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Featured Image Elderly Man Getting a Hair Cut. Close Up On Head, Scissors and Comb.

The Full. Alphabet Encoded in Our World. Legends of A to Z. Seizing those Ciphered Ways. Means This Be. Hits n Misses. Of Myth, Fact. Fictional Truthful. Fantastic in Our World. Legends So Curled Straight Herein. The Letter. #C. Yore Comb. Our Comb.


The Comb stuck. Dug

in as the pressure. Rose

too. To peak with that

Crackle. Pop

Snap as several Teeth so. Flew


across arounds abouts this. Bath

Room. Home

i, Shiro may have now. Been

yet in Deed. Indeed

both Comb, i so still looked.



much so same. Different


Featured Topic Image Comb With Small Handle Formed By Numbers 1,2 and 3.


People handle Survival

Training differently yet. So

will All end. Up with the same. Effect.


Effectively Their surviving Hair there. Is a

MESS. Comb


overs, ups ‘n’ down Times, Places

in Deed. Indeed shortly so tidied

lengthened herein

A to Z in Our World. Legends

Hit ‘n’ Myth.


Yore Comb. Our Comb

now will so straighten. This outs. In


Featured Topic Image Old Wooden Comb.


Wood, Bone, Horn, Ivory, Metal, Stones,

Boxwood, Mammoth Tusked, Tortoiseshell,

Hardened Rubber, Synthetics, Plastic. Combs


an Art-form Fashioned so made. Traded

overs Times, Places so forth in Our World.


Forthrightly left herein. In

combing thru’ Combs. History, The

Arts soon enoughs came too. To


grips with The Comb’s use Symbolically. Also


Ornaments finely Decorated Ways. Means

Collectors. So valued Jewelled like well as. As well


such of Yore, Much valued. Value


Featured Topic Image Two Comb Types. Long and Short Toothed.


Added In Deed Gold,.. indeed Ornaments

of Yore

so gravely dug in. An

app. 10 Ounces Golden was. So used Ups.

Making of that Comb. Scythian


for a 5th Century Leader so entombed. So Long

ago. So Archaeologised now. There Symbolising


then into Deep. Waters we go Combings Our

World Legends Tell of Special. Beings

so Combing Beaches. These Shores

so stranded. With

Sirens, Lamias, Mermaids, Goddesses. Straitlaced

Attributes, Ornaments, Symbols


Elemental. Elements

varied, yet so

oft. Described. In those Heroic Heroines. Tales


hairy endings. So


Featured Topic Image Fancy Wooden Comb.


Image Honeycomb Oozing Small Amount Of Honey.


headings back furthers than Classicals, Maritimes

Times, Places. So of Yore = Combs

already… So been there. Our Combs

very Anciently tooled,..


accessorised. So too soon

mades for Specialised. Usages so forth. Forthrightly


left so with Mod. Tech. Applications


Combs can still. Also vary. In Types with Hair. Types

and related Issues. Making


Combs a long. Legacy. Combs


Chicken/Rooster, Highlighting the Comb On It's Head.


Featured Topic Image Man With White Shirt, Striped Tie Holds A Comb. Focus On Comb.


such iconic a Symbol. Combs

such a part. Of Lives also. Well as


cabineted ons Land, Waters, Heavens aboves, Under

Ground, Rest Rooms Everywheres, Brushed Variations,

Pockets in Our World. Legends so Tell. A


Comb’s Space a.



Featured Topic Image Seated In A Barbers Chair, A Young Boy Gets A Haircut. The Barber Works Away Surrounded By Pop Star Posters On The Walls. A Shelf Nearby Holds Equipment. The Young Boy Appears Slightly Apprehensive.

Combing Next Quote. Quirked #48.