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Featured Image Of A European Styled Number Seven In A Bright Yellow Diamond Shape Background Drawn On A Tree Trunk.

Datings In Our World. Legends Tell. Tales of Begins + Ends Upended. Lucky Sevens Too. Today That Is. Is That These So Times, Places Tarot. Tarot Of The Sephiroth So. Unpacked, Shuffled Times Sevens. Up Places Too. Three So Picked. Packed Aways With Mores. Moreovers One Upside Down Man. Comes Up.


Today is a Seven. Day,

Month also. All so Shuffled The Sephiroth Pack

Seven x Seven Tarot Times. Places

Cards Taroted That Piles into 3. To Turn over Top


Carded, thereof each of;

This Triple. Piled 3 too. To ply ons. Into

3 seeings thus Cards afore i, Shiro , so too

herein nomened:

Naming A toothy Threesome of: The


4 Cups +

9 Swords +


… The Hanged Man. This Man…


Image Of The Sephiroth Tarot Pack Of Cards.

Carded The Sephiroth Outs. In There In Deed.


is Upside Down. Highly strung from Those. Seven

Heavens. Earth poised He Hangs with One.


slightly tucked in. Outer Symbol

Halo Headed well as

this. That Hanged Man as well


so. Represents Mankind. Kind

or not. Knots


Image Of A Door Tagged Seven Keyhole And Key Numbered Tag.

Sevens Keyed. Ups In Deed.


Image Of The Guide To The Sephiroth Tarot Pack Of Cards.

How To In Deed Do. The Sephiroth.


so corded/vined hold fast. His stilled Ankle

on One. Leg,

this thus, so that Man One. Legged of Two too. So


herein begins. Beguinely those Devices/Ways means

of holding fastly.

The Upside Down. Man, are Divined

usual World Tree Representations. Symbolic

Illuminations Heaven link Earth with

emanatings so aboves. Belows bound

Seventh Seven. Hang Down In Deeds

So as of Man + Womans too. To those i, Shiro

Tarot Carded. Picks… 3.


4 Cups. The Tower So Cupped Overflowings

Fullfilled. Fully Filled Then. That Materialistic


Passive Enjoyments So. Wearily Worn

Past. Passing Into, Thru’ To Expectation. So Next


Image Of A Compilation Of Tarot Cards Figures.

Selection Of Tarot. Symbolic Figures Therein Packs. Non Sephiroth In Deed.


9 Swords Watery Depths Striking Our Mind. Overs

Matters Words. Are Weapons = S words… Also. All so

Life Strengthened With This. That Sacrifice Martyred

Which. Comes Much With Such These. Those

Painful Poised Raw. Responsibilities

Of Balanced, Harnessed Focused Thoughts. In Mind


ALL Minds. Matter.


Thus Color, Shape, Size. Of Minds

…not so much. Matters, Minds tho’

Matter so In Deeds. Indeed

Matter of factly. This


Hanged Man

so seems. Northerly rather akin Odinic Cycle. Epic

Type Warrior Prince/King Priestly inclined too. To


Image Of The Word Tarot And The Hanged Man Symbol Attached To The Letter A.

The Just Hanged. Man.


be so Sacrificial/Penance downed upsided. Ordeals so writ

down in Our World.

Legends tell thus there. Their Odin there World

Tree hanging. For 9 Days,

Nights too. 9 Days with Alls that. This

Blood rush gushings so too. To Yore Head,


Our Odin that is so forth. Forthrightly

left Hanging. Alls in, then onto that

Namesaked. Knowledge


as that Treely nomened so pursued 9 Days

epicALLy. Odininc Northern/Norse in Deed. Indeed


in Ideas espoused so of Sacrifice, Giving mores. Moreovers


underlying The Hanged. Man’s casual diffidence

this, That


calm detachment of Purpose, Reason. Whether

reasonable or not. Able at alls. All



Minds confrontings there. Their Shadows

rebirthed then. So in Courage, Fortitude. Faith

as Haloed pursuits shown. Shown


almost deliberately to Symbolise, reflect, allow

a higher/anew. Purpose so shine.

Through thus cast Yourself head first too. To

that Abyss

so venture. Avoid misadventure

by securing knots of Belief/Truisms/Knowledge


so. Torture transmuted so pleasure gathered

becomes. Becomings


Image Of Young Man Sitting In A Branch Of A Tall Forest Tree With Several Others Backgrounded.

Branching Ins. Naturally Outs Next Quote. Quirky #68.


next so may be. Is

Growing So Writ. So


Hang In There. Have

A Great 7/7 Too. To

Day. Simply Enjoy.