?. ”

The voice of previous affirmation, female.

Matter of factly, though tinged with perhaps suppressed emotion.

Behind Him.


Turning, stepping back and taking hold of a plain, sturdy Case.

“…No probs, i got it... ”

Looking directly at the Voice Owner then and smiling as He saw.

Her rather obvious state. She smiled back, a little hesitant.

Like Her walk.


Joe slowed His regular pace to match, as They approached the Elevator where

already stood, the small group seen earlier. 3 Men it seemed. Heading down.

Like Them.


The Elevator arrived, seemingly louder than before.

Whines, squeals and groans.


An Old City in deed, Joe mused again.




(Music Link)


As the Doors opened the 3 Men stepped back,

almost lining up behind them.

Joe smiled, knowing too their innate respect, with understanding.


Joe and Passenger entered first. The 3 trailing behind, then moving

into the opposite corner.

Once in and settled, Joe poked the Ground Floor icon.

Doors slid shut, noisily steeled.

With a hiccup and jolt they began to move. Down.


As they passed the next floor a whine and thump from below was heard.

A twang from above resounded, just after.

The Elevator stopped. Swaying a bit, then settling. Still.


Joe bit his lip as He started to press a few buttons on the console.


No lights, no reactions, no Power it seemed.


Stopped still.


“…It’s Time…”

Joe’s Mind reeled. No, this cannot be. Not Here. Not Now.?.

He looked around, as frantic as the intruding thoughts.

The 3 Men, Elders, simply smiled. Earnestly. Vacantly. Back.


Turning to the where that Voice so arose. She was nodding.

“… It’s Time... Now…”

Breathing faster, shallow. Insistent.

She blushed a little, almost skipping, stuttering over the Words.


She knew well their effect.



“… It’s Time…”


All Eyes were upon Her.

4 Sets. Male.

All synced and focused on that peculiar stillness that had so been

brought to a head with just those Two Words.


Joe automatically rolled up His sleeves locking Eyes with His Passenger.

“…You Sure.?.” though He already knew. Her breathing and stance.


She nodded not trusting Herself to speak.

“…I’m Joe...”

“… Mary,.. Hi… Joe…” She so replied. In ‘tween the Breaths.


Hello MaryO.k. You’renoWe,..

…are in LuckNot only am i Your Driver…” As He chatted, with deft and sure

movements He settled Her into The Position. The 3 Men too busied themselves.


One went to the Elevator Phone console putting on His glasses as he looked

at the Instructions. The Other Two removed Jackets, smoothly, efficiently

folding both into a Log Pillow, for Mary’s Back as support.



“… I drive a Taxi nowI was in the Army not so long ago.

A Medic. I know the Procedurethough I have only assisted


Thus far…” smiling confidently. He hoped.


Mary, slightly bent over, looked up. Still

and so breathless.

“... That’s O.K. JoeAm a Single New Mum-to-be

My First as well…” then adding,..


thus far…” whilst taking His hand, She squeezed trust through Her fingers

whilst Her Body fretted in pain.

Joe squeezed back…” O.K. MaryLet’s do this.

It’s Time…”


again smiling, now easily and honestly. She had Spirit this One. Humor too.


His Training came back. Ordered. Controlled.

He turned to the Men, surprisingly calm and ordered themselves.

Simply waiting it seemed.


“…Ok Guys empty Your pockets

…Let’s see what We can use…”


As They reached in and around for their contents Joe opened the Case,

laying the Lid flat to also use as a Board for His Equip.



“… Why did You join the Army Joe.?.” Mary asked, trying to distract Herself

from the pulses Her Body was letting out. Like waves She thought.


“…ohwelli was given a Suggestion,..

told to see the Worldby a Judge


...He disagreed with the Way i worked with WoodI


…i was one…

…of the early Tree-huggers and that got me into some strife,..


…so to get out of that... i went in. The Army instead…”


“… Did it keep You out of strife.?. She thoughtfully posed.

“… Mostly

in Time…” Joe replied with that cheeky grin.

They both laughed at each others discomfort and their own.



Joe took and arranged several Items.

Water, Scissors, Gel Soap, Mouth-wash, small Cloths,


He didn’t need much if all went well.


