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Richly Told In Our World. Legends Of This King So Midas. Touch Upons Winning Treasure. More Expenses Than Bargained For In Deed. Indeed Recent Archaeology So Digs. Dig Deep Into. To Find Those Golden Times, Places. Place Midas 2,800 Years. Yore Ago On This. There His Losing Side. Our Costs Dearly Shown Ups His. Untouched Herein.


In Our World. Legends told of Midas that. King

with this so precious metalled. Touch

so point too. To Yore Strabo seemingly spot


on. There whilst Our Aristotle missed. His

Mark. Poorly on This

philosophic Golden. Dream handled in Our World.



so then became simply. Wishful. Fully sampled with

costly speculations. Trading purses of

Truths for rich. Tales handed outs in Deed. Indeed



was so simply mistaken. Taken

in by so a costly lack. Of golden Midas… Research.


The Midas Legends Aristotle had no recourse too. To

such relevant yet so spent. Details, Truths so buried

much deep in. Pockets


of Earth so stonily spaced in Our World.



availed then were,.. too poor in Details. Detailing


Image Of A Golden Crown.


Updated News just in. Herein that is. Is that

i, Shiro pored so over this. Rich

King Midas of Phrygia of Times, Places Our Yore. Our


Midas, That King so in Our World. Legends

Tell of light handily. Having

many heavy Golden Talents. Mostly paid. For

bys Taxes + His noble nobbly Arms so

previously preciously endowed. His Armies. Those

Men at War. His,… Arms aiming



well as… endowed…


…not so much. Much as well



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Close Up Torso And Hands Image Of A Knights Armor.


Treasured were Midas, Son of Gordias + Cybele. Their


Empire grew as. Accruing so Riches there too. To

therein Midas Kingly. Gold

counting Account. Accounting


for their Defeat. There is This. That Otherswise…


Army. Was Better, simple. Simply

Martially outdoings that exalted Kingly Midas

Touch. Touching


bases with Victory for another. King


Close Up Image Of A Shiny Gold Piggybank With Dark Background.


Hartapu in Our World. Legends incisively

incised on. Stony faced Stone Mounumental Steles

Tell off. Of this Fall. From Grace in Deed. Indeed

so as too. To make Of


Can’t Touch This. Taste

Of Victory.


For Victory, in Deed

so preciously eluded. This now Olden Goldie

Legend. Renews,



as i, Shiro- needs too. To

tell Scienced Archaeologically Updated. Thereof. Herein

Library So applicable. So

digging knee deep in Science. Books, Research

History evens beyond that. Venerated Pile Of Books so


pored overs. Rich


Image Of The Stone Stele Of Kings Midas And Hartapu.

Indeed That Stele Stellar. Risings Ups In Our World. Legends In Deed.


stellar findings at. A Turkish Archaeology Dig. Deep

in The so Konya Plains. Plainly

have recently been updated vis. A Stone Stele/Monument

deciphered, Translated. Translatings

the so writ Luwian- Ancient Indo-Euro. Hieroglyphs/Symbols

from across Lands, Seas scoured for. Clues


extendings Monumentally the Secrets of That Midas. Touch

to get Ones. Hands on. Handling this

recovered Stony Stele Artefacts and

subsequent associated info… incidentally moreovers.


… More finds so expected. Of

9th-7th Cent. BCE = Iron Age = Approx. 2800 Years

of Yore. Ago that

whilst Mod. Archaeologists in The Real- mainly ins

the University of Chicago- mainly ofs

KRASP (=…Konya Regional Archaeological Survey Project…)


…and evens eventually herein

i, Shiro… gasped. Outs


Classical Image Of The King Midas Legend.


loudenings this News so read. Midas King

of Golden piles that.


The Golden Handed. Got


a high Hartapued and piled. On, in

a princelyKingly Beatings, Hammer Times, Places

too. To

get whipped, metaphorically mores. Moreovers

underlying defeatedness thus physically All. So

torpedoed. Hampered harpooned lampooned

bys Hartapu. And Army, His, Theirs Armies


so in. Battle so Warred. So poorly did Midas. Arms



richly done over, in. Phrygia

of Yore. Ours goldenly hand

so shook

no. More ‘cept in piles so


of Memories. Remembering


Image Of A Panel Of Question Words On Fence/Wall Boards.


in Our World. Legends Told of Update Dig Data

so finally

revealings the demise. Of the almost 60.?.

Year Old K. Midas + empire being

developed over. Recent Times, Places as.

A previous Canal irrigationally dredged had so


turned into. To a Archaeological Study which

slowly revealed. More so riches

than ground space. Space


soon enoughs

cleared bys a. Tractor in Our World. Legends

Told so.

Provided by the Dig. Site Farming Owner. The Stone


Stele Monument in that Space. Now

so residing. After

Transportings too. To,


In a Museum. Musings


Image Of An Old Tractor In A Field Backgrounded By A Caravan And Cottage.


that finally. Revealed those final. Fates

and fatefilled moments destiny monumental. Character.


Characters in Our World. Legends rich in prose. Posing

answers yet provoking too. To Questions remaining still

within. Mysteries those. What Ifs what so Happened

too. To those remainings Piles piled.?. So indeed


over next so be in. Our A To

Z,.. #I. See


You. There in Deed.