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In Our World. Legends of Gardens. Tales Grown Ups, Outs, Around. About Naturally. So Produce More. Moreover. In, Under As Well. Well as Such Ways. Dig Dug Deep. Means Of Your. Now Your 9 Top. Soils Organic Set Below. In Depth Herein Does Grow. In Words. Short-Listed Then So Writ. A Lil’ Longer.


As in Our World. Legends, Chemical

Sciences have Tales. So Tell of over. Use. Using


Chem prepped potentially problematical. Organical

Bio Diversity so required. Therein. Thereupons. In,


Top Soiled well as. Well as



9 Top. Soils


Set Belows.

Does so Grow too. To

Help You So Grow. More



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The Set. Organically Organised. So


  • Tooling Ups. Those Debuggings.
  • Suit Your Plant World too. To Your Garden Environ.
  • Assist, Create. Regenerative Soils.
  • Plants. Like Friends Too.
  • Composing Organics. DIY Tips.
  • Pits ‘n’ Pots. Falls, Winter Summery. Springs.
  • Variety. Diversity. Springs The Spicing Ups Life.
  • Water, Weed. Matters To Manage.
  • More is More. For You Too. To Crop Rotations. Mores…


...Aboves. Below In Full. Tips, Hints. So

Grown. Ups,

Outs. More

so Writ. Also in Deed. Indeed so



  • Tooling Ups. Those Debuggings.


A Set of Implements. Spades, Hoe, Rake,

Kneel Mat, Bucket. Scissors, Forked

Weeding Tools, Spooned Digging Trowel, Broom

and so forth. Basics will do. Do


Suit Your intentions, Your Body, Budget, Environ. So do

prefer Wood Handled. Light yet durable as per

Ash, Hickory. So

buy Gloves if concerned. Bout Hands ons. Keep

Alls Your Smaller Tools. Bagged/Boxed/Basketed

Ups. Together.


Majority of Tips. Herein will minimise Pestal attractions.

Lore include

Simple Watery Based Sprays. Keep in Minds. Yours

that some Insects. Bees, ButterFlies. OthersWise

as well. Well as

Necessary for HouseKeepings Type


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Duties. Deter those persistent. Prevention

better. Encourage



Use/Make 1 Ltr Compost/2 Full

Cloves Garlic roughly separated+peeled;

1 incision along length each piece/3

Whole Chillis-1 incision along length.


Take, add This One

Liter. Of That Mixture to 10 of Water.

Let sit, brew a whiles. A Week. Mix

ins, arounds. Abouts Stir

twice Dailys. Then so simply


Strain, Recompost Remains. Further Dilute

Strained Liquid. 1 to 4 Waters. Ready. Good

for All. Overs Spray

Drench, Shower, Feed and so forth. Forthrightly



  • Suit Your Plant World too. To Your Garden Environ.


Increases Plant Livelihood, Immunity, Seeding

Next Gen. Use GreenHouses to Adapt Environ

for fussy Plants.

Isolation Monitoring Health also. Also


Plant Produce Growths. Increase

when Environ. Style

so suits. Them. This too. To

such Degrees. That Healthy Plants

also. Also produce Compounds, Strategies

to Fight Pests. Disease in Deed. Indeed


  • Assist, Create. Regenerative Soils.


Prior, Durings in Deeds. Indeed add

Nutrients balancedly. No OversUse. Use

Bio Rich not Concentrates. Many Recipes, Types. Kits

avail. Seasol an i, Shiro. Fav. Therein. There


Your Beds of Gardens can be Rows,

Boxed, Raised/Stepped,

Vertical Hung. Sloped. Mores. Moreovers


in addition too. To Ground/Soil Litter/Cover,

Water retained longer when Compost. So added.

Down Belows.

Adding Organic Layers too. To Soils

will enliven Inner Soil LifeForms. Worms


will Work well as. As well aerating,

breaking Ups. Soils. Give too. To the

Garden. To receive. Good Growth. Such


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  • Plants. Like Friends Too.


Symbiosis. Herbs, Veggies, Support.

Garlic, Onion. Chilli. Fruits, Citrus. Dandelion.

