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Here Only Once Upons. Times Yore Number In Deeds So. Equalises With This. Thats Our Everyone In Our World. Legends Tell This Year Is One. 2022 So Is. One Number That So Is Also. All So Everyones. 2022. Ask Me How This Can Be. Calculated Where Everyone Is Endings So. Equal Indeed Herein. Once.


Once + only. Today. Once anewed


every or so. Upon Times placed

so aft’ Christmas. Cheer yearly so New. Anewings

in numberings our world. Legends tell

We All are =

Yore Number Ours. So

Adds Up


Once. Once





do We. Total numberswise gamely

the same. We ALL so are. Equal so ONLY

Today so that


THIS. Year so 2022 is one. One-off

oft of. Them our Yore Numbers. Game. Playing

outs so-so into. To approximates


Once so equally. This Year 2022

is one of those. These equalisings


Numbers do not. Lie




still + ponder this. That

Numbers so rule yore. Wonders


producing geometry in. Harmony

outed numerically 2022. 2022


is one. Many

have Birthdays. Some

may need Calculators. Power

up yours in whatever mode and add. Ups +

be amazed. A maze

btw is on the floor of The. Church

Cathedralled at Chartres herein. Therein


Addings in outing Teachings Our



yore. Magian instructed Maths

polyglotted Whiz. Kid

you not Calculations show evenly

so. Unwindings One




so into. To Factor

in your number of Birthdays +

then add mores. Moreovers underlying truly


your birth add your BirthYear Numbers too. To

your Birthdays Number. So Add

as belows pointed. Outs only today once


  • Yore BirthYear + Your Birthdays

in Years so = ??? =


Our 2022…. + So does Anyone +

EVERYONE =. Elses. Individuals


Numbered in this. That manner =

aboves as so. Below

shows Totalled Today. Only

collectively add to be so =. 2022. Once


we are also. All

so =. 2022


so Yearly Cheers

one number too. Special to




say so bye. By once endings

ups so next onto. So writ

on down on 4/1:

Quirky Quotes #76.