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Fired Ups within. Wisdom in Our World. Legends of Yore. Not All ol’ Hat. Capping off that dive deep too. In. To those Ancient Worlds. Words teased, pumped outs. Watery Elements. Mores. 7 Points. More Pointing Outs There. Their Meanings, Ways Oft Forgot. What The Great Pyramid. Really Is. Within.


Our World Legends. NOW.

Mainly used as Folklore.

Folks retelling. Simple Tales so be told. Truth be Told.

Yet, so. This is not so. So and thus. So

not herein. Herein


dwell those great. Greatly

meaningful glints. Wisdom

gleams that only blossom. So within. With

Your Imagination. Unleashed elementally

in Our World. Legends

of Tales that Tell. So


of Times, Places, History. Of Yore.

For You. Here and Now. Herein


in Our World. Legends


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Pyramid. Pyre Amidst. Fire Within.



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of the Sciences. Proclaims many things.

Yet and so…

in regards to accomplishments. Tech

of the Ancients Are. They Blind too.? To,



The Pyramid

Great. To Be No Tomb.

In Our World. Legends

So be.


Herein. Belows. Does Show. That. To See,


Tomb. Pyramid. Spot the differences…


Firstly… Does it LOOK like a Tomb.?.

Bit- GREATly oversized for that.?.


Lest Their Giants. Be so. In There.?.


Actually… Looks. Mores. Like a… Mountain. Tall.



…Certain Mountains… even have a Fire

Within. Volcanic… A Pyre Amidst per se.?.

See… Think.?.


Pyramid… a Man-made… Mountain. Volcanic.?.

Why not… So


Act like One too.?. To


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Begins. As Belows. Shows

Fire… Ice.


States of opposition, Temp. Mores. Yet


  • ‘Tis said by Some that say Nay-

say to the Fact that

such as Fire. Cannot be started

by Ice. Ice shaped Lens or Ball



do. So then You form, do

so clearly. With clear Ice. Then and so

cleanly, neatly. Pointedly. Magnify Our World

Legends. The Sunshine On.


Thru’ to see. FireStarter Ice

Now Be. You… Warm as,

as well. Soon enough. Will see.


Such innovative approaches. Typical

of several.

Ancient Traditions, Philosophies, Ways. Means

including of The Ninja. Whilst



Training. In Japan. With such Martial

Artists… You

tend to get a lot. Tips and Hints,

Ideas, Concepts. Some


are… Handy



in Our World. Legends in the Real.

The First known Legendary Japanese. Pole Vaulter.

That of Kumawakamaru.


Who so did so. Over a Castle Moat. Thus apply. Escape

effectively. Applying

this to Our World. Legends of The

Examples aboves. Pyramid

of the Great. So


We, You. So can thus squeeze out


Moat Polevault of Kumawakamaru by Artist Kuniyoshi.


Tech. Data, Science. Data to Aid:

From/about Waters. Liquids,.. so on;..

dripping. With Info. As Belows That. So shows.


  • Q … q … Btw’s…

are the Legendary LEAST used

English Language Letter. Whilst


  • Candles will burn brighter, smoother,


when Frozen prior.


Similar Veinage in Our World.

Legends legendarily approach;

  • Rubber Bands too, last longer,

kept suitably. Chilled.



The Water Legends

can, if

and so required;..

So. Combine Work and Play.

For if You are Navy bound…

yet and so. Golfingly. Enjoy a Round…


  • U.S. Patent No: 6325727…

is so… then, so for You.

An Underwater Golf-Swing

Training Device. Therein. That. Then



On the Other Hands… Such pursuit,

Btw’s perhaps trivial as;

  • Stay Aways from Dynamite as well. Well as

if You. Have a Peanut Allergy;

Peanuts Used in Manufacture

thereof. (…Personally…

Think Everyone should stay aways. From

That. Stuff…) AnyWays, Means:


  • Water… is a great Leveller. Spreads

arounds an Area

evenly as best can. Filling

Space. Enwrapping,

enfolding. Surrounding.

Many Uses. Now.

Of Yore. As well


Look at a Swimming Pool

and Our Water. Supply Systems…


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The Water seeks balance, evenly

distributed- if

Surroundings allow. Level. Aligns

within the enclosing

Structure. Pumped in using Larger

then progressively smaller


Piping infrastructure. Mod. Tech.


To Your Tap.

To You.


Watery Goodness. Delivered. Now


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in Our World. Legends are many

and diverse. Diverse

as greatly are The Pyramids. Alls

Arounds Our World. Legends

pyramidical include China, Sudan. Sudan


for example;..

seems to have the most. In Number.

Yet and so. So is.  Lil’ said. Bout That.


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The Ancient Ancestors crafting. In Our World.


now missingly treated. As Myth. Missing

those Diamonds...

in that. Rough.


Writers KNOW this… ’tis part of the Why.

We so Writ.

We write to Share.

We write to Learn Ourselves.


To get out in a hopefully,

understandable, practical Ways. Means.

What… IS INSIDE. Inside


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Tombs are… Dead Bodies. The Fallen.


Whilst falling within. In the Great

Pyramid Passage-Ways. Means

seem.?. A Lil’.?. Technical.?. With nary a

Tomb too. To

Raid in sight therein. Within


Our World. Legends as well. Shows


Pumped Ups. Pharaoh

in deed. Indeed


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Tombs. Do not. Require access to Water. Waters

of the Niles. Of Yore. Surrounded arounds,

abouts. Alls Overs. This so great in Our World. Legends

Tell so. Admired,


nomened. Place. Placing Dead, gones. Tombs

have no need to be. So aligned. There.

Tombs do not need. Needlessly Large


then Smaller. Pathways narrow so. So

with these at Unique Angles,

Length. Mores.


Tombs do not. Such… Levelling.

Require. Requirements


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for…Water. Does… when Pumped. Ups.?.

Abouts. Arounds. Egypt. Of Yore.



Fire, Ice.

Fire, Water.


A Mountain So Made. Volcano…

pumping lavaWaters. In the Real. In

and Ons. That Nile. Then.?.




A Pyre amidst.?.  A FIRE… WITHIN.


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LavaWater… Fired Within.

Waters. Nile Waters. So



Pumped. Ups, Downs. Arounds

Waters abouts of those. Miles of. Niles.


So. Great This Pyramid. Be.


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Feel Pumped Enough.

Fired Ups. To



Knowledge gained from Our World. Legends

For Use… In Our Real. World. Herein


Learnings that Reading. So Bring. Bringing



Next… Posted. Ups: Getting Downs. With That:

Seppuku. Loyalty. Beyond Death.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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