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In Our World. Legends Lure Explorers Too. To Explore. Mores. Moreovers So Disappear At Times, Places In Deeds. Indeed Herein. See That Sea Dragon. See Those Sea Tides At Ides. See Seas So Wave Ons. By.


The Sea Dragon was no longer. Somewhere

known in That Pacific. Ocean

March 1939. Maritime Places, News swept ins,

arounds. Abouts The Sea Dragon. That Explorer


Ship Sea Dragon has gone. Missing

from Her so calculated. Sea goings

vis Hong Kong

Boatings Ways. Means


both. Vessel, Crew had disappeared. So




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in Our World. Legends

so Tell too. To Adventures so well amiss

arounds. Abouts missing Adventurers as well

soon enough. Causes unknown also. Also


Miscalculations, mistimings in Deeds. Indeed

Alls. Unknown

a Mystery. So known so.

Missing whilst exploring enroute Waters

deep. Deep


Waters wherebys that

Sea Dragon. See Tides At Ides

as such. Has had much

claims too. To Lives of many. A BraveHeart


-ed Explorer. So Thus so seems. So

this. Boat, Crew.


The Sea Dragon. Herein


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perhaps too. To recall those

in Our World. Legends arounds abouts

from These Ides of March. Then March


23rd 687 B.C. Birth star borne

so. Born Venus well as. As well

that was so


then. Now -1939 so onwards. Goings


ons with His then. Research. Researching

His Next. Book anew.

Richard Halliburton, Crew ons their. Ways

means long

an Ocean Voyage from. Hong Kong


through too. To San Francisco bound. Boundless


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enthusiasm for Adventure, Discovery. Exploration

so drove them ons. In

a Boat that is. That is after earlier


of the Dardanelles Hellespont.


froms Europe there then too. To


Asia that is in Deed. Indeed


that is. Not Alls. He so did. Richard H.

had Writ several Books

mores. Moreovers His Travels in

across Our World. Legends told


of travails in. Lands those Ancient

Of India. Of Maya

The Yucatan there well as. As well


this Trip to the fore. For

Exploring The



backgrounds into the possibilities. Of

the Truths so. Within Our World Legends.

Of Yore Deep dark. Tales of The

Ancient Maritimers Maritimes, Places. Their

Crossings Boatwise


thereupons. So This, that Deep Blue. Ocean


Weather Conditions, Status Ok. No

Tides awash. No. Local Typhoons so



Alls so. Was going so well. Well…


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till anyways arounds, abouts



on 23rd. March 1939 then

The Sea Dragon. Disappears

afters. Receivings

Last Messages from. The Explorers. The


Sea Dragon. This

Specially Designed, Built. Painted

Floating Dragon.

That Boat, Theirs headed too. To Adventure


for Author, Explorer. Adventurer

Richard Halliburton. Captain Welch and

Crew of 13. So


then specifically in.



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soon enoughs. So simply

disappeared also. Well as From Alls



Our Views. So therein


Deep Blue. Herein


Viewed Next… Ups With An A to Z. #R.


Please Feel Free. If So Inclined too. To



i, Shiro that is.

With Any Thoughts, Hints, Tips, Dreams.

If A Particular Legendary Theme or Our

World Legends. Is A Desire.


To Be So Writ. Herein.


Till next…