‘Twas Nature and Mary did the main and hard work.

He read out the Labels, accentuating and highlighting the Names.

Mary laughingly insisted too. On a taste of that

Mount Myrrha Mouthwash…


“… Sounds Yum

To refresh Myself,..

at least a part anywayo.k.”


“…onto the next...”

A smile and determined grin combined. Residue

spat, cleaned, wiped, mopped up.



Joe shrugged, taking a swig and rinse as well.

First and Second Cloths, corner tossed.

Fresh breath. Breath fresh.


Well as then,

cleaning His hands with Soap and Water, a Flower Essence

so filled the Air. Lavish bouquets of Sweet and Spice. Exotic.


Frankincense it seemed.

Antiseptic as well.

Third Cloth tossed.


The scented smell soothing, though filling the Senses as well.

Placing it back and next to, The Scissors, small, golden

and sharp. Fancy,.. rather ornate… perhaps a Gift,

though well kept, with little signs of Age. Sitting still.

Awaiting the Turn.


As He and the Men sorted and refilled Pockets

of the unneeded. Mary’s breathing changed. Joe, sensitive and practiced,

adjusted Her Position. Slightly, to suit.


Her Breathing was louder, the pains more insistent.

Persistent as well.


Slightly unnerving as Joe could do little to Help

take that edge off. Wiping His own brow

as He felt movement next to Him.

“…We will do what ever You need Us to Joe...”


said the Man closest. Clasping

His shoulder for emphasis.


Joe looked Him square in the Eyes, seeing humble

and open honesty dwelling there.



“…I’m Mel Auricson,..” automatically reaching for a Business Card. Handing

One to Mary, then Joe.

Not to be outdone both the One next and the Phone Caller did same.

‘…Casper Frankson...”  “… Belmont Mirson…”


As Mary went to grab Hers, the pain wave struck. Gasping and clutching at the pain

Her Hands withdrew. Reaching over, Joe took the Cards, nodding to Them

all. Looking down hurriedly, He noted the Logo…


M.A.G.I. Mel Auricsons Great Importiums...



...embossed as well, noted too. Placing them, His and Mary’s in His top-pocket. He

turned back to where what mattered most. Mary had paled some. He quickly

gave Her some Water from the Case, noting in the background,..


Mr Mirson seemed to be online with the Hotel Supervisor.


“…ok Folks…” He spoke up, Phone held loose.

His dark features crinkled though with smiles in His eyes,

as He overdramatised, like a solemn Reporter’s Evening spiel.


“…The Super’s got the Crew on it. If it’s the usual problem,…

We’ll be ALL out safe and soon. If not.?.”

He shrugged in the Way of those Destinies, Fates. Letting it hang.


“…The Ambulance is also on the Way…”

He continued on, then pointing at Joe...

“… They’ll call You here when they arrive.?.”


Then looking to Joe for confirmation. Joe in turn,

nodded to Mary, holding Her gaze. Simply stated in reply:

“… It’s Time



They’re gonna miss out…”



They All laughed then.

Then got down to work.


Picking out and checking over His Tools a breathe of relief

He now gave. He was Ready. They All were.


That too which moved within Mary. Was ready as well.


The act proceeding along naturally. Joe watching close, encouraging

where needed, supporting when can. The Men kept busy

with the minor chores.


Sweating freely, Mary now, quite loud with some choice

winces, groans and gasps,..

at those sudden moments of tearing despair.


Mary’s face deep reddened as Times slowly ticked on. Sweat and Tears

mingled so. Grabbing the cool Water, Joe let some trickle behind Her

Neck. She smiled in ‘tween gasps and exhaled more evenly. Settled

somewhat more.



“...More PleaseThat Helps…”

came out at last. Joe complied, glad She felt some blessed Relief.

He had seen.

Her Hands constantly wringing, turning those pains away.


As New Life so then emerged, Joe tapped His Watch without looking,

to record that Event. Hands then quickly back and under, He watched in

awe. The Miracles of Nature simply unfold.


Secure in His Hands this small and squirming bundle stretched

as if waking. A Hand came up,

then down in a movement and motion Joe thought was rather Zen. To

then rest on His Thumb, in a steady and sure grip. Content. At ease.





