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Yore Magi Call In Deeds Born Outing Our. Brilliant Yores Magi. Full Borne Birth Oft. Of Our Masterful Celebrants Of Knowledge Wise. Three Men So Perhaps Mores. So Moreovers Underlying Truly Our Mathematic Skills, Astronomy, Geography, Navigations. Mapping Cosmos. Yore Stars Beltedwise 3. Three Wise Part. One Too.


Son of a


Sun. Dazed

i, am Shiro. One


Yore Son of Our Sun. Sunday

that is so i, Shiro so born. Borne Star

cosmicswise authorswise calculatingswise




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Our Sagitta. Symbolswise Zodiacally centrally

arrowings in pointedly. Aways means


bound is that. Loosed locally

Yores on our world. Legends tell born i, Shiro

so on. 25/11/1962. One Aussie Sunday borne

Novembered. Reigning

Sunshine summerly so. Remembered bearings

Imagine Yore Magi. Call

Our Parted. One


herein so Part one too. One Son i, Shiro

who also was the Second born. Son borne

All so our familyswise as well. Well as one

Sunday birthings named Day oft. Of Our Sun’s

Son also. Then all so nomened initialled

initially R. A.


per se. Sayings

Yores so. Our divined Osiris. Yores Our Orion

Constellation notable notably noted. Noble lineaged


Egyptian Osiris. So one Son of grand ol’

RA. Our great Sun. Sun’s


So Ra.


Son Yores Osiris so nomened otherwise. So

Outer Spacily spaces spatiallywise =

Our now Orion. Constellationwise

per se. Sayings Astronomically


Yore Nile so Our Milky. Ways. Celestial

Symbols Star. Mapped Earthlywise


belting in culminatings Orions. Belt

matchings as above so. Below

withs that enigmatic 3. Offset wisely greatly


Pyramidically magically built Sky rep’d. Belt


Indeed So Starrily Orion In. Deeds Constellated. Cosmically.


In Deeds Three Wisely As Above So. Below Belted. Ups Here.


aligned Star Trio these. Those 3. Wise


Men Magus. So

repping heavenly. Bound otherswheres

elsewheres as imaged. Above. Below

East meets West bys. Wherebys Yore


Pyramidal positionals reflecting Our

Constellational. Heavens

with passing Stars otherswise Solstitial much. Such

as Isis/Sirius/Horus + Planetary. Conjunctions beings

Symbols by. Wherebys celebratory rituals adoring


oft. Of Our 29 July as well. Well as Jan. 6. 3 Yore


Wise. Ones involved/participants in Magi

much. Such as Christian Feast Day

Epiphany, Baptism Day Of Lights/Jesus, Roman/Egypt

Birth/Birthday of The Aeon Festivals, Biblical John the

Baptist, Samson, Job. Festives/Events also. All so Stars



are 5. Pointed as per se. Sayings Yores Egyptian +

Persian/Parthian from. Eastern Lands scaped incl.

Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Commagene, Osrhoene,

Edessa, Harran, Armenia + so forth. Forthrightly left



wisely astronomical onto. To venerations Planetary as


Our Mars/Leo planeted 5 Starred also. All so

thus notso Venus/Davidic/Israelite 6. Pointed

Star. Starring


shining lights nomened Orions. Belt

now named Alnitak, Alnilam + Mintaka. Stars


Symbolically matches then in Our. Constellated

Orion’s. Belt =

Yores Our The Three Wise. Men



are nomened Mages below now. Named

as Symbols/Reps/Traditions above

averages in. Outing Guides, starring

Astronomers, Explorers/Navigators, Search Party. Gift

Bearers Magi. Full Magister

hands decked wholly oft. Of Our


Melchior, the Gold-Gifter.

Caspar, the Frankincense +

Balthasar, the Myrrh Gifters. Merrily


Trio’d yetso teasingly giving teachings

so symbolically

addings into. To otherwise add. Up

Magical Magisteriums accomplishments Historywise

following knowingwise Planetary. Conjunctions, Alignings

such as much Planetary. Giants

Jupiter, Saturn + ,.. littler Mercury… so into. To… Our

the Fishes. Constellation Pisces Yores


so then. Now onto. To our brilliant wise

one. Mathematicswise mage + marvel + one

A Count Able. Man

Ably Counting


Geometry whiz. Kid + calculations Elder

Our. Exampled Pythagoras. Our Yores



Statued In Deeds Adds. On Pythagoras Indeed Magi. Called Outs In Exile.



so was. Taught Magianistic styled. Brightly


educatings added ons with counting. Some 12

plus. Years in Our Yore. Magisterian Lands

Persian/Parthian so forth. Forthrightly left so

borne Territory/Lifestyle/Traditions

Methods + Means. Ways meanings vis. Exile by


namelys wherebys one then. King nomened borne

command conveyed banishments. There meant

by one leading account. Ably by one. Ennobled so


enabled named Cambyses. King wisely sendings Exiled

unknowingly so yet eventually. So historically…

One Captive Resident Math/Astronomy Genius… stuck

in Babylon with bys. Nearbys multiple… Magi…


adding also. All so Their there 12 Years too. To

some 22. Years Yores Egypt + co. priors

experience. Pythag so



our Yore ideas then/now oft. Of a fully rounded

Mathematical Geometry. System that All so often

harmonically squarely. Equalled magicly Yores Our





calculations. Categorically later Templar/Masonic

builders +

Monkswise Church Architects, Designers built. Upon

Cathedralic cosequences Gothicked so

reflectings. Numberswise Geometry Yores


so above so. Below sayings sageish

so continuings our. Soonish next

week is strongly

in. One Pt.2 Magi. Calls so


too. To this endings Parted one. So

next sited so herein on 7/9:

Quirky Quotes #59.