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Heracles is a very busy, Working Class Demi-God. Of Yore. Heracles Labours in Our World. Legends work their Ways thru’. Such. Works. Workings inherent a City. Are and were soon enough sunk. The City. That is Sunk. The City of Heracles. Slide-Show Herein. From Ancient Greece and Egypt… a wake-up call for Venice, New Orleans and such. Sink, swim. Aways.


Heracles First Footstep on Egyptian soil was

somewhat Earth breaking. Shattering

much. Earth. Much of Earth was so broken then to erect

a Great Temple in

veneration. Thereof. To Heracles. His Foot as well. Well as

His Demi-God other bits. Too. To


Heracleion, the City. Nomen Greek thereof.

Thonis in Egyptian vernacular. Thus be.


East of Canopus where it branches off. Of and from The River

Nile in and of

Our World. Legends

from those Ancient Greeks. Of Yore. Do say and so. Some

more. Also. Also


is this.



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You nor i, Shiro can set Foot on or in this Famed City of Yore. Never. Ever…

Unless enwrapped in a Wet-suit. That is. That is

for. This City of Demi-God


Heracles. Legendary

Lost City.

BYO Snorkel

means and are the Ways to go. Into. Thereof. Now.

His Lost City.


Sits on Earth. No mores. Moreover



Heracles, son of Alcmena and Zeus. Zeus, being divinely


In order to Father this herculean Hero. Faked it. Disguised

himself as a Father.

Alcmena’s Husband-Amphitryon that is. To fool

the Mortal Alcmena


with those o so shapely and turned Ankles. That turned. Zeus.

On. On


and with such divine and benevolent acts of sharing. Wholly

upset that Holy

Applescart. Hera

as well. Well as then

being the Wife of Zeus, she was left off that particular Party

List. Disgusted

not disguised. Had a bit of a turn, Herself it seems. Simply

refused to give any

step-motherly Love. Therein. At


All. To Heracles. Any mores.


Nothing much said it turns out, about the shape of Her

Ankles either. Hera

that is. Is that


The Zeus.


then, to find too. To thus and so Alcmena, the daughter

of Electron.

Grand-daughter of Heroic Perseus and Andromeda

was really not impressed

with the under-handed and roving Hands,

Godly attractions She had. Attracted so zeusly. Zealously

as well. Well as


trying to so… sort the meanderings and meanings

of the Heavenlies:


Hero Heracles… has Four Parents. Two Human. Two Divine.


Amphitryon and Alcmena, King and Queen, Mortal, Mother

and step-Father.

Cousins and Grand-children of Perseus, Zeus son…

with Zeus as the Biological Father… Hera


as the snotty, step-Mum.


Constellation Heracles.


Who’s Your…

…Daddy Grand.?.

Not only such convolutions in this twisted Fam. Tree… for

this and that

Divine acts means:

Zeus is now a… Great-great-Grand-Father-in-law.?.

Holy high jinks it seems. In deed.


Anyways, those Lineage Ways sort out is sorta waywards.

Heracles, after a lil’ lag of Mothers Love earned the

herculean nomen given.


The “… Glory of Hera…” ’tis Heracles.


In Greek. Of Yore.

In Rome of then. Hercules.


The Glory of Hera.



Deeds done Demi-God style are many and oft. Not necessarily divine.

But Deeds done lots and well. Done. Lots Like; Belows.


Heracles Deeds…

In deed indeed:


  • Still in His Cot. Serpent Strangler x2.
  • Murdered Wife and Children. 12 Years Sentence served. Service

in the Camp of His Rival, Eurystheus.



Heracles, Centaur.


  • Stalking, Hunting, Lion Strangler of Nemea.
  • Stalking, Hunting, Head Lopper of the Hydra, Water Snake of Lerna.
  • Stalking, Hunting, Capturing. The Erymanthian Boar.
  • Stalking, Hunting, Capturing. The Arcadian Stag of Artemis.
  • Routing, Destroying a Flock of Killer Birds at Lake Stymphalis.
  • Stalking, Hunting, Capturing, Carrying off the White Cretan Bull Father of

that and this amazing Minotaur of Maze. Belows. Imaged. Statuette.


The Minotaur.


  • Stalking, Herding, Feeding the flesh eating Mares of Diomedes.

With Diomedes. Flesh.

  • Stalking, Capturing the Girdle of Hippolyte, Queen of the Amazons.

For the Daughter of Rival Eurystheus.

  • Stalking, Hunting the Geryon, a Triple Bodied Beastie who kept a Herd of

Oxen. For snacking thereof.

Killing the above Giant Herdsman, Shepherd Eurytion and His Dog. Also.

