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We Live In Our World. Legends Tell We Cannot Live Without. Water Is Part Oft. Of Our Life + We Major Partly So. Made Watery Thereof, Therein. Herein Stating Water Has Another. State One Found Arounds Abouts Pressured Into. One Cannon. Propelling Water So ‘Tween. States To Create One In Deeds. Indeed Anewed State. Stated Herein Much Such Watery Properties. Properly Stated So. Writ.


72%. 7+2=9.


Super critically

app. 72%er

We are in. Our World


Legends tell solidly Watery. We are as well. Well as

72% Heart + Mind

composed much. Such oft of Our Waters, States

Yore Four Waters Too. Our Fore


Water is Life. So Yore partings thereof. In

Our Waters there’s steeped those. These

Anomalies in Our World. Legends Sciences +

Measurings state so 3 States to Our fore. 3.


Beings Yores

3 states, so being = Liquid, Gas, Solid… yet Our Water




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critically has mores. Moreovers underlying truly 60+

strange Properties seemingly can’t wait too. To wetly

Freeze as it begins to at 4. 4° that is. That is

too. To be so the anomalised. Normally. Normal

Water Pressure Cooked. Cooked inside One too. One

1822 Cannon


at a certain. Range of Temp+Pressure can be held

so. ‘Tween such Supercritical

States in. Deeds much so as too. Indeed adding 4

States to Our mention’d 3 so afore. 4

Water States.?. perhaps… + mores.?. Water


in Our World Legends state. Yores + Our Water utilised

a Necessity. Necessarily


Charles Cagniard de la Tour. French Pressure Cannon Researcher (1777-1859).




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rocking His. 1822 converted Cannon Pressure Cooker. French

Baron + noted

Researcher/Scientist. Charles Cagniard de la Tour noted


The Water had stopped. Sloshing. Too Hot to. Remain

Liquid yet the applied Pressure stopped. Gas


conversion also. All so noiseless

as stated aboves. Belows in Cagniard’s Cannon

our stated Waters found as well. Another State/Phase

well as so ‘tween. States nomened Supercritical. Critically thus


named hoverings. So Tempwise

at arounds 705° F so there also. All so

at them abouts 3,200

pounds per sq. inch. Pressured wisely


Indeed Cutaways Schematic. Cagniard’s Cannon In Deeds.



enough, simply Heated Water becomes. Supercritical. Supercritical


Waters mores actings akin alike. Solvents with/aiding catalytic

Biomass changes into. To Fuel conversion capabilities and. Other

properties too. To

be understood + applied. Applying such Waters much


Oxidating Hazardous Wastes/Toxic. Materials a further

avenue includings. Burnings with no. Smoke revealed

in. Research as is. Prepared



Waters will easily mix. With Oil + settle even thus Our

Salts outs. Of in Solution. Solving Yores + Ours Life


Waters lively Full Potential. States/Properties/Reactions still

such much Research continues. Endings



ups herein next on 16/6:

Our Forest. Up n Down Yore. Spinefull.