They All... gathered around.

Simply Watched.


Tying and Cord-cutting, with Scissors glimmering ‘tween His Hands,

sharply, smoothly. He

then wiped clean that bright and brand new Face.

Wrapping up in a small Towel that was colored as bright as Our Sun. A

golden Child, Joe thought as He passed Him to where He now, so



In those Arms of His Mother. Mary. Just there.


“... CongratulationsA Son…” Joe intoned solemnly.


Small cheers, acknowledgements, chorused by All.

That rose a lil’ louder as They began to so move again.





A lil’ later.

On the gurney, through and out the Front Entrance,

Mary motioned Him close.


“… Thank-you Joe. For Everything…”

She smiled, that Glow All around.

Joe had to check His own breathing. Then.


“… Well Mary,.. I’m not going to say it was All a pleasure,

though indeed,..

It was a grand way to spend the nightno joshing there…”


…letting heartfelt Truth add depth of feeling to His Words.







Mary almost blew the words from within. Breathless. Timeless.


“…Joshua will be His Name…”


She leaned back as the Ambo’s readied Her for Transport. Then leant

forward quick, to converse with One.

After a short exchange She searched out to catch His eye.

“… The Bethlem Royal...” She mouthed His way.


He gave Her the A-ok sign.

She leant back again. Stayed there, as Others now did Their part.

Joshua settled in.


Joe waved just before the closing of doors. Mary too.

He stayed, still,


watching till They were finally lost in the Night’s dark.



Strolling back to His Cab, Joe tapped the Display on His watch

bringing up the Time of Birth that He had clicked on earlier.


The Watch flickered, finding the Time then displaying.


1212,.. Born on the 25th... of the… 12th Month.?.




Wasn’t that their Room number.?. Too.?.

Those 3 Men.?.

He clutched at His shirt pocket,

feeling and grasping the Cards therein.

Mel Auricson, Casper Frankson, Belmont Mirson.


Those… MAGI Men...

He’d give them a Call soon. To say Hi.

Thanks too.


Perhaps pick up a Gift for Josh and Mary.



(Music Link)



He put the Cards back in. Tapped the pocket.

“...It’s Time…”


With just two words, 5,.. no, 6... Lives did so meet.


6 Lives. One Night.


Looking down at His Hands, Joe smiled.

Remembering what just before had been there. So Full of Life.


A blessing.

The Cards decided it for Him.



At least now He had a great excuse to visit Josh…

and Mary.

At the Bethlem Royal.


He was starting to so like Mary.

As for Josh,.. Josh, was a given.

A Gift of Life.


Joe walked on.


It’s Time.



Scribe’s Notes:


The above is My... i, Shiro’s Attempt at a Christmas Tale of Fiction.

Using the Legendary and Timeless Themes of Birth, New Life.

Those Holy Days.


Simply Enjoy.



The Cast:


Joshua : The Newborn. Gifted with Life. Simply Cute and So. On.

Mary : The Mother. A Gift-Giver. Cute, so sayeth One Joe.

Joe : Joseph, Wood-Worker, Coach-Man, Life-Coach. OK Joe archetype.


The 3 Men : The 3 Wise Men: THE MAGI.

Mel Auricson : MELCHIOR, the Gold-Gifter.

Casper Franks : CASPAR, the Frankincense.

Belmont Mirson : BALTHASAR, the Myrrh.


All… Persian, Olden. Of Yore. Wiseass as Serpents

it seems in deed. Also. (...Indeed and as well...


…Btw’s… AURIC… That is. Is so and that:

An Olden Term for Gold...) Thereof. Herein.


A Christmas Tale.

That carries no stinger...


just some zing.



Our World Legends.

Be One.

It’s Time.


Wherever, Whenever, Whatever

You so Find... Your Self.



Next… So be in Our World. Legends

From Authors, Editors, Writers, Poets, Readers.

A Seek and Search. Top Tips, Helping Hints.


The Writing Arts. So Thus Writ. Nomened as:

When You Call Me Names Love. Writing. The Ultimate Guide.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.



Till next…