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What In Our World Legends Is Going. On Our World Too. Two Sites Of Yores These. Those So Lined Ups. Down Plainly Of Nazca. So Architectural Beauty Captured At Angkor Wat. What In Deeds Went. Indeed On There. Their Ours Herein Lined Ups What Mores. Moreovers Underlying Wat Mystery Linings All Arounds. About.


From Angkor Wat too. To those. These

Nazca Plains is quite some. Ways. Means

whilst both are. World Heritage Sites. Sited

both so far. Aparts

yet connecting lowly. Joined dots a high. Possibility


in Our World. Legends Tell our Angkor Wat

greatly a stunning. Examples of Design, Architecture, Masonry

mores. Moreovers below the aboves, over sized

Humans so oft seen. Scattered amongst crowds Giantly

crowded into. Stone etched scenes of Yore.


Our Giants get arounds abouts in Deeds. Indeed

there. Here in Nazca


Image Of Lines Of Nazca.

Nazca Linings In Deeds. Indeed Up Down There.


there are Their Lines. These are those massive stretchings


Markings of Nazca. Shall we

so undo underlines so. Thus align… ne’er the twain

shall missmeet.?. Thus so giantly


do a few Lines... asides



Image Of A Section Of The Yore City Of Angkor Wat.

In Deed Angkor Wat. What Lines Ups Indeed.


… say arounds abouts. Nazca Plains Lines +

shoot them “… straight…”. Arounds Lines so


stretch then. Now Project them abouts also. ALL

so Those extending selected. Lines wholly

in/around Our World.

Legends Circumferential much plotted whole till They. The

Nazca. Lines per se so such again so met.?. Meetings


What Yore Lines. A Giants

Long Ways


Meetings so at where, what.?. Angkor Wat. What

in Our World. Legends + Video below

tell aboves that’s.?. What well, went well on. There.?.


Well Angkor met Nazca.?.


as lined/gridded/linked… Then.?.

aligned what


Gif Image Of Our World Sphere Turning Around.

Indeed Turns Arounds Abouts Our World. Legends Spin In Deeds.



where Now.?. Were.?.

.?. are Otherwise from Othersites linely gridded also.?.

So Linked linings ups down on Our World. Legends tell


so finely ALL so. Extended Connected.?. Lined ups in

huge as well small. Dots connectings Steps

arounds abouts Our World Otherways. Means

somewhens somehows someways. Sometimes


someones- deeply


had a great. Line


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up Idea in Deed. Indeed aligning ideal positioned

Angkor Wat a Times, Places Of Interest. Interesting

too. To see observe in Our World. Legends Tell

Angkor Wat so laid. Outs on display like a… Legend, tells


Angkor Wat’s layout. Retells a Legend

In Our World.

Legends Tell Angkor is a Legend laid outs. In Stone

Ways largely around abouts for all too. To see with this. That

Giant take a step. Back view Overviews. Means


Angkor Wat is a City laid out in. A Cosmic reflection

of Our Yore ideas. On the Cosmos, Stars, Earth Spins + the

specific Astronomy of the Planetary Event we nomen

Precession. A Science


of telling Numbers incorporated namely into. To Buildings

actual Placements, Design,.. even unto

Statues in Our World… Legends Overall well as

also. All so



(Video Link)



as well there are 5. Roads/Path Ways means in/onto. To

5 Peaked Towers arounds abouts so in Moated. To


Angkor Wat. 5 Ways in + outs so City. Templed

the Largest City in The World prior too. To The Industrial

Revolutions Age. So placed 13.41° N Latitude. The North-

South Axis of the Central Tower Chamber = 13.4 Cubits. Length

aligning Earth Axis with Lat. there. There


these 5. Those Towers can reflect/show at least too. A Dozen

Lunar Alignments therein/thereof upto. Their


Entry Ways Roads means. 5 lined ups as well. Well as

Each with 108. Giant Serpent Cosmic Naga Pulling. Giant

Statues 54 on each. Sides of each road = 540 Statued


so Totals overalls. Overall this thus then

retelling that Hindu Our World Legends of. Yore Legendary



5 Peaked Mount Meru. Actions Imaged Aboves


statued Belows reflectings

of This. That churning of the Milky Ocean turning Stars. Ways

vis The Themed Cosmic. Serpent Saga per se. Sayings

so writ plainly largely in. Mountains of Stone +


hard calculated works. Working

Calculators may be needed. Then with such


36, 72, 108, 216, 432, 540,.. much

360 so too. Up numberings 9 to monumentally

build Yore. Monuments

well as. As well noted in Our lines


Image Of One Of The Statued 540 Giant Snake Pulling Giants At Angkor Wat.

Numberings Ups A Giants 540. Statued Giants In Deeds Cosmic. Serpent Churners Churn. Aways Indeed Wat This. That Tug Of War. Likes Starlikes So Precessional.


so Writ these. Those detailed numbers… + Giants,..

i, Shiro have. Noticed

in many many other Yore. Our World Legends,.. oft. Of/from

also. All so arounds abouts All overs:


South Americas, Egypt, Sumer, Norse, India.

Hebrews Cabala, Asian Triads, Amerindians, Babylonia mores.

Moreovers Starry calculations. Precessed pressed + processed

widely. Aparts yet Precessionally same. Results

will be detailed soonish Posted. Soon enough

now then for


Till next…

is in A To Z. #A.