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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #E. Eggstracting. Egg Essence.


The Egg so. Laid in Our World. Legends

so telling of one. Of Mother

Natures Methods of Life. Propagation.


A variety of Current Species lay Eggs.

From that Bird Family, The Ostrich

the biggest. So there.

From that Insect Family, Jungle Nymph

the larger thereof Eggs laid outs. Laid ins


The Whale Shark too. To

get a mention. Herein. Therein

Their Wombs an Egg. The Largest overalls known

thereof. Is so laid. Within. Rests

there till when. Live Young crack ups n out


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Whale Shark and Younger. After Egg Within. So Cracked Ups.


breaking Egg. So within. Mum. So

thus. Then herein

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. Eggstracting. Egg



The Letter. #E

exposes Eggs. Extinct


Species within Dinosaurs. Historically

the Larger Layers. Currently


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Ostrich, Brood. Eggs Well As.


  • Largest On Land Egg: Ostrich
    Underwater : Whale Shark


  • Largest re Body Size: Kiwi (≅25%)
    Reptile : Saltwater Crocodile
    Bird : Ostrich
    Fish : Whale Shark


  • Insect : Jungle Nymph
    Amphibian : Chinese Giant Salamander
    Mammal : Western Long-beaked Echidna


On, In Our World. Legends

of Living Species. Now then:


That Ostrich.


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A Range. Of Eggs.


An Egg of this Flightless Bird so. Dwarfs

the atypical non-flighty Chickens. Eggs

of the Ostrich Ways. Means

weights of 2+ Kgs. 6+ Inches High. 15+

Inches arounds abouts. Circumference


wise. Wisely


Therein Guinness Book of Records

Current Heavyweight 2.589 Kgs. Weights

that enables waits. Of some 4 Hours too. To

simply Hard Boils Such. A Much Egg


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Sizing Ups. Eggs.


Yet and so. Of Yore even a Lil’. The Ostrich

was about doubly outsized well as. As well


in Our World. Legends retell

Of a Rare Antique




A 400 Year Old Bird. Egg.


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Ostrich Eggs. Arted Ups.


Of, from

Madagascar’s (Extinct) Elephant Bird. Which

produced a 13+ inch high-36+ inches

around mid-around abouts

300 Times size a Chickens. Egg. One Egg


Making well overs. A Hundred Omelettes

so seems. Seemingly

in deed. Indeed


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S. Shapiro Compares. Chicken v Great Elephant Birds.


Egging on too. To Arts of Jewel. Makers

so combining. Precious Metals and Stones

where and bys Skilled Hands. Do that.

Fine Works.


Faberge Eggs a well known

Maker thereof. There


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Egg. Faberge Styled.


are 57 of the 65. So made still arounds,

abouts in Our World. Legends

note too. To


Nutritional High points of the

Egg are. Many. Much

of Protein, Calcium and Others. Minerals.

Vitamin D as well. Well as


in normal conditions. No Refrigeration

so required. So with


Egg Whites and/or Eggs

incorporated. Into other suitable

FoodStuffs Too. To

be Frozen is no usual issue. Eggsactly



Versatile. So Writ too. To

any Word begins. So with… ex... eggs


exchanged may, will do. Laying outs

Wordplay in Deed. Indeed

eggstracting the essence. Within

Our World. Legends


so do. Eggsactly that.