But NOT near Beans, Peas. These

Compete for same Level of Nutrients within.

Soil. Do


Corn above. Cucumber Below. For Example.

Another is

Feverfew, Carrots, Dill. A tried Trio. There. Therein

Three more. That so click. With

Zucchini, Pumpkin, Lavenders


Mixed. Yet Matched. Pick Plants that produce

strong aromas. Many will provide/hide a Lil

of Other Producing tender Plants.


Treat Plants as if a Tending Parental. Approach.

Nothing to excess. No Predators.

Acclimatise. Chat, Sing, Whistle to too. As

well liked, appreciated Plants. So reproduce

in Kind. Produce well as. Well as Good Growth

with Lil’. Despair. Simply Enjoy. So Care. Add


  • Composing Organics. DIY Tips.


on boards. Your Knowledge. So Take

esp. if Local per se so say. Safe

Practices. Take Time also. Enjoy that process

of gaining Knowledge. Knowing that. The

Prep, Building of Your Garden is akin to. That


of Making a Greatly Nutritious Meal. Layered

with Nature’s. Bounties. Whenevers


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  • Pits ‘n’ Pots. Falls, Winter Summery. Springs.


Be prepared too. To suitably

Seasonal tweaks to newly Planted. Soil, Waters Approach

and so forth. Forthrightly if a Long Summer Forecast. Prep

bys. Saving More Water prior. Adapt/Adjust

Your Plants, Soils, Compost Choices too.

To be next Sown to suit well as. The Heat Longer. With


Pots. Many Choices in Deed. Indeed cut-down Barrels,

Buckets, Boxes, Old Containers, Clayed. Mores

to choose. From Pits, Ponds, Lakes, Runoffs. A

Lil’ to Learn. With Times, Places possible

with Flowering, Fruiting Alls over. Your Year. So

Worms, Bees, Birds, Others WildLife. Attracted too. To


  • Variety. Diversity. Springs The Spicing Ups Life.


Alongs with belows

a Lil’Way. Meanings Crop Rotations. Variety


will minimise. Maximal Extraction of Soil Nutrients


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and so prolong Your Gardens. Soil Life. Next Gen Seedings

as well. Well as such


of Essential Nutrients in Soil can be avoided by. Mixing ups

Your Garden. Game. Try, do new Crops when. Can. Canny


  • Water, Weed. Matters To Manage.


Maintain Hydration.

So include Drip Systems if Times, Places. Of Yours

so require. Requirements of Plants need Drinks

as much… oft... as You. Use/adjust too. To

Season/Local Weather. Whether, whenever


You need to slow Hosed. Water put a. Sock

on it. May so help. Stymie that forceful. Flow.

Water generously not excess. Just

Like. You. Use



Watering Cans for small Plants, Places. When

Weedings Times, Places. Check Weed

for Companionship

Compatibility. Where



  • More is More. For You Too. To Crop Rotations. Mores.


Watching the Sun progress too. To, Across Your Garden

will provide. Hints for several Aboves. Tips. Below


as well, well as


by Many. Green Thumbed. So includes

arounds, abouts.

Sow Rotate. So

spread Outs. Your next Same Crop. Somewheres

else. Also a Small Patch. Of


A Greens Manure Crop. So Grown only. To

be Dug. Back Ins. A Natural

Great Idea. Ideally An Aussie

Years Season. May go. Grow


Summer: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Beans. Peas.

Autumn: Greens Manure Crop. (…Dug backs in…)

Winter: Potatoes, Cabbage, Garlic. Beetroot.

Spring: Carrots, EggPlant, Broccoli. Chilli. Chilling



outs... interrogating Your Local Nursery/Garden Store

Staff. Hopefully

inspiring, Helpful also. Also with oft Sound. Advice. Of


When, Where what so Works in Deed. Indeed

in Our World. Legends so Tell. Garden

Tales where.

With a Lil’ consistent persistence. Garden

Works, Greening Magic. Naturally


may hap. You Grow well as. As well


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So Let These. In Our World

Legends, Dreamy Gardens. So


Grow. Well as.

Naturally too. To, For You.