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Famine in Our World. Legends Tell Tales of Migration, New Lands, New Lives. Lives That Meet at the Waters Edge. New York Harbor that is. That is in 1881. When Something Surfaced. Thereupon. The Waters. The Public, Press, Politicians. Alls show Ups too. Herein. Parting Ways, The Waters Subdivided. Slide-Showed.


In the Spring of 1881 something surfaced

in New York Harbor.

The Wharfs, Docks were afloat with unfiltered

Public speculation. Surprised

and inquisitive at what had been seen

in Our World. Legends


so Tell, relate that The Local Press. Pressed

into action


soon enough tracked Sources, made Inquiries.

The British Govt. Reps grumbled, made Complaints

as well. Well as




Fenians Ram

Harbor Diving.

Banned By Politics

was, is swimmingly such a Tale. To Tell. For

that and this, was

a Submarine. Designed by Irish Born Former Priest

who became a Elementary School Teacher.

In the U.S.A. Nomened: Thus and so;..



The Fenian Ram. His.

His Submarine Had Surfaced.

Thereupon. Therein,


Waters of those New York Harbors. 1881.



A Teacher who then went on to Design and Build

in Our World. Legends Maritime Tell of the

Modern Commissioned First and Second Submarines

for the U.S. NAVY.


In Honor Thereof The Navy so nomened the First

the USS HOLLAND. Named Thereupon. That as well,



Alls comings about through those-

Cause and effects

Of The Irish Famine of 1845 and Ons. Thereabouts.


‘Tween Years 1845-49 almost a Million Irish perished.

Grains and Livestock owned by the British.

Potato Crop Failures Alls Overs.

Ensuing Famine, Social Collapses.


A Quarter of a Million migrated aways each Year too. To

and which many of these went on to

reach America. By 1851, a Million or so went there.


John P. Holland one of these.

A Former Christian Brother.

Then a Elementary School Teacher.

New Jersey. U.S.A.



His Ancestry and Past

ensured no love for these British.


An Irish ex-pat in then USA.

At War of many Natures. With Britain

and Others. Howevers,..

Submarines He Loved.



One Fine Day… Whilst finely chatting to His Brother.

John so mentioned the Idea

of Subs. Sub-marines and -Mariners

being powerfully used against the ongoing British forays.

(…That… means War…my Brothers in Arms… says i, Shiro)


Bro’ mentioned knowing of an interested party

and advised him to speak to the then

Newspaper Owner,


Activist and One of the Cuba Five Heroes.

Also… a John.

John Devoy.


Through this connection,

Funding supplied and so forth did John P. Holland

become connected. Eventually Designing and Building



Alongs the Ways

arousing the ire of the concerned British.


A John P. Holland Design.


Who spent much time…

and paper putting in Urgent Requests

to the U.S. State Dept to put an end. To

This and that.

Surfacing. Sub. The Fenian Ram.

New York Harbor.


Eventually swamped…

by British Paperworks…

The State Dept. did so. So then,

John (1841-1914) simply

designed and built Subs. Elsewheres. Without


the British being able to see

his U.S. Navy Subs out at Sea. Anymores. Till

Battle Times, Places Anyways…


And on into

Our World, Legends as well. Well as

Slide-showed. As Belows. Also,


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Freely Let Surface.

Such Thoughts. To


Share. Herein.


Ideas in and… Out of Water.

Aboves, Belows.

In Our World. Legends


Inventions and Plans. Plans and Dreams. Your

Tech… To Take Over The World…


One Machina at. A Times. Places which


Bears… Scopin’ Outs a Sub… Sub Periscope… Eyeing Backs. At Thems. There. Ice Poley Place in Deed. Indeed barely Bears. So Seen. There. Not a Ram. In Sight. So Seen… Obviously… NOT The New York Harbor-1881. Of Fenian. So There. Then.


Next… So Herein. So Be: Thus,

Africa’s Amazing Amazons. Armies.



Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…


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