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Indeed The Full. Alphabet Encoded In Our World. Legends Of A To Z. Seizing Those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful Factoids In Our World. Legends These So Writ Seen. Herein #A. Acanthus. Thus Uncanny Deeds In. Sure A Leaf Can Thus.


Naturally awise Others can thus take a Leaf. Can thus

timely wise so place out. Acanthus Leaf or two too. To

smarten. Ups

so express Symbolism so. Represent. Natures Nature. In

A Fronded-Leaf. A


Naturally Yores + Ours Design, Architecture, Arts too. To

Our Acanthus Mothered Natures. Naturally

leaving Us so. Shapely Planted do We turn. Turned

wrought Stone. Plants so decorate that. Thus

Columns/Borders/Panels, Capitals topped

Arted. Ending backgrounded those up in. This


A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth

begins of these.

Acanthus. Thus Uncanny in Deeds. Indeed can

thus a Leaf/Frond Acanthus. This

a Natured born. Borne crafted Ornamentally. Minded,

all-round Plant-based Design/Display/Element




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so liked. Like Our Yore Emblems/Motifs/Symbols. Acanthus

so Plantswise stands outswise growing. Edgewise Flower

Spike +

rough serrated spiny/thorny Leaf. Outed likewise

in leaving

factums it’s. Inner Essential. Attributes essentially in

Our Medicinals. Herbal Lore


usage in Yore include. Parts of Our World:

Asia, China, India, Middle East,

The Mediterranean- Greece, Italy so forth. Forthrightly left

this. Thus rightfully in many Yore. Our Medicinals including

anti-venom Remedies. Our

Mod. Research in Our World. Legends tell of

highlights. High antioxidant, anticancer Properties. Highly



Like That Palm Leaf,.. This Acanthus ends beginning as

also. All so One. Architectural common yet flexible.


that can thus. Be One

tweaked size/shape wise too. To suit application. Lending

itself to apply subtly even. Turning up/curling


around abouts Leaf. Ends to rep. motion and/or provoke

that is. Is that rolling scrolling/chain effect. Effectively




Our Plant Acanthus thus can is/be. A Perennial

using Rhizome Type as propagation. Adaptable

to adverse Soils/Conditions/Climates. Tolerating so

high Salt much too. To such extent Leafwise Others

wise Self. Salting it is/was so. Extensively


used to further. Preserve/wrap Yore foodstuffs. In

Our Real Acanthus Leaves so forth. Forthrightly

such right stuff. Left

Our Acanthus deserving/gaining. Yore reputations

as Our. Plant so with bestowing/partaking oft. Of

Endurance, Long-Life, Immortality. Symbolic


Eternal Natures internalised deemed arounds. Abouts



in Our World Legends told. Yore deco’d  Leaves rep’d

so oft. Of reflective



solicitude. Attitudes invokings Our inner. Born mayhaps

innate penitential. Awareness borne

of inherent outed sin/trangressions/wrongs. The admittance


au natural… of such Thorn amongst much those

Rose. Arose these Flowering Dualities


of Characteristics. Dual dueling complementary. Mans

should i/should i not foibles of Ours oft. Of Ego duly

overgrown so driven

choked. By thorny. Matters of spiny Mind Weeds. A Symbol

so admittings lowly high thoughts. Think…


not so much of differences. Nor of guilt vs punishment.

Meant such Leafing Acanthus flowers mores. Moreovers




rightfully painful Truisms, Natural. Wisdoms

in such as a Refuge. From much inner regression. Of

Character/Ego/Persona. One


Acknowledging Past,.. Poignant Reminisce

stilled yet still. Seeking Future

Knowledge as well. Well as- thus

a Natural Plant Emblem embodying Symbolics. Asides so

alike. Rose + Thorn

Elemental combo. Attributing so thus Elementary- Life

is much full. Such


of lil’. Pricks



asides. So showing Writups picked. Outs next

hereto 28/11 so in Our Small too. Step

for Yore Giants.