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Mooning Ins Our World. Legends So Tell. Tales. Moonwhiles Shadows Cross MoonScapes. MoonQuakes, Moon Points. So Moot. So Writ Howling Herein. Pointed Outs. Only Our Moon. That 7. Tops.


Howling. At Our Moon

goes Ways. Back

of Yore. Your


last lingering look. Herein Was

That Shadow. Moon


Video i, Shiro put. So There. Belows


well as. As well



(Video Link)


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thereof. Therein a Modern Tech armed

bys Video

Amateur Astronomer on. Youtube


so Filmed a set of Three. Darker

Outlined Objects/Shadows of


seemingly Formations Flyings



Aboves our only Moon. Mooning


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overs pointedly mores. Moreovers seven-

fold such

Top 7

Points on those much. Unique only

Points of Our Moon

of Our World. Legends

insist, persist. That in Deed


  • Only Our Moon can so Solar. Eclipse

no Other Planet has. Such a Moon. Our Moon

which a being…


  • Just The Right Size @ Just The Right. Distance

left a miraculous Total. Eclipse well as. As well

Only Our Moon. Does This AND That. Only


once upons Times, Places whens

that. This Lunar Formula becames more. Aware

Populaces, Superstitions too. To the

wayside. Means Peoples


no longer be so only Fooled. Our Moon,


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  • Only Our Moon has This. That peculiar Circular

yet. So Stationary Orbits . Only Our

Moon ever so. Shows One Face. Facing

Side Btw’s… so peppered with Giant

Impact Craters, Volcanic Features. Mores.


  • Moreovers Only Our Moon has MoonQuakes

yet. So Shock Waves return. Not. Only Our Moon


  • has No Magnetic Field

yet. So Moon Rocks can be Magnetic. Our Moon


ins Our World. Legends are many. Such

only Told

of No Other Planets Moon. Has


or can. Do much like. Only Our Moon



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WTFrick In Our World. Legends Anomaly Ins Deed. Indeed Planetary Conundrums So Orbits. Ons.!?.



Has ALLS. These Properties, Capabilities, Phenomena

Planetary Motions/Movements

and so forth. Forthrightly ONLY Our Moon. Only

so seems. Seemingly


  • finding it’s Neutral Gravity Point. Pointedly

too. To Newton Isaac. Sir said so ’tis 23,900 miles

yet so froms NASA says 43,495 miles. Only Our Moon

gravitates widely thus fully. Full…


  • Moons of Our Moon so deplete Ionosphere. Electrons,

Prolongs Sleeps Attainings

yet. So affect Our Tides. Still, seven or not… yet


Only Our Moon


Next Herein A to Z. Read Alls Abouts Reed. Boats.




makes me wanna Howl.