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Featured Image Of A Partly Shadowed Planet Mars.

In Our World. Legends So Tell Tales. Of Laughter Being The Best. Medicine. When You’re Full, Of That. There’s This. Wordplay Sees, Saws Quotes Up ‘n’ Down All Around. About Then Jigs Them. Back Again. #79. Have You Read. Red Mars Rent In Two Roughly. Smooth.


War is heck


of a situation too. To Research

as both sides Propaganda. Machines

go thru’ overdrives well as. As well

MilitaryIndustrialComplexes +

that’s just in. The Dictionary’s, Encyclopedia’s…

Have You Read. Red

Mars Rent In Two. Roughly Smooth



Quirky Quotes Quaintly. Done #79

so begins. Endings ups

knowings Planet Mars is so. Not Red

’tis so. Surface Atmospherical Fine Dust



so blowings Iron rich. Content filtered

contentedly also. All so arounds abouts


Image Showing Closeup Of A Partial Area Of The Planet Mars Atmosphere And Surface.

Indeed Mars Dusted Outs. On Top In Deeds.


Image Of Classcial Greek Art Depiction Of The War God Mars At War.

Indeed Yore Divined Mars. Arounds Abouts War In Deeds.


anyways, anyhows somehows. Ways means

some Our Yore.

Heroes indeed mayhaps in Deed rise. Ups

in sides, out spaces also. All so sidelined

in that Astronomical Planetary. Research there is. There

is uncomical amounts, lots. A lot of War


Of Yore. Our Gods Of War such

so much reigned. Raining divined Planets


now into asides so forth. Forthrightly

left righteous Battles sky bound in Yore. Our Mars

so nomened of Ancient Grecian, Roman. Times,

Planet so named wides spaces ranging.

Places In deeds. Indeed Mars also…


All so widely cracked. Ups


Image Of Planet Mars Highlighting The Circumferential Geological Rift/Crack.

In Deeds Mars. Marred + Scarred Indeed.


around abouts most of it’s. Circumferences

diametrically Planetswise

is Yore War God. Planet Mars


in with Our Otherswise. Planets Our World

in/of Our Solar System. Imaged Mars splitsville

aboves. Below


grounds caverns, openings around abound. Wide abouts

splittings Crack.

In Our World Legends. Told so Mars. Takes

on well. Well… just abouts Everybodys systematic War


Nemesis. A Celestial Destroyer, yet… saving. Venus


so named amongst War casualties Otherswise. Divined


Planet Mars somehows thereabouts also. All so

Home too. To Our Solar System’s Largest Vulcan.

Volcano this. That some 17 Mile. High Mt. Olympic Mons

well as. As well


such dizzy. Heights causing dis ease mores. Moreovers underlying

soiled solid Truths, the Surface. This Planet

housing in Deeds that. Largest Known


Asteroid Impact Crater Utopia Basin Planitia. Indeed Approx.

2,050 Miles wides arounds abouts in large


steps. Ups


Image Fantasy Sci-Fi Of Space Objects.

Indeed Open Spaces So. Close In Deeds.


Image Fantasy Sci-Fi Scene Of Asteroid And Dinosaurs.

Well As Not So Well In Deeds.


taken down so there… so roughly. Smooth… into

calling in out There’s two. Two. Turned ups spinning


Two small Moons also. All so largely nomened

in Our World. Legends

as beings. Non Human Beings thus Sons Of Mars,

Phobos (Panic), Deimos (Fear)


arounds abouts well as. As well marring in Deeds. Indeed

suitings Fatherly this fiery Planetary moods. Emotions that


steeled Eyes fired ups Wars moisten. So

in Our World. Legends Tell Tidal Mars mores. Push ‘n’ Pull

Actions Moonings, Asteroidal + OthersPlanetunWise. Forces

impactings forthwith for the. Forces gatherings so Yore


Cracked on Our Mars. Mars Cracked Ups in

so Planetary there. Their’s…

Our’s Aboves Divined Yore


God Of War. So Rests Now Belows So Battled. Outs

In That Last Dawn. Yore War. Ours


Image Of A Statue Of The Grecian/Roman Mars The God Of War Seated In Rest With Sword Over One Knee.

Indeed Yore Wars. Done n Dusted In Deeds.


so next herein this. Those

Mata Hari Letters. Matters In Deeds.