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The Full. Alphabet encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those ciphered Ways. Means This be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends. Herein. The Letter. #U. DUMB. Under Your Feet too. One Digs.


Of Yore, even Now.

Under Your Feet in Our World. Legends

so Tell. Tales. Of Mining, Science, Natural

Wonders. Mores.



Creatures, Caves, Caverns. Tunnels too.  Into

moreover Takeovers. Military now as well. Well

as these. There’s this. That


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Those. Who Warred with. The Heavens divined

aboves. Below

Grounded. Their Begins so


began. Beginnings

within this

A to Z

in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth. DUMB.


Your Feet too. One Digs

this. The Part One. One



Tells retellings thereof. Herein


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Our World. Legends of Gods, Goddesses.

Those Fallen.

Divined as once. Divine. So


had there. Their Times, Places Begins. Of


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Origins. Under,.. Ins Our World. Legends

so retelling it seems. Seemingly

.?. Ancient Ancestors.?. Mutating.?. Froms

Alls over Our World. As well. With Forms

OthersWise as well. Well as


Those Giants, The Giant

Dinosaurs, Thems Ptero Birds. So


Dragons Like in Deed. Indeed


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retelling in Our World. Legends

so. Tell Tales of Beings. Ways

Nomened God-Like

so Theirs. Means


acting Humans Like yet. So. Winged

with Faces so Creature. Like. Like


ins. Egypt, Sumer, Indus, Asia. Japan

well as too. To Others Places, Times


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Gods.?. Mutants.?.



also. Also herein now too. To

that Place. So Nomened

Kutha. Tablets. So writ. Of Yore. We go. Ins

the Inner in Our World. Legends

borne of Gods born. There Ins



“… Men with the bodies of Birds of the desert,

Human Beings with the faces of Ravens,

these the GREAT GODS CREATED, and

in the EARTH the GODS created for them

a dwelling.


TIAMAT gave unto them strength,

their life, the MISTRESS OF THE GODS

raised. In the midst of the EARTH


they grew up and became GREAT

and increased their number.

Seven KINGS, brothers of the same family,

six thousand were there People… “.

(…emphasis, highlight added... bys…

i, Shiro. There…)


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The Winged, Creature Faced Gods… Begins.

INS Our World Inners. So there. Therein. Herein


Our World. Legends of Ancient Ancestors.

Gods, Goddesses. Mores.

Moreovers Tales that so... resemble Ours.?.



Of Births, Maturity. Renaissances

of Many. Societal, Cultural.


Of Life, Death, FriendShips. Love,


Hate. War.


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The U.S. Empire. Bases. Alls over Our World. Thousands… Mores.


War footings Economy. Then, now

is oft. Promoted. Promoting

Weapons Sales. On the Ups. Talking


Ups. Selling Ups.

Selling so War. Trade, Diplomacy Sanctions.

Mores. More than One. Empire does this. Now.

Digs deep that is. Is that


of. Empire U.S.A. D.U.M.B.


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This BUILDS… A D.U.M.B… indeed. In Deed MOUNTAIN High. Belows. Your Feets.


Builders in Our World. Legends

that so. Combine Mining, Tunnelling.

Secrets well as. As well

ins. Overs 135 Other Countries.

D.U.M.B. be this. That, those







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So there. In, Underground

of Our World.



so be. Dig, dug.


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