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Proving What Would Work In. Our World Legends Told Mother-in-laws Upright Uptight In Deeds. Indeed Right Would Works She Said Also. All So Left As Right Chipped There Too. Here Part Two. To Our Musashi Rightfully Battling There Ons. In Fully Outing Steel Would Not. Work- Wood Works Overs. His As There. Their Gonnosuke Turns. Wood Our Warrior Ways.



Chips. Wood


just chipped aways. Away unamused Musashi wheeled

striking. Only basically air molecules

yet against simply into. This Part Two too. To

recap that One Parted

thereis … here… endings One. Begins Way

of Our. Japanese Wood Two + One sturdy Kiso. Provinced



Jo. One 4 Ft. Stick




slammed + smashed again repeatings into. His Chest


ways hurt now. Then breathe so done. Was

sworded was

He. Nothing He did woodwould work. Woodenly

Legs responding slowly. Quickly

Musashi knew


when Wood would again. Now

had made His Day. Over. Struck out. Striking



exasperated unaerated so lashingly. Out

as Gonnosuke. Turned,.. ways means ways


too late… His waywards Blade turning. Not even

barely balanced ways connecting. The flat

steel face merely. Swiping

at Gonnosuke’s. Moving aways Back. Frontly


Wood Would Work. Over Sword Work


mores than His asides so. Sighing Musashi rightly left

breathless- chestless mores pulsing pained- Panting

so wonkily spun + plonking downed. Lots grassily

to learn. Wood easily HAD Ways much

Mores. Moreovers


such steelings sworded- so why. Would

nothing He did. Would woodwork. Wood



appreciation levels upping worked. So

Musashi… well Won Overs… well as

with WOOD. Would


there He was worked ups. So

You so be.?. One too. One who-

After reading of these You. May well. Be One +



Bring a Stick to a Sword-Fight,

that is… next time. Out of




this. That Times, Places Japanese Epic… which is quite


of course; One Combo of Dual Heroes. Two

Classic wielded Weapons. One Mother-in-law. No

One really loses. Or wins…

A Learning Experience for All. So


Both men had learnt valuable. Lessons in Their

BUDO. Martial Ways there. Still


regarding both the Weapon. Ways they strove

too. To perfect well as. As well survivings

each other + themselves. Still living,..

Musashi + Gonnosuke that is. That is

they were able. Both so forth. Forthrightly


translate those/these Martialed

experiences further into their Art. There



becomings Warriors who so went onto. Become

Martial Masters in Our World.

Legends. Both then. As





from hereon in. Musashi so afore. Sword oriented, so

begins too. To see

the immense value of alternatives

Weaponry. As

Samurai steeped in Ways. Sworded, it’s shortfalls. Failings +

disadvantages were oft. overlooked. Musashi lookings

back squarely. Front ups

realised during this Training/Duel. That folly much of-

such a stance.


A Warrior forsakes no weapon.

One’s Sword is. No One

guarantee of Survival. There are many

forms. Forming in Mind His.




Musashi so well began Wood Carving

as well. Well as otherswise trying outs. In

contemporary ART forms. Pastimes and alternative

Study subjects realising. LIFE

was more than. Just Combat. According to


Our World. Legends tell

some of these were fine. Pieces

of their ART examples… eventually so there.

Eventually here Musashi Miyamoto went. Onto

forming a Martial Style of Two. WOODEN


Bokken Sword-Sticks. Twin Weaponed Bokuto

System of Techniques. Soon developed, duly

named + perfected with. Further Training. Nomened +

aboves Arted Martial Imaged shown. Belows


in Our World Legends– Musashi’s

Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu.




Whilst there then too. To thus that

now also Imaged aboves. All so belows mention’d






Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi then in. Deeds points deeper

into. To indeed forming

a Martial/Weapon Style ref’d oft. Of Shinto Muso Ryu,


a Koryu. Way of Jojutsu School continuing a Legacy

chronicled. Developing as a Style that encouraged

a variety so. Size, Shape, Type. Techniques + Our





So… wrappings Ups:


Like His Mother-in-law,.. + Musashi,

Gonnosuke would stuck to His. Guns per se… Worked

well ways hard with Wood. So

stick at it… so should You.


Your Way. So sliced



into these next 14/4: Those straight ups so

Circle Yores Squared. Arounds Abouts Our 9.