The Twin-Headed Orthrus. Lost both. Heads that day.


Heracles took the Oxen as well. Well as


The Prometheus.


The Atlas + co.


  • Finding, Freeing Prometheus.

Helping Atlas bear such Worldly weights. For a lil’ while He bore.

The Our World. Legends recall for which. He. Heracles


did so receive this and those heroic

Golden Apples of Hesperides as bare reward. For that

bear act.



The Cerberus. The Younger.


  • Stalking, Capturing, Carrying the Three-headed Cerberus

back and downs too. To and fro it’s then Master, Hades. Belows. Our World.


Hell. In. Our World.




A Golden. Fleeces.


  • Voyaging with Jason and the Argonauts to fleece that Golden Fleece. Aways.
  • Poop clean up at the Stables of Augeas….

3,000 Oxen… First cleanup in 30 Years. Two Rivers of Water diverted

for this doo-doo deed of daggery. In deed. Water Works indeed. Moving.


Heracleion this and that Famed City has moved. Too. To,

Well… Tbh… and Btw’s…


the Waters have actually moved. Over. Over this City. That is.

That is even after such grave Heracled Heroism. A Watery Finale

does and so. Comes to rest.

On the Sea bottom. Floor.


Acted out. For Real. In the Real. In Our World. Legends



Soaking It All In…

and basic Eyesight will and can confirm The City of Heracles

is submerged. In

the Real. In Waters.

Byo Snorkel. To visit, sink or swim. There. Now.


From around the Year 2000 the City has been slowly uncovered. Still

in Waters tho’.

Teams of Divers, Scientists, Historians, Researchers

  • co. have brought up much

Treasures. Treasures


of a Sunken, Lost and Legendary Lands. Heracles

that is. Is that



finds such as Statues, Potteries, Coins, Lamps, Goblets,

Figurines, Bottles,

Jars, Incense Burners.

Temples, Rooms, Barges, Coffins, Steles, Helmets, Anchors and

more, mores.


All the Civilised and Essentials thereof. A City. Of Heroes. Heracles.

UnderWaters. Now.


Partly Marshy Seawaters abound off the Coast of Egypt there.

Nomened now as Abu Qir Bay, approx. 15miles NE of Alexandria.



In… Too Deep.?.

Heracleion/Thonis a Major Port and Emporion as well. Well as

massive Tradings therein

much of the Mediterranean Maritime shipped on by. Night,

Day. Times and Places.

Mentioned oft and so in the Writ of such Greeks of Yore. As

Herodotus, Strabo and

Diodorus. The Ruins appeared first glimpsed from above. A

Plane flying over

revealed structures in and of Belows. Waters. Fascinating

Find. Therein. Using Modern


Mapping, Radar, Sonar and so on, the extent of the City

reveals quite an Urban

Sprawl. The sinking of the Heracles City

seems to have been rather gradual and a

combo of Natural Our World Tectonic and Waters

Movements. Several shifts vis Quakes, Low lying

Land Flooding and so forth. Forthrightly or not. Over

Times and Places.


At a Time and Place in the Mod. Such too can

occur. New Orleans, Venice,

Regions of The Netherlands/China, the Typical

Types with that sinking feeling therein. Thereof in

such Olden Cities;


a City Venetian of Rivers, Lagoons, Ponds and WaterWays. A

Network of such Waters

that wind arounds and too are battled against. In

so many Ways. Satellites have



such Issues as Venice, The City thereof, sunks. Deeper. In.


Map of displacement rate (mm/yr) detected in Venice by TerraSAR-X (COA0612 © DLR) Satellite scans from March 2008 and January 2009. Negative values indicate settlement down, positive mean uplift.


A sprawling City that more is becoming In rather than

On. Waters inundate. That

is. That is

Why such Legends. Are still ongoing. Helps One

understand the Fates of Heracleion. In

spite of All attempts with available Tech, Minds, Hands

and so forth. Forthrightly

does Mother Nature say. Nay. To


that expansion. Then. Looming Ecological Disasters

and Mishaps also shape

Destiny. Ours. Our


World Legends are oft a Reminder, a wake-up Call. To

this and that.

Destiny, Fates, Life.


CoastLines are a fragile Environ at Times and Places

and any mishap

can affect. Many. Displacement of Peoples

has also been an Undercurrent

in many Tales. Tall and True.


Heroic or not. A

Unique Version of Our World. Legends, History

now. Now

no longer. Hidden in those shifting and shimmery

Seas of Times and Places. Places such as. The City

of Heracles.

Lives On still. Though.


Still Wet. Too. To now and




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