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Isolated, Cold,.. the Antarctic in Our World. Legends still inspire, intrigue. Tales of this most Southern Lands Pointed. Out. Explorers Ship Sunk, Navies, Strange Viral Life, Pyramids, Penguins, Green Plains. Plainly Chill with i, Shiro as we pointedly confronts the cold in Our World. Legends + Chillin’ bouts The Ice. Herein.


Map. Antarctica.


The Title above, belows so Writ. Reflects Wordplay.

Explorers, Spies… Ice too. To and from.


An icy… yet somewhat spicy.

Spy series. Authored by a Spy (click).

…Bond, James Bond… and Ian Fleming (click).


… shaken, not stirred. That Martini of Choice. There.



Then. An unusually intrepid, daring Explorer also.

The Ernest Shackleton (click).

He who tackled…

Antarctic ICE. Shackled,

not stirred.


in which:..

Both dealt with Ice… in their Own Ways. Means



…Adventures read avidly by i, Shiro…

in those Younger Years. Of Mine. Yours.?.



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Approaching Antarctica…


Weather in the Antarctic Regions is Cold to Mild,

variable to extremes.

The Southernmost Lands in and on Our World. Legends of

the Meteorological Sciences so and say:


Some of the Coldest Temps/Times, Places

on Our World. Legends originate

there. There are Two rather distinct

Geographies, Regions

divided by Mountains. The Great TransAntarctic.


Thus and so;..

East-, West-



The Eastern Side far more extensive.

Area ly.?. Airily


Antarctic Coastline.



(Music Link)



Terrain, Maps… Mores.

Google Earth has provided a unique viewing Platform.

Baffling Views.

buried in Antarctic Ice.

Blurred out… a Research Facility, perhaps



  • Spiders thrive, Slugs not at all.

Some Species Larger, Others Smaller.


found in Lakes

thereabouts. Has Science interested and puzzled.

Looking for Viral Origins.

Investigations continue. Therein.


  • Bacteria found could mean

New Diseases.

More Research there too. To



Antarctic WaterWays.


have been visited. By Armies.?.


During ww2.

  • The British noticed Germany visiting The Antarctic.

So sent an Admiral + co.

Byrd. Admiral back then. To see then.

What was going ons. There

On that Icy Pole.


Operation Highjump.

Told Our World. Legends. Very Lil’. ‘Bout That.


  • 13 ships carrying almost 4,000 men,

including Meteorologists, Zoologists, Physicists

and Maritime, Oceanography.


Who also… Told Lil’ as well. Well as



  • Ancient Maps seem to profile the Coast.?.

Yet covered over by the Last Ice Age.?.


Nuclear Bomb Testing by those…

insaneinsensitive enough.


A Land of perfect… paradox.

Warm, Green Patches, verdant patches. Arounds

though small  in size. Nature

poking through. The Ice.


  • The 1946/7 Byrd/Cruzen Expedition charted some

300,000 square miles of Antarctic Lands.





The chill factor…

is also not a hindrance

in the propagation, persistence

  • of EarthQuakes. Antarctica is still

prone and as recently as

Dec 11. Last Year… 2018… a 7.1/7.5 Magnitude was recorded,

epicentred near Bristol Island. Deep Underground.


  • Deep also these UnderWater Volcanos stir

as well. Well as

Bringing contrasts to barren Scapes. Warmer Waters.



The emissions of Lava, Volcanic Dusts and Soils

develop. Developing Pathways. For Life.


Over Times, Places attracting All from that

Maritime Chains of Life. Small and Large.


Whales swim, link these PathWays. Belows. Aboves

  • Bird-Lifes so attracted too. To show



anew. To find

Shackleton’s Lost Ship.
  • The Steam-Yacht. The Endurance

imaged Belows,..

and it’s final, deep resting Place

is the Final Task. Tasked


  • to the Dutch Research Vessel Agulhas 2

that is. That is

underways currently. An under the Ice Seek and Search

to expand Our Early Knowledge. Acknowledging those

intrepid Explorers of Yore, who dared defy Nature

to make in Our World, Legends. Legendary


  • Antarctic has even more. To show. Showing

up recently a Satellite Image Anomaly too. One


that had led the concerned Sciences. More Joy. More


as well. Well as mapping Coastlines


The Endurance. Trapped. Sunk. Icy Depths.1915.


Satellite Imagery has revealed an unknown Colony.

Penguins Galore…

there is. Thereupon. The Ice Shelf.

Antarctica it seems. Seemingly


hidden from the usual observational Methods

  • a 15km Shelf has over

recent Times, become Home

to a Colony. A Colony

whose numbers are increasing well

the Total Penguin Pop. Adélie Type.


By approx. 15 Million that is. That is


  • These Adélie Penguins are in… no real Danger. Danger

Islands though

so nomened, this Shelf Be On. There. Antarctic

Peninsula Northern.


Penguins. Adelie of Antarctica.


This Area has natural Defences presenting a daunting,

dangerous challenge for Penguin Predators

to approach. Mainly Rocks and

Ice. Lots. Tall and Sharp Cold edges. Galores. Surrounding


much of Danger Islands entrance Ways…

hiding the View. Thereupon.


Scientists used Satellite, Drones and sophisticated

Softwares. To count. Ups these newly found


Penguin Ways.


Icily. Adding Ups.

As shown Ways aboves. Antarctica

is of Interest too. To

many. Large and Small. Life.


A Land of paradox and seemingly more Mystery.

More Penguins as well. Well as


a Land that struggles to produce Life with it’s

Waters frozen, sparse Sun. Yet does. Naturally.


Naturally too.


…i, Shiro,..



Alls… Need. Have a Life.

A Balanced World… includes Others. Others

in Ways. Means. We Learn, apply Knowledge too. To

Alls Our Lives.


Without Taking. All. Of Theirs.



Feel chilled enough.

To Share.


Those chilling Tales.

Of Explorations…

Journeys, Adventures.

Anomalies as well. Well as


From Alls Over. Our World.


Be One.



Next… Those:

Head Toppers. Turning Heads, Causing Riots.


Please Feel Free and If So Inclined To Contact/Comment:..

i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips and Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…