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Stars In Deeds So Above So. Below In Our World Legends Tell. Tales Of Heady Heroes Wise Hereto. There In Yores + Ours Stars So. Constellated Is The Doctor. Our First Per Se. Sayings Ophiuchus + The Serpent Retold. Herein + In Out. There Indeed Lies Rightly 13th. Born Another Serpent. Wisdom Borne.


Our Ophiuchus


yore sat. Still

smiling dreamlike

as one second. Snake

approached the first. One


snake he had just choked out. In

the second snakes mouth was

Herbs. Herbs

that reawakened the fallen one. So

Snakes alive named Our. Yore nomened



(… offi/oo/kass.?.) so. Then + there


realised, acknowledged too. To Herbs supportive

actions Medicinal artily so. Mayso occur. Yore

Our Medicinal Healing. Arts

so are/were borne. Born




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Ophiuchus, one Son oft. Of Heaven + Earth. So

in our world legends. One

immortal Mortal per se Our. Sayings

Dr. Ophiuchus and Yore

Serpently. Stars


so in Starwise Yore Ophiuchus. Our 13th Starring

Zodiacal Sign/Constellation so ‘tween. Scorpius +

Sagittarius on Ecliptic. Equator Our Suns


movings passage thru’ arounds. Abouts

app. Nov. 30 – Dec. 18th

so. Ophiuchus + Yore

Serpens that is then so. Nomened Ophiuchus +

The Serpent so named. So The Serpent Bearer +/or

Handler. Serpentarius


Ophiuchus Aesculapius. Serpently Yore Dr.




in deeds. Indeed one

so divined Yores Son oft. Of Our Grecian. God

Apollo + one. Earthly Woman one. Mortal


Princess Coronis so daughter of one. King

Phlegyas of Lapith as well. Well as Times, Places

yore Ophiuchus now. Then so


beings one. Being

semi-divined Son of God, so one. Dr.


so taught by, apprenticed too. To

Yore Our Inst. Chiron That. This tutorings

Centaur so Educatingly wise. Wisely




Our Yores First. Doc so first per se. Sayingswise

Our Serpentwise Snakes can in deeds. Indeed

Heal Methods + Knowledge incl. Herbs

in our world legends told used. By even

such as Snakes doctorings also. All

so Symbolise


this. That knife edge so + ‘tween Our



Starrings In Deeds Yore Serpently. Ophiuchus Indeed.



Life + Death. Lifes


propensity for

Health. Capabilities, rejuvenate, shed/revive

so forth. Forthrightly


left Snakes as beings one. Iconic Symbol/Icon

so Oft. Of Our

The Healing + Medicinal. Arts


with Yore Dr. Ophiuchus symbolic +

commemorated in also

our. Stars out All thereso. Signed +

Constellated 13thwise starring

as aboves so. Below Astronomically long

noted shortly also. By noted

Yore. Astronomers such


as Our Yores. Ptolemy notably certainly, so

including. Our Serpently Ophiuchus in. Outing

His list oft. Of 48 so yores then. Nowadays

also noticed too. To All so luckily


be so in. Our Modern 88. One serpently



winging it next. Harping so on 26/10:

Quirky Quotes #66.