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Bouncing Alongs Our World. Legends Tell Arounds Abouts. Balls Handled Handily Artily. Juggling Two So Continues. One Juggled Ups From Japan Too. Two Australia Thrown Asides Mores. Moreovers Underlying Underhanded Overalls Tossed. Outs Upped In The Land Down. Under Many Otherswise. Wisely Or Nots Those. These Balls Rolled Ins + Aways. Squarely So Writ. Down.





This. That nomened


Our Juggle One Two. Once To 3.

So is named

Part 2 of One too. One there into

The Juggle is. Ups Ups within Our. Yore

Part. Once To 3 Juggle. Thereto so


is onto

One. For You to

recap on. Onwards Juggling Two




Says i, Shiro:



 Y… yes…

i’ve dropped so many balls. So many. As below



so aboves.?.

…well… maybe not that many…

Howevers… Otherswise here:


There are many, many benefits in Deeds. Indeed


JUST to reiterate… Balls.

Get used to picking up Yours. Balls… oft. Of course

You can offset this by. Having several. Extra

balls secreted around Your person.

Thus keep going a lil’. Longer… tho’


then You have… mores. Moreovers underlying

Balls alls overs + arounds abouts. You. Balls

to pick up… eventually.








of such ballsy joy of learning. Refining + enhancing much

physical motor. Skills in a gravity defying mannerisms-

is that. There You are then. Definitely though subtly thus


mentally challenging yourself

as well. Well as this

probably without beings. Overly aware of such a

process. Processing with growings. Confidence soars as

several 2 and/or 3 ball combos + throw/catch patterns

sorted in outs. Quite quickly,.. though my 4 ball work…

requires MUCH MORE WORK… mores in Deeds. Indeed



… even so Writ. Downed,

the process in a numbered. Format

on paper when needed too. To

help Mind figure out. A pattern’s particular

order. Consolidate each necessary rhythm etc…

though my FORMULAS scribbles were. Probably not


quite like. Imaged Scienced Style below

methinks. Now




(Video Link)





Followers of Our World Sciences also. All so

have much to share on these. This the Arts

of Jugglings. Several Study/Research


Reports + Findings oft of. Such as: much

Improved Brain Power, Neural

associated size growth/expansions;

Structural, Motor-plasticity and Physical Skill changes

etc too. To

Other Areas of Ours. Brain that controlled

involvement in both. Visual +


Motor Activity for example. To the fore were subject

to quite. Extensive new neuron formations.


Understanding and using such results could. Be

in Our World. Legends easily

applied to other Medical fields or. Applications,

perhaps especially conditions/syndromes mayhaps

involved. In trying too. To stem Brain matter. Loss +

degeneration from other causes, illnesses.


Sciences says that’s Handy in Deeds btw. Indeed






Our Juggling could /should also. All so be included in

such as Recovery. Rehab, where applicable…

any hand + eye coordination. Or Focus routines etc…

perhaps included well as a school sport.?. ‘Cos

with Ours. Jugglings

there is… really NO LIMIT ON…



In particular and of notes… Noted

was many Reports indicated… Noting

Age meant NOT much at ALL. Not limitings


Our Brain’s ability with. Growings with new

skills. Hobbies such notably

appears too. To know much

no LIMITS… Age limits that is. That is

this recognition of how. Certain Skill-sets can

still enhance mental. + Physical healths should




make. Such necessarys… much

per se. Sayings in any applicable. Area of Health


care. So

Caring arounds abouts

Staying. Active in healthy non-stress

movements. Movings

Our World. Legends


Sciencey ref’d links:




throwing outs in upping next

tossed so. Writ up 24/3:

In Our God’s Hands. Yore Handbag. Divine.